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Mise à jour le 20/06/2020 à 06:52:29 - General website news.
18/06 - Facebook takes down Trump ads over 'organized hate' policy
18/06 - Semiconductor manufacturers reach deal to supply U.S. defense chips
18/06 - Robinhood trading app back online after major outage
18/06 - Robinhood trading app experiences outage, back online
18/06 - UK ditches homegrown COVID-19 tracing app to use Google-Apple model
18/06 - U.S. House panel hears from Facebook, Google, Twitter on election security
18/06 - France's top court rejects core of law targeting online hate speech
18/06 - Robinhood trading app experiences trading outage
18/06 - No date for release of test-and-trace app in UK, minister says
18/06 - Facebook sues individuals for offering to extract data, gather likes
18/06 - Amazon and Valentino file joint lawsuit over shoe counterfeiting
18/06 - Amazon, Valentino file joint lawsuit over shoes counterfeiting
18/06 - DC superheroes coming to your headphones as Spotify signs podcast deal
18/06 - UK ditches COVID-19 app model to use Google-Apple system
18/06 - Russia lifts ban on Telegram messaging app after failing to block it
18/06 - UK ditches COVID-19 app model to use Google-Apple system, BBC says
18/06 - Germany wants to rescue talks with U.S. on digital services tax
18/06 - Shunning international tax talks could trigger trade war: OECD
18/06 - Reliance says Saudi's PIF to invest $1.49 billion in Jio
18/06 - Thai central bank to develop payment system prototype for business using digital currency
18/06 - Saudi wealth fund to invest $1.49 billion in India's Jio Platforms
18/06 - Italy wants a global agreement on digital tax by end of 2020: Economy Minister
18/06 - U.S.-China tech war bigger risk than coronavirus, EU chamber chief says
18/06 - Europe threatens digital taxes without global deal, after U.S. quits talks
18/06 - Deutsche Post sees Amazon dependence falling as online booms
18/06 - Online fashion stocks in vogue as coronavirus speeds ecommerce
18/06 - Ford to offer hands-free driving in 2021 - six years after Tesla
18/06 - Kenya video-conference platform elbows its way into crowded field
18/06 - Spain will not accept threats over digital tax - govt spokeswoman
18/06 - Facebook to share privacy report to new board committee, FTC
18/06 - EU ready to go it alone on taxation of digital firms
18/06 - UK says it still wants global digital tax as U.S. quits talks
18/06 - Exclusive: Massive spying on users of Google's Chrome shows new security weakness
18/06 - Alibaba's Ant Group appoints new chief technology officer
18/06 - Australian regulator says Google's $2.1 billion Fitbit deal could harm competition
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 15:57:26 - General website news.
07/07 - 'It's hitting their pockets': a lead organizer on the biggest corporate boycott in Facebook's history
06/07 - Chinese ambassador: UK ban on Huawei would damage trust
06/07 - Extend US Facebook boycott to Europe, campaigners urge
06/07 - Final Fantasy VII Remake's creators on updating one of the world's most-loved games
05/07 - Boris Johnson now has 'sound reasons' to keep Huawei out of UK 5G
05/07 - The Guardian view on Facebook and democracy: real and present danger | Editorial
05/07 - Huawei could be cut out of UK's 5G network this year, say reports
04/07 - Through the Darkest of Times review – join the anti-Nazi resistance
04/07 - Struggling for shut-eye in lockdown? Sleep-tracking devices may help
04/07 - What should I do with old electronic devices?
03/07 - 'The pinnacle of storytelling': reader reviews of The Last of Us Part II
03/07 - Online privacy experts sound alarm as US Senate bill sparks surveillance fears
02/07 - Signs of the Sojourner review – playing cards in faraway places
02/07 - Mark Zuckerberg: advertisers' boycott of Facebook will end 'soon enough'
02/07 - What's wrong with WhatsApp
01/07 - Tesla becomes world's most valuable carmaker without making a profit
30/06 - Facebook bans extremist 'boogaloo' group from its platforms
30/06 - UK government hints at U-turn on Huawei role in 5G technology
30/06 - As a kid I loved Pro Evolution Soccer 5 – now it's won me a new comedy audience | Bilal Zafar
30/06 - Pokémon Go creator joins Punchdrunk theatre for interactive venture
30/06 - Third of advertisers may boycott Facebook in hate speech revolt
30/06 - YouTube bans David Duke and other US far-right users
30/06 - Sunak expands £500m fund for UK startups hit by coronavirus
29/06 - Reddit bans largest pro-Trump subreddit amid hate speech crackdown
29/06 - How hate speech campaigners found Facebook’s weak spot
29/06 - The fall of Quibi: how did a starry $1.75bn Netflix rival crash so fast?
27/06 - Beyond Google: my afternoon trawling Trove for the first mentions of climate change
27/06 - The Last of Us Part II: the blockbuster game breaking LGBTQ+ barriers
27/06 - Is it payback time for Apple as the EU goes after its licences to print money? | John Naughton
27/06 - Facebook policy changes fail to quell advertiser revolt as Coca-Cola pulls ads
26/06 - Fifa v PES: the history of gaming's greatest rivalry
26/06 - Verizon pulls ads from Facebook over inaction on hate speech
25/06 - The Almost Gone review – dreamlike puzzles unlock a world of dark unease
25/06 - Down the rabbit hole: how QAnon conspiracies thrive on Facebook
25/06 - Withings Sleep Analyzer review: advanced sleep tracking made easy
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:55:05 - General website news.
07/07 - Coronavirus: Drone display says 'thanks' to key workers
07/07 - TikTok: Chinese app may be banned in US, says Pompeo
07/07 - Microsoft and Zoom join Hong Kong data 'pause'
07/07 - US to withdraw visas for foreign students if classes moved fully online
07/07 - How to have a big night out by staying in
07/07 - Amazon's Jeff Bezos: The richest person in the world
07/07 - Iran's female gamers face challenges to stay online
07/07 - TikTok to exit Hong Kong 'within days'
07/07 - 'Horrible' offices look to tempt back workers
06/07 - Hong Kong: Facebook, Google and Twitter among firms 'pausing' police help
06/07 - Nintendo condemns alleged abuse in Smash Bros community
06/07 - Drone and light aircraft in 'near miss' outside Perth
06/07 - Black Lives Matter: Can viral videos stop police brutality?
06/07 - Huawei: UK government weighs up ban of Chinese firm's telecoms kit
06/07 - Last of Us 2 developer condemns death threats and harassment
06/07 - Reddit and LinkedIn to stop copying iPhone clipboards
06/07 - Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool rolls out rental e-scooter trial
06/07 - Robotic scientists will 'speed up discovery'
06/07 - Coronavirus: Fujitsu announces permanent work-from-home plan
06/07 - Meet the socially distant robot scientist
06/07 - The gaming boss who gets addicted to the games
05/07 - Coronavirus: Why Singapore turned to wearable contact-tracing tech
04/07 - Can a BBC reporter make better pizza than a machine?
04/07 - Dad horrified at £4,642 gaming app bill
03/07 - Reckful: Twitch and gamers pay tribute after star's death
03/07 - UK government takes £400m stake in satellite firm OneWeb
03/07 - Is Facebook losing the boycott battle?
03/07 - Coronavirus: A lockdown journey from couch to kettlebells
03/07 - Humanoid robot set for film role and other tech news
03/07 - Top tips for making sure what you're seeing online is legitimate
03/07 - BBC Sport website at 20: How the site has changed over the past two decades
03/07 - George Floyd: Twitter drops 'master', 'slave' and 'blacklist'
03/07 - TikTok's Boogaloo extremism problem
03/07 - Finding the 'invisible' millions who are not on maps
02/07 - The Rock ranks as Instagram's 'most valuable star'
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:54:33 - General website news.
