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Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:52:28 - General website news.
22/03 - India plans new security testing for smartphones, crackdown on pre-installed apps
22/03 - Snapchat kicks few children off app in Britain
22/03 - Nvidia’s plans for sales to Huawei imperiled if U.S. tightens Huawei curbs-draft 
22/03 - Reuters was first to report that SoftBank’s Arm aims to raise at least $8 billion in U.S. IPO
28/02 - Reuters exclusively reported that Broadcom faces EU antitrust warning on $61 billion VMware deal
28/02 - Tencent scraps plans for VR hardware as metaverse bet falters
27/02 - Reuters was first to report that Ericsson will lay off 8,500 employees
27/02 - Reuters first to report U.S. investigation into Elon Musk’s Neuralink
24/02 - South Korea aims to join AI race as startup Rebellions launches new chip 
15/02 - Like Musk, nickel-rich Indonesia has high electric vehicle ambitions
15/02 - Reuters exclusively reveals that EU industry chief Thierry Breton plans consultation on Big Tech and telecoms network costs
13/02 - Reuters reveals Google’s AI chatbot flubs answer in promotional video, sending Alphabet shares down 9%
20/01 - Reuters reports EU wants details of Big Tech, telcos investment plans
20/01 - Reuters reveals Apple supplier BOE plans new factories in Vietnam
20/01 - Reuters reveals TikTok freezes consultant hiring for U.S. security deal as opposition mounts
09/01 - Reuters reveals Twitter removes suicide prevention feature, says it’s under revamp
28/12 - Reuters reveals Sam Bankman-Fried to reverse decision on contesting extradition
19/12 - Reuters reveals Microsoft seeks to settle EU antitrust concerns over Teams
09/12 - Reuters reveals Nokia smartphone maker HMD Global files EU antitrust complaint against VoiceAge EVS
11/11 - Reuters reveals Nvidia offers new advanced chip for China that meets U.S. export controls
07/11 - Reuters reveals output of Apple iPhones at major China plant could fall 30% amid COVID curbs
21/10 - Reuters reveals scores of Google rivals want EU tech law used in antitrust case
21/10 - Reuters reveals chip toolmaker KLA to stop sales and service to China to comply with U.S. export curbs
14/10 - Reuters reveals Google faces EU antitrust charges over its adtech business
10/10 - Reuters reveals senior Indonesian officials targeted by spyware last year
03/10 - Reuters exclusively reveals EU telcos call Big Tech for shared network costs, citing energy crisis, EU climate change
16/09 - Reuters reveals Biden to hit China with broader curbs on U.S. chip and tool exports
12/09 - Reuters reveals deal partner for Trump’s Truth Social fails to get backing for SPAC extension
12/09 - Reuters reveals Illumina in talks with EU regulators to divest Grail
12/09 - Reuters reveals Apple, Samsung could benefit as India aims to speed product safety approvals
02/09 - Reuters reveals U.S. sought records on Binance CEO for crypto money laundering probe
02/09 - Reuters reveals Twitter reshuffles ‘health’ team amid spam bot debate
30/08 - Reuters reveals win for Qualcomm as EU antitrust regulators will not appeal court ruling against $991 mln fine
22/08 - Reuters reveals Google Fiber plans 5-state growth spurt, biggest since 2015
10/08 - Reuters reveals Big Tech should share Europe network costs, France, Italy and Spain say
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:51:34 - General website news.