07/07 - Hong Kong Security Law Sets Stage for Global Internet Fight
07/07 - Magic Leap Hires Top Microsoft Executive as C.E.O.
07/07 - A Bird? A Plane? No, It’s a Google Balloon Beaming the Internet
07/07 - Palantir Files for an I.P.O.
07/07 - TikTok to Withdraw From Hong Kong as Tech Giants Halt Data Requests
07/07 - Google, Facebook and Twitter Stop Hong Kong Data Requests
06/07 - YouTube’s Power of the Purse
06/07 - Facebook Temporarily Stops Hong Kong Data Requests
06/07 - Uber Buys Postmates for $2.65 Billion
06/07 - South Korea Denies U.S. Request to Extradite Operator of Child Pornography Site
04/07 - TikTok Stars Tati and Devin Will Meet
04/07 - New Trump Appointee Puts Global Internet Freedom at Risk, Critics Say
04/07 - This Year’s Summer Campground: Our Bedrooms and Living Rooms
03/07 - What Hong Kong’s Pandemic Experience Taught Uber About Other Cities
03/07 - The #Vanlife Business Is Booming
03/07 - Can an Algorithm Predict the Pandemic’s Next Moves?
02/07 - Goodbye to the Wild Wild Web
02/07 - New ‘TV’ Is a Lot Like TV
02/07 - Four Top Tech C.E.O.s Will Testify in Antitrust Inquiry, Panel Says
02/07 - How Infrared Images Could Be Part of Your Daily Life
01/07 - Bogus Ideas Have Superspreaders, Too
01/07 - How to Make Smartphones Last Longer
01/07 - China’s Software Stalked Uighurs Earlier and More Widely, Researchers Learn
01/07 - Advertiser Exodus Snowballs as Facebook Struggles to Ease Concerns
30/06 - Facebook Bans Network With ‘Boogaloo’ Ties
30/06 - Boogaloo Extremists, Banned From Facebook, and the Hawaiian Shirt
30/06 - F.C.C. Designates Huawei and ZTE as National Security Threats
30/06 - Reddit's Steve Huffman on Banning ‘The_Donald’ Subreddit
30/06 - Burrito Delivery Makes No Sense
30/06 - India Bans TikTok, WeChat and Dozens of Other Chinese Apps
30/06 - India Bans TikTok of China, Tightening Digital Borders
30/06 - Universities and Tech Giants Back National Cloud Computing Project
30/06 - Trying to Correct Banking’s Racial Imbalance
30/06 - Uber Makes Offer to Buy Postmates Delivery Service
30/06 - Fraudulent Covid Antibody Tests? FBI Warns of Scammers, Identity Theft
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 15:57:23 - New technology website news.
07/07 - China Faces Covid-19, Trade War & ‘Decoupling’ from Others
07/07 - The Great Voice Assistant Face-Off
06/07 - OneWeb Auction Gives UK Huge Space Opportunity
06/07 - 650 V-GaN and SiGe Rectifiers Solutions
06/07 - Waymo’s Lidar Plan: How’s It Working out?
06/07 - With 128-Core Chip, Ampere Seeks to Deliver Reliable Advances
04/07 - Robocar Bill Stays Stalled, but DMS Climbs Hill
04/07 - A Good Start: National Mask Day
04/07 - Making TinyML Easy: Who is Edge Impulse?
02/07 - Innovative Home Automation from the Bedroom to the Kitchen
02/07 - Escaping Lockdown: Neuromorphic Video Binge-Watch
02/07 - How Innovative Technology Disrupts the Electronics Distribution Industry
02/07 -  5 Myths About Cloud Native Servers
01/07 - Covid Seen Driving the Security Sector
01/07 - The 5G Opportunity for Broadcasters Remains Tenuous
01/07 - Federated Learning Demands More Programmable Hardware
01/07 - Let Bolaji Be Bolaji
01/07 - Air Spacers and Stacked GAA Nanosheets Drive Performance
01/07 - Battery EVs: Not If, But When and How Fast (Part 2)
01/07 - Buck-Boost Devices Extend Battery Life
30/06 - CIS: The Muscle behind the Proliferation of Cameras
30/06 - Taiwan’s Electronic Fence System
30/06 - TV a la Carte a Lot Per Shot
29/06 - Another Bill to Revive Domestic Chip Industry is Proposed
28/06 - The Silicon 100: the Top Startups of 2020
27/06 - Elephant in Automated Vehicle Room
27/06 - Why I Was Almost Shocked – in Two Ways – by a Small Home AC Appliance
27/06 - Chip Sector Provides a Lifeline During Pandemic
26/06 - Hybrid Semiconductors Can Replace MOVs in Industrial Applications
24/06 - Six-Junction Solar Cell Sets Record for Conversion Efficiency
24/06 - Apple Moving Macs from Intel to Arm
24/06 - Lattice Reinvents General-Purpose FPGA Offering
24/06 - Mercedes-Nvidia Deal: What’s in It for Each?
24/06 - Trusted DoD Fabs GloFlo, SkyWater Join Forces
24/06 - Start-up Helps FPGAs Replace GPUs in AI Accelerators
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:53:48 - Hardware website news.
07/07 - New AMD Ryzen 3000XT Processors Available Today
07/07 - xMEMS Announces World's First Monolithic MEMS Speaker
02/07 - SK Hynix: HBM2E Memory Now in Mass Production
02/07 - The Intel Lakefield Deep Dive: Everything To Know About the First x86 Hybrid CPU
01/07 - Samsung Lets Note20+/Ultra Design Slip
01/07 - ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex Now Available
01/07 - Best AMD Motherboards: July 2020
01/07 - Best Android Phones: June 2020
30/06 - The Samsung 870 QVO (1TB & 4TB) SSD Review: QLC Refreshed
30/06 - Qualcomm Announces New Snapdragon Wear 4100 & 4100+: 12nm A53 Smartwatches
30/06 - 400 TB Storage Drives In Our Future: Fujifilm
29/06 - AMD Publishes First Beta Driver With Windows 10 Hardware GPU Scheduling Support
29/06 - The OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro Review: Becoming The Flagship
26/06 - Sponsored Post: Check Out all of the ASUS B550 Motherboards Available Now
26/06 - Best CPUs for Gaming: June/July 2020
26/06 - HPC Systems Special Offer: Two A64FX Nodes in a 2U for $40k
26/06 - Intel’s Raja Koduri Teases Even Larger Xe GPU Silicon
25/06 - Intel’s Raja Koduri Teases “Ponte Vecchio” Xe GPU Silicon
25/06 - AMD Succeeds in its 25x20 Goal: Renoir Crosses the Line in 2020
24/06 - NVIDIA Posts First DirectX 12 Ultimate Driver Set, Enables GPU Hardware Scheduling
24/06 - Western Digital Announces Ultrastar DC SN840 Dual-Port NVMe SSD
24/06 - The Intel W480 Motherboard Overview: LGA1200 For Xeon W-1200
24/06 - Western Digital Announces Red Plus HDDs, Cleans Up Red SMR Mess with Plus Branding
23/06 - Marvell’s ThunderX3 Server Team Loses VP/GM and Lead Architect
23/06 - Acer Updates The Compact Juggernaut: Predator Orion 3000 Hands-On
23/06 - Ampere’s Product List: 80 Cores, up to 3.3 GHz at 250 W; 128 Core in Q4
23/06 - New #1 Supercomputer: Fugaku in Japan, with A64FX, take Arm to the Top with 415 PetaFLOPs
23/06 - The Next Phase: Apple Lays Out Plans To Transition Macs from x86 to Apple SoCs
23/06 - AMD Scores First Top 10 Zen Supercomputer… at NVIDIA
22/06 - Apple Announces iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: An Overview
22/06 - The Apple WWDC 2020 Keynote Live Blog (Starts at 10am PT/17:00 UTC)
22/06 - Intel to use Nanowire/Nanoribbon Transistors in Volume ‘in Five Years’
22/06 - NVIDIA Announces PCIe A100 Accelerator: 250 Watt Ampere In A Standard Form Factor
22/06 - GIGABYTE’s 4U 10x NVIDIA A100 New G492 Servers Announced
18/06 - Mobile Flagship Phone Camera Overview 2020 H1: Still Picture Battle
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:51:03 - General website news.
07/07 - How to Secure and Harden OpenSSH Server
07/07 - GNOME 3.37.3 released
07/07 - KDE Plasma 5.19.3 released
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 3600XT, 3800XT, and 3900XT (Zen 2) Review
07/07 - SAHARA GAMING R20 Keyboard Review
07/07 - AlphaSync Ryzen 3600XT Gaming PC Review
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT CPU Review
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 3900XT and 3800XT Review
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT and Ryzen 7 3800XT Review
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT Ryzen 7 3800XT Ryzen 9 3900XT Linux Performance In 130 Benchmarks
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT Review
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT Review
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT Review
07/07 - HP V6 DDR4-3200 16GB Memory Kit Review
07/07 - The Dude 6.48 Beta 12 / 6.47
07/07 - IObit Malware Fighter
07/07 - Viber
07/07 - AIMP 4.70 Build 2221
07/07 - PRTG - Free Network Monitor
07/07 - NxFilter
07/07 - Chromium 32-Bit 86.0.4196
07/07 - Chromium 64-Bit 86.0.4196
07/07 - KeePassXC 2.6.0 Pre-Release
07/07 - DLA 2272-1: Debian 8 Long Term Support reaching end-of-life
07/07 - How to Install Vanilla Forums with Apache and Let's Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
07/07 - How to secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt on OpenSUSE 15.1 or 15.2
07/07 - Top Linux commands to monitor NETWORK
07/07 - Crucial P5 SSD Review
07/07 - DSA 4719-1: php7.3 security update
07/07 - ASRock Z490 Extreme4 Review
07/07 - Montech Fighter 600 Review
07/07 - BC1 Open Benchtable
07/07 - Cougar 700M EVO eSPORTS Gaming Mouse Review
07/07 - Beyond a Steel Sky Apple Arcade Review
07/07 - USN-4417-1: NSS vulnerability
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 15:56:06 - Digital website news.
07/07 - New VVC H.266 Codec Is a Step Towards 8K
07/07 - Scientists Might Have Found the Moon’s Missing Metal
06/07 - ET Deals: Dell Alienware Core i7 Gaming Computers for $1,179, $81 Off 16TB Seagate Expansion HDD
06/07 - Microsoft Azure Continues To Blow Up — So This Video/eBook Bundle Can Help Make You An Expert
06/07 - TSMC to Build Supercomputing AI Chips, Ramps Wafer-Scale Computing
06/07 - Fallout TV Series Coming to Amazon Prime, From the Creators of Westworld
06/07 - After 15 Years, Retail Video Game Prices May Be Rising
06/07 - Death Stranding Delivers 4K60 With DLSS 2.0, FidelityFX on Midrange GPUs
02/07 - ET Independence Day Deals: Dell U4320Q UltraSharp 43-Inch 4K Monitor for $710, All-New Ring Video Doorbell w/ Echo Dot only $79, Inspiron 15 5000 Intel Core i7 Laptop $649
02/07 - GameGuru Lets None-Coders Create Glorious Video Games and It’s On Sale For Just $30
02/07 - Google Discontinues the Pixel 3a, Still Won’t Release the 4a
02/07 - A Rare, Ultra-Bright Star Has Disappeared Without a Trace
02/07 - Intel Forced to Suspend Sales to Inspur, China’s Largest AI and Server Vendor
02/07 - Astronomers Have Discovered the First Exposed Planetary Core
02/07 - AMD mATX, Mini-ITX Motherboards Are Significantly More Expensive Than Intel Equivalents
01/07 - ET Deals: Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved Ultrawide 2K Monitor + $100 Gift Card for $553, Samsung 1TB SSD for $99, WD Easystore 12TB External Hard Drive $199
01/07 - NordVPN Is A Web Security Standout For A Reason. Right Now, It’s Over 65 Percent Off
01/07 - Microsoft Releases Emergency Windows Patch for Malicious Image Attack
01/07 - NASA Is Running Out of Time to Launch Perseverance Rover After Latest Delay
01/07 - Amazon Un-Launches Crucible, Puts Game Back in Closed Beta
01/07 - Does Intel’s Lakefield SoC Measure Up?
30/06 - FCC Designates ZTE and Huawei as Threats to National Security
30/06 - Boeing 737 Max Completes First FAA Test Flight on Road to Recertification
30/06 - ET Deals: WD P10 5TB Game Drive $99, Dell U4320Q UltraSharp 43-Inch 4K Monitor for $710, SanDisk 400GB MicroSDXC $47
30/06 - AWS Cloud Experts Are Making A Fortune. This Training Can Help You Land One Of Those Jobs
30/06 - Qualcomm Unveils Chip That Might Finally Make Wear OS Usable
30/06 - Early Apple ARM Benchmarks Leak, Show Intriguing Picture vs. x86
30/06 - Apple Might Not Include Charger, Earbuds With Next iPhone
30/06 - Intel Shows Faint Signs of Life as AMD Dominates Retail CPU Sales
29/06 - ET Deals: Dell 27-Inch 4K Monitor + $100 Gift Card For $485, 5TB WD My Passport Only $99, Amazon New Fire HD 8 Tablet for $59
29/06 - Printer Pratfalls, Privacy Predicament, Performance Problems Plague Windows Update
29/06 - If You Don’t Know Elementor Or WooCommerce, You Don’t Really Know WordPress. Now, You Can.
29/06 - MIT Designs Robot That Eliminates Coronavirus With UV Light
29/06 - Leak Suggests Second, Weaker Xbox Series X Console
29/06 - Ex-Intel Engineer: Skylake QA Problems Drove Apple Away
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:54:59 - Hardware website news.
07/07 - MAINGEAR Launches compact TURBO Desktop powered by Ryzen 3000XT Processors
07/07 - PC Gaming Hardware Market to Surge by $3.6 billion in 2020 due to COVID-19
07/07 - Review: Ryzen 5 3600XT, Ryzen 7 3800XT and Ryzen 9 3900XT.
07/07 - MSI General Manager (CEO) Charles Chiang Dies at age of 56
07/07 - Apple to Develop Metal Series GPU, no more Radeon?
07/07 - DeepCool Launches CASTLE 280EX CPU Liquid Cooler
07/07 - Samsung announces the discovery of a new semiconductor: Amorphous Boron Nitride
07/07 - MSI Optix G32CQ4 Is a 165 Hz WHQD Gaming Monitor
07/07 - Colorful Releases a MicroATX motherboard adopting white PCB B550M GAMING FROZEN V14
07/07 - SAPPHIRE launches Radeon RX 5600 XT, shorter and thinner than ever before
07/07 - Jonsbo Releases TW2-240 Pro COLOR LCS
07/07 - Free To grab (almost): Watch Dogs 2 on PC
07/07 - ASUS ExpertBook B9450 with Intel vPro Platform Now Available
07/07 - Warner Bros. gaming division for sale (Update: Microsoft going for it)
06/07 - Review: Crucial P2 500 GB NVMe M2 SSD
06/07 - H.266 Video Codec VVC 50% smaller compared to h.265 at the same quality
06/07 - ASUS ROG announces Electro Punk Edition gaming peripherals
06/07 - Four Core Core i7-1165G7 Tiger Lake Beats Eigth core Ryzen 7 4700U Renoir in Geekbench
06/07 - AMD Epyc Milan (ZEN3) generation CPU Surfaces in Linux Reference
06/07 - Jonsbo offers MOD5 open frame chassis with high aiflow
06/07 - Arctic now offers sideflow Freezer 13 X series with silent 92mm diameter fan
06/07 - QNAP Launches High-Speed TS-431X3
05/07 - Xbox Series S could have a portable form factor, SoC would be fabbed at 5nm
05/07 - Microsoft Silently Patches two Windows 10 Codec Vulnerabilities
03/07 - Intel Core i9-10850K The Cheaper 10-Core Alternative?