01/04 - From Hamas warnings to VIP perks and criminal clients: the US regulator’s claims against Binance
01/04 - Letter signed by Elon Musk demanding AI research pause sparks controversy
01/04 - The best theatre to stream this month: Emilia Clarke in The Seagull, the RSC’s Tartuffe and more
31/03 - Misinformation, mistakes and the Pope in a puffer: what rapidly evolving AI can – and can’t – do
31/03 - TikTok: why the app with 1bn users faces a fight for its existence
31/03 - Amazon workers in Coventry announce six new strike dates
31/03 - Trump loses, Paltrow wins: Twitter marks a historic afternoon for America
31/03 - E3 2023: video game industry’s biggest expo cancelled
30/03 - Bafta Games Awards: God of War wins six but Vampire Survivors is best game
30/03 - ‘Vulkan files’ leak reveals Putin’s global and domestic cyberwarfare tactics
30/03 - ‘Why am I crying over this?’: how corecore TikTok videos caught the mood of Gen Z
30/03 - Meta reportedly considering Europe political ads ban
30/03 - Best podcasts of the week: The hidden history of the American right’s anti-trans agenda
29/03 - AI chatbots making it harder to spot phishing emails, say experts
29/03 - A US ban on TikTok could damage the idea of the global internet | Kenneth Rogoff
29/03 - Elon Musk joins call for pause in creation of giant AI ‘digital minds’
29/03 - Twitter to no longer only promote paid-for accounts after backlash
29/03 - WeWork mugs for $500: 10 of the strangest merch items from companies that crashed
28/03 - Twitter to promote only paying users’ tweets, Elon Musk announces
28/03 - UK government drops plans for NFT made by Royal Mint
28/03 - ‘Luigi has sweet notes of apple’: testing out Lush’s unlikely Super Mario soaps
28/03 - TechScape: How the world is turning against social media
28/03 - Norwegian company says TikTok data centre is limiting energy for manufacturing Ukraine ammunition
28/03 - Sonos Era 100 review: the latest best-sounding smart speaker
28/03 - ‘Our universe was lost for ever’: what happens when a tech glitch erases your memories?
27/03 - Terra Nil review – restore nature, and with it your hope for the future
27/03 - Twitter takes legal action after source code leaked online
27/03 - Nothing Ear 2 review: see-through earbuds with good sound
26/03 - Robot recruiters: can bias be banished from AI hiring?
26/03 - Caught in the FTX storm: how a crypto high-flyer fell to Earth
26/03 - AI expert Meredith Broussard: ‘Racism, sexism and ableism are systemic problems’
26/03 - Could a chatbot write my restaurant reviews? | Jay Rayner
26/03 - The professor trying to protect our private thoughts from technology
25/03 - How a video game has revolutionised the way farmers are buying tractors
25/03 - TikTok banned on London City Hall devices over security concerns
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:52:16 - General website news.
31/03 - E3 annual video game showcase event in Los Angeles cancelled
31/03 - York student uses AI chatbot to get parking fine revoked
31/03 - ChatGPT banned in Italy over privacy concerns
31/03 - Virgin Orbit: Sir Richard Branson's rocket company cuts 85% of workforce
31/03 - US-China chip war: Japan plans to restrict some equipment exports
31/03 - Friend or foe: Can computer coders trust ChatGPT?
30/03 - Google: India tribunal upholds $160m fine on company
29/03 - Elon Musk among experts urging a halt to AI training
29/03 - Alibaba: China tech giant shares jump after breakup plan announced
28/03 - AI could replace equivalent of 300 million jobs - report
28/03 - Elon Musk: Twitter boss announces blue tick shake-up
28/03 - Binance accused of breaking US financial laws
28/03 - Royal Mint NFT plans dropped by UK government
28/03 - Clearview AI used nearly 1m times by US police, it tells the BBC
28/03 - The tech helping driverless cars see round corners
28/03 - Crewless container ships appear on the horizon
27/03 - Why fun apps are banned on French officials' phones
27/03 - Jack Ma: Alibaba founder seen in China after long absence
27/03 - Silicon Valley Bank: Collapsed US lender bought by rival
27/03 - Elon Musk: Twitter says parts of source code leaked online
25/03 - 'Psychological warfare': US politicians grill TikTok boss
25/03 - ‘I left teaching to train as a heat pump engineer’
25/03 - The revolution underway in India's diamond industry
25/03 - The tech helping women manage the menopause
25/03 - Could waste plastic become a useful fuel source?