03/07 - Review: ASUS STRIX B550-I Gaming
03/07 - Intel cannot sell 50% of server processors in China
03/07 - Mini ITX MSI GeForce GTX 1650 Aero 4G OCV1 releases
03/07 - Cyberpunk 2077 will only run with DirectX 12
03/07 - Amazon Studios is going to release Fallout TV series
03/07 - Advertorial: Microsoft licenses for less than 13usd: offers at URcdkey
03/07 - ASUS Outs ROG Strix Scope TK
03/07 - Death Stranding PC screenshots
02/07 - Is This The ASUS GeForce RTX 3080 Ti ROG STRIX ?
02/07 - New Windows 10 Build reveals a new start menu and improved Alt-Tab feature
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:53:37 - Hardware website news.
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 4000 Pro Zen 2 CPU U.S. Pricing Details Leak From Reliable Source
07/07 - Maingear Debuts Compact TURBO Gaming PC Fueled By AMD's Powerhouse Ryzen 3000XT CPUs
07/07 - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti And RTX 3070 Ampere Rumored Specs Revealed
07/07 - How To Score A Free Copy Of Watch Dogs 2 From Ubisoft This Weekend
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 3000XT Processors Reviewed: Zen 2 Turbocharged
06/07 - 8Bitdo's Sn30 Pro Is A Pint-Sized Controller For xCloud Game Streaming
06/07 - Millions Of Home Wi-Fi Routers Are Likely Vulnerable To Unpatched Linux Security Exploits
06/07 - Samsung Galaxy M41 Tipped For Endurance Supremacy With 6800 MAh Battery
06/07 - Apple's Excellent AirPods Pro With Noise Cancelling Fall To All-Time Low With This Hot Deal
06/07 - Google's Flagship Pixel 5 Leaks Again With A Mix Of New And Old Tech
06/07 - Samsung Reportedly Chooses Galaxy Z Fold 2 Name For Next-Gen Folding Flagship
06/07 - Windows 10 2004 Upgrade Blocks Rise As Microsoft Grapples With Showstopping Bugs
06/07 - Microsoft Confirms Big Xbox Series X First-Party Game Showcase For Late July
06/07 - Assassin's Creed Valhalla Gameplay Leak Has Ubisoft Scrambling To Remove Footage
06/07 - See Apple's All-New 5.4-Inch iPhone 12 Chassis Compared To iPhone SE And iPhone 7
06/07 - Mystery AMD EPYC 7003 Zen 3 Milan Engineering Sample CPU Discovered
06/07 - A New Google Chrome 86 Feature Could Extend Your Laptop Battery Life By Hours
05/07 - Atari VCS Console Finally Launching Fall 2020, All-In Preorder Bundles Priced At $390
05/07 - Rocket Lab’s Unlucky 13th Launch Results In Destruction Of 7 Satellites
05/07 - PS5 Pricing Still Undecided According To Sony Customer Survey
05/07 - Intel Tiger Lake Xe GPU Benchmarks Show GeForce MX350 Level Performance
04/07 - Windows 10 2004 Storage Spaces File Corruption Has Been Resolved With This Microsoft Fix
04/07 - How To Score A Wet Suit And Sweet New Mermaid Gear In Animal Crossing New Horizons
04/07 - LinkedIn Caught Shamelessly Copying iOS Clipboard Data And Blames Its Shoddy Code
04/07 - Google Chrome Android Browser Finally Gets 64-Bit Performance Boost
03/07 - Horizon Zero Dawn PC Launch Date Confirmed For Steam And Epic Games Store
03/07 - What Are Fortnite's Trippy Rare Golden Mushrooms And What Do They Do?
03/07 - Google Pixel 4a Certification Reveals Huge Battery Advantage Over iPhone SE
03/07 - Here's When Amazon's Prime Day Deals Might Kick Off If COVID-19 Causes A Delay
03/07 - Higher Prices Are Likely On The Way For PS5 And Xbox Series X Top Game Titles
03/07 - Apple Watch, iPad Pro, HomePod And More Deeply Discounted With These July 4th Deals
03/07 - Lenovo ThinkPad Rocking Core i7-1165G7 Tiger Lake CPU And Xe GPU Leaks
03/07 - Fortnite Salutes Captain America And His Trusty Shield Just In Time For Independence Day
03/07 - AMD Ryzen 4000 Pro Zen 2 Renoir Desktop CPU Specs Pricing
03/07 - LG Reportedly Sets Release Date For Its Sleek Rollable Display Smartphone
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:54:38 - Hardware website news.
07/07 - TPG offers the cheapest Seniors plan $5 for 20 GB per 30 days
04/07 - AORUS brand Wireless Charger IBW-001
02/07 - Singapore MVNO and sub brands pricing comparison July 2020
01/07 - Singapore MVNO pricing comparison for July 2020
30/06 - Earn up to 2% pa interest with Singtel Dash EasyEarn
30/06 - Zero Mobile reinstated by IMDA on 24th June 2020
29/06 - Singtel’s Senior Go Digital plans starts from S$20/mth
29/06 - Starhub offers 4 plans for Seniors starting from S$8/mth
29/06 - TPG offers 20 GB at $5 per mth plan for Seniors Go Digital plan
29/06 - M1 offers 25% off for Seniors Go Digital mobile plan
29/06 - TPG offers 20 GB at $5 per my plan for seniors
29/06 - M1 offers 25% off for plans seniors
24/06 - Singtel awarded 3.5 GHz 5G license and will be powered by Ericsson
24/06 - M1 granted final 5G network license, will roll out with Nokia infrastructure on 3.5 GHz band
24/06 - Grid mobile celebrates one year anniversary with 30 GB at $17.90 and launch of CIS plan
22/06 - Network Cell info app adds speedtest feature
21/06 - Singtel launches Thai version GOMO under AIS
21/06 - Solar eclipse on 21 Jun 2020
18/06 - Parallels and Google have partnered to bring enterprises and cloud workers full-featured Windows applications to Chrome Enterprise
18/06 - Gigabyte X370, A320, B350 chipset motherboards can support Ryzen XT desktop processors with a BIOS update F51
16/06 - AMD announced three new additions to the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen desktop processor family – the AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT, AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT and AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT processors, availability 7 Jul 2020
16/06 - Review of B550 AORUS Master (AMD B550 chipset) with Ryzen 3 3300X
14/06 - Amazon Italy accidentally leaked the release date of Ryzen 3000 XT series to be on 7 July
11/06 - Gigabyte B550 AORUS Master Unboxing
11/06 - Android 11 beta is available for download
11/06 - Vivobee is 3rd MVNO to call it quits
10/06 - AMD B550 chipset brings PCIe 4.0 to the mainstream
10/06 - Huawei Nova 7 SE 5G smartphone goes on sale at S$528 from 13 Jun 2020
10/06 - TPG 4G coverage from Hougang to Sengkang
08/06 - TPG data roams in Malaysia Celcom tested
06/06 - M1 Prepaid VoLTE VoWIFI and 4G+ support turns prepaid card service to be on pair with postpaid line
04/06 - Realme 6i (4 GB + 128 GB) retails at S$269
02/06 - TPG Singapore adds free data roaming to Thailand (DTAC), Japan (KDDI), Malaysia (Celcom)
30/05 - TPG ends trial at 2359 hrs, North East Line has partial coverage
29/05 - TPG ends trial at 2359 hrs, North East Line has coverage
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Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:54:58 - New technology website news.
02/01 - Top 10 most-read stories of 2019: Google fines, PAC hack and porn ban
19/12 - Engineer jailed for coding 'logic bombs' just so he'd be paid to fix them
19/12 - Huawei's P40 range will launch without Google Services
19/12 - Pie is Pornhub's most popular Android OS
19/12 - US judge rules Edward Snowden won't earn a penny from his memoir
19/12 - Facebook owns the four most popular apps of the 2010s
19/12 - Amazon, Apple and Google join forces with Zigbee for common smart home standard
19/12 - The INQUIRER reaches end-of-life
18/12 - Vladimir Putin is still using Windows XP
18/12 - Amazon adds Alexa feature to help with the Christmas family rows
18/12 - Google removes Avast and AVG add-ons from Chrome over data-mining claims
18/12 - All that advice about avoiding blue light on your devices might be utter guff
18/12 - The Nintendo Play Station prototype is going up for auction
18/12 - Apple has gone and made some repairable hardware
17/12 - Microsoft invites devs to populate Chromium Edge with add-ons
17/12 - Microsoft's next-gen Xbox is actually called Xbox, because that won't get confusing
17/12 - Google withdraws Play Services for mobile devices bound for Turkey
17/12 - Microsoft extends Windows 10 Mobile support until after Christmas
17/12 - Russian ISP kicks Twitch in the balls for two billion quid
17/12 - WhatsApp bug could have let hackers purge group chats
17/12 - Ofcom mulls ban on sale of locked smartphones in Blighty
17/12 - AMD Ryzen 9 3900X sets overclocking record with liquid nitrogen
17/12 - Intel snaps up Israeli AI startup Habana Labs for $2bn
16/12 - Microsoft has started putting ads in native Windows 10 apps again
16/12 - Twitter bug notifies users when added to 'Private' Lists
16/12 - Google is blocking some smaller Linux web browser from its services
16/12 - The Pirate Bay launches its own streaming service called 'BayStream'
16/12 - Boris Johnson could decriminalise BBC licence fee dodging
16/12 - Safra Catz will remain the sole CEO of Oracle following Mark Hurd's death
16/12 - Pixel 4 price, deals and specs: Pixel 4 refuses to play nice with some USB chargers
16/12 - Raspberry Pi celebrates its (roughly) 30 millionth sale
16/12 - Unencrypted Facebook data was stolen from a parked car
16/12 - Google pulls Chrome update after bug hides data in other apps
13/12 - Intel Comet Lake-S leak teases AMD-chasing six-core Core i5-10600
13/12 - Apple's parental controls in iOS 13.3 can be easily bypassed
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 15:56:11 - General website news.
07/07 - That's infotainment, that's infotainment: Android Automotive OS goes virtual with new reference platform
07/07 - Manchester, UK seeks IT-slinger: £235m for number-plate-and-fines system to clean up vehicle emissions
07/07 - Microsoft? AWS? Nein und nein. Deutsche Bank signs up with Google Cloud for its latest crack at digital transformation
07/07 - Psst: Want to know who else has their snout in the Copernicus trough? (spoiler: it's not the UK)
07/07 - Social media giants move to defy Hong Kong's new national security law
07/07 - Microsoft to take a break from Edge releases: Hits pause button to align with Chromium
07/07 - Utilitarian, long-bodied Nokia 5.3 has budget basic specs - but it does cost £150
07/07 - Mind the airgap: Why nothing focuses the mind like a bit of tech antiquing
07/07 - University ordered to stop running women-only job ads
07/07 - Hundreds of forgotten corners of mega-corp websites fall into the hands of spammers and malware slingers
07/07 - When Facebook says you're not a good 'culture fit', it means you're not White or Asian enough – complaint
07/07 - Your 2.3m Instagram fans won't stop the FBI... Web star accused of plotting to launder millions from cyber-crime
07/07 - Your 2.3m Instagram followers won't stop the FBI... Web star accused of laundering $100m+ pocketed from cyber-crime
06/07 - You may be distracted by the pandemic but FYI: US Senate panel OK's backdoors-by-the-backdoor EARN IT Act
06/07 - Baroness Dido Harding lifts the lid on the NHS's manual contact tracing performance: 'We contact them up to 10 times over a 36-hour period'
06/07 - Oracle sued by a shareholder who alleges its lack of progress in diversity amounts to 'dishonesty'
06/07 - You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Fujitsu tells 80,000 of its Japan employees: From now on, you work remotely
06/07 - Think of a number: A tale of iffy discount codes, supermarket loyalty cards and
06/07 - A bad day in New Zealand: Rocket Lab's 13th mission ends in failure
06/07 - When a deleted primary device file only takes 20 mins out of your maintenance window, but a whole year off your lifespan
06/07 - Linux kernel coders propose inclusive terminology coding guidelines, note: 'Arguments about why people should not be offended do not scale'
06/07 - July? British government could decide to boot Chinese giant Huawei from the UK's networks by this month
06/07 - £40m wasna enough for ink and toner cartridges in public sector, says Scottish government
06/07 - Things can't go on like this. You need to get fit for the sake of your health. I'm going to write you a prescription for... an e-bike
06/07 - Three UK: We're sending you this SMS to warn you not to pay attention to unsolicited texts
06/07 - ITAM Forum asks software giants to stop browbeating customers onto their clouds with threats of licence audits
06/07 - Make sure you've patched your F5 BIG-IP gear. Exploit code for scary bug pair is so trivial, it fits in a tweet
06/07 - If there's a lesson to be learned in these torrid times, it's that civilisation is fleeting – but Windows XP is eternal
05/07 - Detroit cops employed facial recognition algos that only misidentifies suspects 96 per cent of the time
03/07 - Barclays Bank appeared to be using the Wayback Machine as a 'CDN' for some Javascript
03/07 - Analogue radio given 10-year stay of execution as the UK U-turns on DAB digital future
03/07 - It's not a Windows 10 release without something breaking so here's a troubleshooter for your OneDrive woes
03/07 - If you wanna make your own open-source chip, just Google it. Literally. Web giant says it'll fab them for free
03/07 - UK government shakes magic money tree, finds $500m to buy a stake in struggling satellite firm OneWeb
03/07 - AWS attempts to woo devs with new tool aimed at porting .NET applications to Linux
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:54:47 - General website news.
07/07 - Toshiba’s discounted 50-inch 4K HDR TV includes a free Echo Dot at Best Buy
07/07 - Magic Leap names former Microsoft executive as CEO
07/07 - An online propaganda campaign used AI-generated headshots to create fake journalists
07/07 - Tracing the link between your phone and the next pandemic
07/07 - Quibi is flailing because no one at Quibi understands what Quibi is
07/07 - Halo 3 is coming to PC on July 14th
07/07 - Sports bubbles are good places to study COVID-19
07/07 - The Moto G 5G Plus is Motorola’s first midrange 5G phone, but it’s skipping the US
07/07 - The OnePlus Nord will be officially revealed on July 21st
07/07 - Uber launches on-demand grocery delivery in Latin America and Canada
07/07 - Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra appears to leak in first real-world images
07/07 - How Twitter is shifting the power balance from companies to their employees
07/07 - Samsung’s UV sterilizer and wireless charger officially announced globally
07/07 - Sega’s Astro City Mini is a tiny arcade cabinet
07/07 - Poco M2 Pro announced with big fast-charging battery for under $200
07/07 - TikTok pulls out of Hong Kong due to new security law
07/07 - Slack’s new notification schedules give you your weekends back
07/07 - ICE says international students must take in-person classes to remain in the US
06/07 - How to change your inbox layout in Gmail
06/07 - How to enable and use Gmail’s AI-powered Smart Reply and Smart Compose tools
06/07 - Google Plus is officially gone after its mobile apps are rebranded as Google Currents
06/07 - Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides now have a dark theme on Android
06/07 - Google, Facebook, and Twitter halt government data requests after new Hong Kong security law
06/07 - The federal government says Bird got at least a $5 million bailout loan, but the company denies it
06/07 - Sennheiser received a bailout loan worth over $2 million
06/07 - Is anyone watching Quibi?