25/03 - Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder and creator of Moore's Law, dies aged 94
24/03 - TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew's Congress showdown: Five takeaways
24/03 - Do Kwon: Fugitive 'cryptocrash' boss arrested in Montenegro
23/03 - Into the ‘lion’s den’: Questions the TikTok CEO will face from Congress today over a possible ban
23/03 - Could the US government actually block people from accessing TikTok altogether?
23/03 - Shou Zi Chew: Who is the TikTok CEO?
22/03 - ChatGPT bug leaked users' conversation histories
22/03 - Sidemen manager: 'I cut out alcohol to succeed'
21/03 - Bill Gates: AI is most important tech advance in decades
21/03 - Bard: Google's rival to ChatGPT launches for over-18s
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:52:18 - General website news.
01/04 - Twitter’s Blue Check Apocalypse Is Upon Us. Here’s What to Know About Twitter’s Blue Check
01/04 - Tesla and Musk Lose Ruling on Factory Union Issues
31/03 - Fox News Suffers Major Setback in Dominion Case
31/03 - Sam Altman, the ChatGPT King, Is Pretty Sure It’s All Going to Be OK
31/03 - ‘Thousands of Dollars for Something I Didn’t Do’
31/03 - ChatGPT Is Banned in Italy Over Privacy Concerns
31/03 - Google C.E.O. Sundar Pichai on the A.I. Moment: ‘You Will See Us Be Bold’
31/03 - A Big Rover Aims to Be Like ‘U.P.S. for the Moon’
31/03 - The Future of AI: What Comes Next and What to Expect
31/03 - New Rules Will Make Many Electric Cars Ineligible for Tax Credits
31/03 - Has Bitcoin Benefited From the Banking Crisis? Not in the Way Its Fans Hoped.
31/03 - Google C.E.O. Sundar Pichai on Bard, A.I. ‘Whiplash’ and Competing With ChatGPT
30/03 - Carlos Moreno Created the 15-Minute City. Conspiracy Theorists Are Coming for Him.
30/03 - Elon Musk Tried to Meet With F.T.C. Chair About Twitter but Was Rebuffed
30/03 - Publishers Worry AI Chatbots Will Slash Readership
30/03 - How to Use Chatbots, like ChatGPT, in Your Daily Life and Work
30/03 - A.I., Brain Scans and Cameras: The Spread of Police Surveillance Tech
30/03 - Sailboat Crew Rescued After Hitting Whale in Pacific Ocean
29/03 - TikTok’s Owner ByteDance Pushes a Lemon8 App in U.S.
29/03 - An Unopened 2007 iPhone Can Be Yours (for $32,000 or More)
29/03 - What Makes Chatbots ‘Hallucinate’ or Say the Wrong Thing?
29/03 - Elon Musk and Others Call for Pause on A.I., Citing ‘Risks to Society’
29/03 - How ChatGPT and Bard Performed as My Executive Assistants
29/03 - Rift Between Gaming Giants Shows Toll of China’s Economic Crackdown
28/03 - What’s Hot on TikTok? Defending Its C.E.O.
28/03 - A Campaign Aide Didn’t Write That Email. A.I. Did.
28/03 - How Chatbots and Large Language Models, or LLMs, Actually Work
28/03 - Tinkering With ChatGPT, Workers Wonder: Will This Take My Job?
27/03 - Lyft Co-Founders to Resign; David Risher Is Named CEO
27/03 - Biden Acts to Restrict U.S. Government Use of Spyware
27/03 - Everything to Know About Artificial Intelligence, or AI
27/03 - Artificial Intelligence Glossary: AI Terms Everyone Should Learn
27/03 - Have AI Chatbots Developed Theory of Mind? What We Do and Do Not Know.
27/03 - A Sting Operation to Save Elephants, With No Stings
27/03 - Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse Chills Start-Up Funding
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:52:28 - New technology website news.