06/07 - Chinese EV startups Byton and Nio received paycheck protection loans of at least $5 million
06/07 - Watch this Pokémon Go commercial directed by Rian Johnson
06/07 - South Korean drone display reminds watchers to wash hands and wear masks
06/07 - How to convert a PDF file for your Kindle
06/07 - How to personalize your Google Chrome homepage with any GIF
06/07 - This tiny Xbox controller is designed for Microsoft’s xCloud service
06/07 - The HyperJuice 100W GaN USB-C charger is now available for $99
06/07 - Microsoft announces Xbox Series X games event for July 23rd
06/07 - Apple AirPods Pro are $30 off at Verizon
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:50:23 - General website news.
07/07 - Highlights of the day: IC designers seeking more foundry support
07/07 - Escalating US-China trade war puts Inspur at disadvantage
07/07 - Innolux steps up for automotive display market
07/07 - Realtek posts record 2Q20 revenue
07/07 - Yageo posts over 30% revenue increase in 2Q20
07/07 - Diode maker Eris gaining ground in 5G, display, ESD applications
07/07 - Soitec announces POI substrates business agreement with Qualcomm for 5G RF filters
07/07 - CCL makers revving up capacity expansion for high-end offerings
07/07 - Apex sees 2Q20 revenues rise over 20% on strong TV PCB demand
07/07 - Optical component makers see increased shipments for 5G
07/07 - IC analyzer MA-tek posts 20% revenue growth in 1H20
07/07 - Mitac sees datacenter business grow, but car electronics decline
07/07 - Global semiconductor sales increase in May
07/07 - The role of China in car industry
07/07 - Hiwin June revenues hit 11-month high
07/07 - Adata SSD revenue hikes nearly 70% in June
07/07 - HTC June revenues hit 6-month high
07/07 - Taiwan smart manufacturing trial base to extend to technological verification
07/07 - Major Taiwan fabless firms strive for more foundry support
07/07 - Many Chinese EV vendors forced out of market
07/07 - 5G to enhance gaming experience, says Winking chairman
06/07 - Highlights of the day: TSMC eyeing supercomputer chips
06/07 - Largan sees increased June revenues
06/07 - CHPT 1H20 revenues spike over 50% on strong demand for vertical probing cards
06/07 - ITRI transfers memory technologies to Taiwan chipmakers
06/07 - PCB makers cautious about 2H20 shipments to Chinese handset vendors
06/07 - NIO sees increased EV sales in June
06/07 - TV brands gearing up shipments for 2H20
06/07 - TSMC may commercialize InFO_SoW for supercomputer AI chips in two years
06/07 - TSMC fab tool suppliers see promising outlook
06/07 - Taiwan IC substrate makers to benefit from China locally-developed CPUs, GPUs
06/07 - 5G upgrades IoV
06/07 - Taiwan handset sales to grow 25% in 2H20, says FET
06/07 - TSMC to issue NT$13.9 billion bonds to fund capacity expansion
06/07 - Nanya posts revenue growth in 2Q20
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:55:14 - General website news.
07/07 - Loon's balloon-powered internet service is live in Kenya
07/07 - New Galaxy Note 20 photos match up with Samsung's previous leak
07/07 - Sega's Astro City Mini arcade cabinet comes with 36 games
07/07 - The best headphones, speakers and audio gear for students
07/07 - Sirius XM reportedly buying Stitcher to bolster its podcast efforts
07/07 - The best study-from-home essentials to keep you on track
07/07 - The Morning After: NASA's Curiosity rover plots a 'road trip' on Mars
07/07 - TikTok will pull out of Hong Kong because of China's new security law
07/07 - Spot and Pepper robots will perform at spectatorless baseball games in Japan
07/07 - Google Fiber's first expansion in four years is in West Des Moines
07/07 - Curiosity rover starts its 'summer trip' to next Martian destination
07/07 - What's on TV this week: 'The Old Guard' and 'Trolls World Tour'
07/07 - A VR retelling of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' is coming to Oculus headsets
06/07 - A number of first-party Nintendo Switch games are on sale at GameStop
06/07 - Supreme Court rules against law allowing debt-collection robocalls to cell phones
06/07 - An Ubisoft VP has resigned following assault and misconduct allegations
06/07 - Gmail finally works with the iPad’s split-view multitasking
06/07 - The best educational apps to stay sharp throughout the school year
06/07 - The best budget smart TVs and streaming devices for students
06/07 - How to pick the best gaming subscription for you
06/07 - 8BitDo is updating one of its Bluetooth gamepads for Project xCloud
06/07 - Microsoft's first-party Xbox Games Showcase streams July 23rd
06/07 - Facebook will 'pause' responses to data requests from Hong Kong
06/07 - The best student discounts we found for 2020
06/07 - ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ gameplay footage surfaces in leaked videos
06/07 - Tom Hanks: 'Absolute heartbreak' that 'Greyhound' won't debut in theaters
06/07 - Sega's Genesis Mini is on sale for $40 right now
06/07 - How to keep track of your finances as a student
06/07 - Uber is buying Postmates for $2.65 billion
06/07 - How to buy a laptop for school
06/07 - The Morning After: Uber sets its sights on Postmates
06/07 - Sony's excellent WF-1000MX3 wireless earbuds are just $170 right now
06/07 - Samsung begins offering support requests via WhatsApp in India
06/07 - Uber reportedly acquires Postmates for $2.65 billion
06/07 - Astronomers find the first known exposed core of a gas giant
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:53:59 - Gadget website news.
07/07 - Oh Dip, Magic Leap's Got a New CEO
07/07 - Even More Rumors About Justice League Dark's Heroes Getting Standalone Movies
07/07 - California’s Firefighter Prison Camps go on Lockdown as Coronavirus Rages
07/07 - AMD's Newest Processors Are So Good, But So Confusing
07/07 - Useful Tool Lets You Secretly Rickroll Zoom Meetings So You Never Get Invited to Conference Calls Again
07/07 - Our 25 Favorite Summer Blockbusters of the 2000s
07/07 - What's the Best Mirrorless Camera for Both Photos and Video?
07/07 - Trump Regime Might Ban TikTok and Other Apps Owned by Chinese Tech Companies
07/07 - Why Boba Fett's Sound Was a Mystery for Almost 20 Years
07/07 - Shady Face Recognition Firm Clearview AI Says It's Left Canada Amid Two Federal Investigations
07/07 - Tax Amazon's Successor Passed Seattle's City Council, and You Can Already Guess What It Does
07/07 - In Netflix's New Transformers Trailer, Even Optimus Prime Is So Very Tired
07/07 - ICE Threatens International Students With 'Immigration Consequences' if Schools Go Online-Only
07/07 - Apple Might Make Future MacBook Keyboards Out of Glass, and I'm Concerned
07/07 - Google, Twitter, and Facebook Stop Handing Over User Data to Hong Kong Cops
07/07 - Android Users Blessed With Dark Mode Support for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
06/07 - DragonCon 2020 in Atlanta Is Officially, Finally, Going Virtual
06/07 - Reddit's Solution to the Stress of Moderating 2020 Is a First-Come First-Served Mindfulness App Subscription
06/07 - America's Dad Sounds Kinda Mad at Apple
06/07 - The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Cancellation Shows How Far Fossil Fuels Have Fallen
06/07 - Why There's No Simple Answer to Whether the Coronavirus Is Airborne
06/07 - OK, Sure, Let’s Just Add Some Bubonic Plague to the Mix
06/07 - Microsoft Will Axe Control Panel From Windows 10, We're Calling It Now
06/07 - Cut the Cord on Cleaning: Dyson's V7 Origin Is $200 off at Newegg
06/07 - Amazon May Have to Share Its Algorithm If India’s New Ecommerce Policy Passes
06/07 - Amputee Builds a Set of Incredibly Articulate Prosthetic Fingers All Powered by Wrist Movements
06/07 - Ennio Morricone, Movie Composing Legend, Has Passed Away
06/07 - The Next Version of Chrome Could Remove a Major Source of Battery Drain
06/07 - Grab a G-Spot Vibrator Bundle for $34 at Ella Paradis
06/07 - Pink Snow in the Italian Alps Is a Cute Sign of Environmental Catastrophe
06/07 - Evidence of Prehistoric Ochre Mine Found in Submerged Mexican Caves
06/07 - This Grotesque Viral Photo of President Trump Is Actually Fake
06/07 - Get This Car Jump Starter Kit 35% Off to Make Sure You're Never Stranded
06/07 - The 5 Most Relatable Nerds on Television
06/07 - Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Is Finally Available to Help Make the Summer Less Sweltering
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 15:57:45 - Digital and stock exchange website news.
07/07 - MTBC Increases 2020 Revenue Guidance
07/07 - Qubole Expands Integration with Informatica’s AI-driven Data Engineering Integration to Enable Faster Data Lake Adoption
07/07 - Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner
07/07 - Toby McAra Joins MightyHive as Head of Enterprise Data Solutions, EMEA
07/07 - Award-Winning Payment Processor VizyPay Unveils New Online Ordering and Customer Loyalty Program, Incentivizing Consumer Spending Through Promotions and Discounts
07/07 - Sisu Accelerates Complex Analysis with Two New Ways to Answer “Why” Faster
07/07 - Zoom Launches Hardware as a Service
07/07 - North Highland and Digital Reasoning Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Solutions that Identify Cancer Diagnoses Sooner and Help Hospitals Recover Faster
07/07 - Deem Introduces Travel Safety Check, a New Risk Prevention and Travel Safety Solution
07/07 - ISG Smartalks™ Webinar to Explore Whether Now Is the Time for Enterprises to Sell Their Captives
07/07 - PCS Edventures! Reports Audited Record Results for Fiscal Year 2020 Ending March 31, 2020
07/07 - Beyond Identity Joins FIDO Alliance
07/07 - New GTDC Report Details How IT Distributors and Vendors are Partnering in New Normal
07/07 - Star2Star Wins 2020 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award
07/07 - OptimizeRx Sales Momentum Continues with Two New Enterprise-level Engagements Added to its Digital Health Platform
07/07 - ARHT Media, MCI Group and the Blockchain Research Institute Re-Invent the Online Award Show Experience at the 2020 Enterprise Blockchain Awards
07/07 - OMNIQ Receives Order for AI-Machine Vision Solution for Homeland Security and Public Safety System for Asian Country in Himalayan Mountain Region
07/07 - Gilat's Airborne Technology Enables Opening-up of the Chinese Ka-Band IFEC Market and Driving a Multi-Million Dollar Market Opportunity
07/07 - KnowBe4 Finds as Cyber Attacks Soar U.S. State and Local Government Entities Struggle to Keep Up
07/07 - $25M BrewBilt Revenue Financial Recap For Quarter II 2020
07/07 - Silicon Motion Announces Preliminary Second Quarter 2020 Revenue and Earnings Conference Call Details
07/07 - INAP Appoints Lisa Mayr Chief Financial Officer
07/07 - OpSec Provides a COVID-19 Authenticity & Traceability Solution for Testing Kits and Pharmaceutical Products
07/07 - Energy & Water Development Corporation Enters Into Partnership With Cicero Transact Group
07/07 - SiTime Corporation to Announce Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results on August 5, 2020
07/07 - RTI and SoC-e Partnership to Provide DDS & TSN Solutions for Distributed Systems
07/07 - Juniper Networks Named as a Leader in Data Center and Cloud Networking by Gartner for Third Consecutive Year
07/07 - Lumu to Host “Illumination Summit” on July 16th with Monica Puig, Lane Bess and Bruce Schneier
07/07 - Consolidata COVID-19 Product and Corporate Update
07/07 - Turning Point Therapeutics and Zai Lab Announce Exclusive License Agreement for Repotrectinib in Greater China
07/07 - NexTech’s InfernoAR Virtual Events Platform Chosen by National Association of Medicaid Program Integrity & by National Association of Medicaid Directors
07/07 - Gofore Plc: Gofore Plc's Business Review 1 June–30 June 2020: Growth continued, 12% net sales growth in first half 2020
07/07 - Cloud-based Data Layer Security Startup Cyral Announces General Availability of Enterprise Platform
07/07 - Bell Canada Accelerates its Cloud-native Strategy to Enhance Customer Services with Amdocs Real-time Microservices Portfolio
07/07 - Check Point Infinity SOC Eliminates Alert Overload, Enabling Security Teams to Identify and Block Cyber-attacks with Unrivalled Speed and Accuracy
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:53:31 - Digital website news.
07/07 - How to uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows
07/07 - Linux users might find themselves paying money to use LibreOffice one day
06/07 - How pre-installed adware can cause trouble for mobile users
06/07 - How to enable the new Start menu in Windows 10
06/07 - Microsoft blocks users from upgrading to Windows 10 May 2020 Update because their PC settings aren't supported
06/07 - HyperX launches Alloy Elite 2 mechanical gaming keyboard with pudding keycaps
04/07 - Windows 10 May 2020 Update is breaking OneDrive Files On-Demand for some people
03/07 - Lexar launches SL200 USB-C portable SSD
02/07 - Microsoft reveals some exciting new features coming to OneDrive
02/07 - Purism announces privacy-focused Librem 14 Linux laptop
02/07 - Samsung and IBM lead the AI patent race as European companies lag behind
02/07 - Microsoft gives Windows 10 a long overdue makeover with a new Start menu and personalized taskbar
02/07 - Facebook admits to yet another shocking example of leaking user data
02/07 - Mageia 8 Alpha 1 Linux distribution now available for download
01/07 - The Linux-friendly Ghost Canyon Intel NUC 9 Extreme is finally available for purchase
01/07 - Out-of-band updates for serious Windows Codecs Library vulnerabilities available via the Microsoft Store
01/07 - Remote working boosts move to cloud-based security
01/07 - DDoS attacks jump over 540 percent during lockdown
01/07 - How machine learning is changing digital marketing [Q&A]
01/07 - Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.19.0 with dozens of fixes, stability enhancements and improved installer experience
30/06 - Manjaro Linux 32-bit is dead
30/06 - YouTube TV gets a massive price hike, but I'm not canceling
30/06 - Firefox 78 and Firefox 78 ESR unveil new privacy protection features
30/06 - Samsung releases 870 QVO 2.5-inch SATA SSD with up to 8TB capacity
30/06 - Lockdown highlights UK broadband problems
30/06 - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is the first and only Mac data recovery app compatible with T2 chips
30/06 - After switching to ARM, expect Apple to buy TSMC too
30/06 - TEAMGROUP unveils CARDEA Ceramic C440 M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 gaming SSD
30/06 - TLS certificates are a top security concern for businesses
30/06 - 96 percent of developers believe security harms productivity
30/06 - THEVIC20 is a full size re-imagined version of Commodore's 'wonder computer' from the 1980s
30/06 - Microsoft Edge caught importing data from other browsers without permission
30/06 - The KB4559309 update for Windows 10 could be slowing down your computer
30/06 - Belkin unveils the small and powerful Thunderbolt 3 Dock Core
30/06 - The New York Times ditches Apple News
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 15:57:18 - Hardware website news.
07/07 - AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT, Ryzen 7 3800XT and Ryzen 5 3600XT
07/07 - Microsoft may be buying Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
07/07 - Sapphire updates Pulse line-up with smaller RX 5600 XT
06/07 - Jonsbo announces two new cases: the V8 and MOD5
06/07 - Blizzard announces plans to merge some World of Warcraft realms
06/07 - Fallout TV series is in the works
03/07 - West of Dead Review
03/07 - MSI MPG Z490 Carbon EK X Review
03/07 - Hardspace: Shipbreaker Preview
02/07 - Lords call for urgent regulation of loot boxes in UK
02/07 - Kolink unveils a trio of new budget cases
02/07 - Noctua releases special edition of NH-L12 cooler
02/07 - Desperados III Review
02/07 - Disintegration Review
01/07 - Mod of the Month June 2020 in Association with Corsair
01/07 - Amazon 'unreleases' its big-budget release, Crucible
01/07 - Samsung announces high capacity 870 QVO SATA SSD
01/07 - ASRock announces souped up Radeon RX 5600 XT Challenger Pro 6G OC
30/06 - Corsair ICUE LT100 Starter Kit Review
30/06 - Call of Duty: Warzone adds 200 player mode
30/06 - TeamGroup announces Cardea Ceramic C440 Solid State Drive
30/06 - AMD Adrenalin drivers now support hardware GPU scheduling
29/06 - Microsoft unveils Xbox Series X optimised games
29/06 - AMD exceeds energy efficiency goal
29/06 - Microsoft permanently closes its retail stores
25/06 - Gloomwood Preview
24/06 - GeForce RTX 3080 Ti could offer 30 percent performance boost
24/06 - Oculus is discontinuing the Oculus Go
24/06 - Dell unveils new G series of gaming systems
23/06 - EKWB adds more pumpless versions of its combo units to roster
23/06 - Apple confirms switch to Arm-based architecture
23/06 - Mixer is closing down in July
22/06 - Thrustmaster announce TCA range of flight sticks
22/06 - Lenovo unveils new ThinkPads with Ultra Performance Mode
22/06 - Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed until November
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:50:05 - Hardware website news.
27/10 - Tesla Introduces Navigate on Autopilot
26/10 - California to further Delay Enforcement of State Net Neutrality Law
26/10 - Apple to Debut New iPads and Macs Next Week
26/10 - GLOBALFOUNDRIES and China's Chengdu Realign Joint Venture Strategy to Include 22FDX Technology
26/10 - Samsung's Next Smartphone foray: Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones
25/10 - Intel Reports Profit On Data center, PC Demand
25/10 - Google's Ad Business Soars But Quarter's Revenue Hit By Third Party Payments
25/10 - Corsair Introduces New K70 RGB MK.2 LOW PROFILE Keyboards
25/10 - Twitter's Ad Sales Surge
25/10 - Google to Work With LG Electronics to Promote Smart Town Projects
25/10 - Google Lens Come to Google Images
25/10 - Ricoh WG-60 Rugged Camera Adds FlashAir card Compatibility
25/10 - SK Hynix Inc. Reports Record-high Results for the Third Quarter 2018
25/10 - Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Unveiled With Sliding Cameras
25/10 - Tesla Delivers Quarterly Profit
25/10 - LG's Mobile Losses Narrow
25/10 - Cloud Strength Keeps Boosting Microsoft's Results
25/10 - AMD Revenue Hit By Low Crypto Demand
25/10 - ASUS Announces Lineup of Business, Home and Gaming Products at Incredible Intelligence 2018
24/10 - Italy Fines Apple and Samsung Over Mobile Software Updates
24/10 - Apple Boss Supports Stricter Policy For Customers' Data
24/10 - Google Makes it Easier to Delete Search History
24/10 - Facebook Unveils New Technology to Fight Child Exploitation
24/10 - Tesla Says Its China Factory will Make 250,000 Model 3s and Model Ys a Year
24/10 - Western Digital Releases The 15TB Ultrastar DC HC620 SMR HDD
24/10 - Fujitsu Launches New ETERNUS DX8000 S4 Series of High-End Storage Systems
24/10 - MediaTek's Helio P70 Brings AI and Premium Upgrades To Mid-Range Devices
24/10 - Imec and ASML Enter Beyond-3nm EUV Lithography Collaboration
24/10 - NEC and Samsung Partner on 5G
24/10 - Facebook Launches Database for U.S. Political Ad Spending
24/10 - Facebook Updates New, Simplified version of Messenger
24/10 - HP Launches Powerful 14-inch Spectre Convertible
23/10 - FCC Proposes More 6 GHz Spectrum For Unlicensed Use
23/10 - Latest Firefox Brings Enhanced Tracking Protection
23/10 - Uber to Increase London Fares to Fund All-Electric Future
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 16:54:40 - Camera website news.
07/07 - Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM arrives in August for $3000
07/07 - Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM sample gallery
06/07 - Report: Nikon rumored to be announcing Z6s, Z7s mirrorless cameras by year's end
06/07 - Canon confirms 'Reimagine' product launch, Q&A livestream for July 9
06/07 - Video: How to build a custom Raspberry Pi 'Becca Cam' with zero coding experience
06/07 - The Canon EOS R5 is coming soon - what are you hoping for?
06/07 - Canon's CE-SAT-IB satellite camera destroyed during Rocket Lab's Electron rocket launch
05/07 - Tamron 28-200mm F2.8-5.6 sample gallery (DPReview TV)
04/07 - DPReview TV: Tamron 28-200mm F2.8-5.6 review
03/07 - Film Fridays: Kodak Portra 800 review
02/07 - World Press Photo Managing Director, Lars Boering, steps down suddenly as the foundation pivots due to COVID-19
02/07 - Photography Deck is a camera-themed deck of playing cards to help teach photo basics
02/07 - Will vlogging change your next camera?
02/07 - Olympus releases Windows 10 webcam utility beta for five of its OM-D cameras
02/07 - Olympus to ship 150-400mm F4.5 this winter, adds 8-25mm F4 Pro to lens roadmap
01/07 - Tourist gored by bison in Yellowstone after allegedly getting within 10 feet for a photo
01/07 - Instagram phishing scam uses seemingly legit account to get user passwords
01/07 - Fujifilm is developing a 400TB tape media drive
01/07 - DPReview TV: A call for slow, professional full frame lenses
30/06 - Nikon is the latest camera company sued by DigiMedia Tech over alleged patent infringement
30/06 - A decade of sun: NASA captured 425 million photos of the sun and made a time lapse
30/06 - Venus Optics releases the Laowa 9mm F5.6 rectilinear lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras
30/06 - Tamron 28-200mm F2.8-5.6 Di III RXD sample gallery
30/06 - Fujifilm's GF 30mm F3.5 R WR lens to ship in late July
30/06 - Fujifilm GF 30mm F3.5 R WR sample gallery
30/06 - Fujifilm adds Raw video output, gimbal support and Film Simulation modes to GFX100
30/06 - Japan Camera Hunter now has a YouTube channel full of film camera geekery
29/06 - ON1 announces ON1 360 cross-device workflow solution, new ON1 Photo Mobile app
29/06 - H&Y Revoring variable step-up rings allow filters to fit multiple lens thread sizes
29/06 - Exclusive: Sony confirms a7S II successor this summer - 'Everything is new'
28/06 - Emulate Kodak Aerochrome in Lightroom with RNI's new preset pack
28/06 - Canon EF-M 11-22mm F4-5.6 IS STM sample gallery
28/06 - The Fujifilm X-T4 is the best stills/video hybrid for under $2000
28/06 - Panasonic Lumix G100 pre-production sample gallery (DPReview TV)
27/06 - Canon EF-M 11-22mm F4.5-5.6 IS STM sample gallery

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