31/03 - GM–GlobalFoundries Partnership Seen as Setting Trend
31/03 - Lawyer Questions Scope of EU AI Act; Groups Chime In
30/03 - SK hynix’s Revolutionary Technology Center Presents Its Blueprint for Future Semiconductor Research
30/03 - Exclusive: Aart de Geus on AI-driven EDA
29/03 - AI About to Take the Driver’s Seat
29/03 - NL-ix Drives Innovation With Its 800GE Deployment
29/03 - CXL Testing Leverages PCIe Expertise
27/03 - Enabling Certification of DL-Based Software Components
27/03 - AVs See the Future with Perception Sensors
27/03 - V2X Standards Must Prioritize Safety Above All
27/03 - Designing MPUs/MCUs with Functional Safety
27/03 - Do AI and Functional Safety Mix?
27/03 - How the AV Design Chain Leverages the Channel
27/03 - Weighing Design Challenges for Wireless SoCs in V2X
27/03 - The Future of LiDAR Lies in ADAS
27/03 - Sensor Fusion Explores AI to Prep for ADAS, AV Designs
24/03 - Innovative Approaches Tackle Self-Cleaning Solar Panels
24/03 - Nvidia Brings GPU Acceleration to Computational Lithography
23/03 - Ways to Save Energy With Hot Standby Power Supplies
23/03 - U.S. Prepares to Establish Its $11 Billion NSTC
22/03 - Achieving Battery Intelligence in EVs via Software
21/03 - TinyML Comes To Embedded World 2023
21/03 - Cytech Systems Honored as “Class-A Supplier” of Global EMS 
20/03 - Using IC Programming, Provisioning for Device Security
17/03 - Pattern-Shaping System Speeds Up Chip Production
16/03 - Eat, Spend, Run: Students Write Next Chapter of Haptics
14/03 - Vishay, Others, Adapt to Flexible MES Capabilities
14/03 - PixArt Unleashes Intelligent Sensing for Industrial Automation
14/03 - Networking a Smart City: Using Fit-for-Purpose Tech
14/03 - Investors Rescue Mythic; Fick Becomes CEO
10/03 - Arm Engineer Lauded for Concurrency Modeling Work
10/03 - Open RAN, Private 5G Dominate Cellular Industry
08/03 - Liverpool Researchers Take on Molecular Electronics
08/03 - Hailo Adds Vision Processor SoCs for Smart Cameras
07/03 - MWC23: GSMA Introduces New Era of Earth Computing
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:51:21 - New technology website news.
01/04 - How to watch Anthony Joshua fight in the UK: Stream AJ vs Franklin live
01/04 - How to watch Man City vs Liverpool: Premier League live stream and channel guide
31/03 - Australian Grand Prix 2023: How to watch F1 live on TV and online
31/03 - PSVR 2 price cut? Sony should trim price to avoid 'disastrous' launch
31/03 - How to watch WWE WrestleMania 39 in the UK – live stream Roman vs Cody
31/03 - Motorola Razr (2023): Everything there is to know
31/03 - E3 2023 Cancelled: Is this the end for gaming's most loved event?
30/03 - Ads in Bing Chat? AI future of search sounds a lot like the status quo
30/03 - Netflix can now be cheaper on Apple TV
30/03 - Android 13 update will finally deter sneaky PIN thieves
30/03 - Netflix games may be coming to a TV set near you
30/03 - Google Pixel 8: All you need to know
30/03 - Nintendo extends 3DS and Wii eShop life support for some
30/03 - Samsung Galaxy S23 range gets major camera update
30/03 - Netflix to let you use an iPhone as a game controller
29/03 - Sony ZV-E1 next-level vlogging camera will help you ditch the phone
29/03 - Google's newest search feature is a sign of our impending doom
29/03 - The Last Of Us' perfect reputation hit by buggy PC port
29/03 - Apple WWDC 23 confirmed for June 5 with big Reality Pro headset hint
29/03 - Low energy microprocessor could enable iPhone 15 Pro solid state buttons
29/03 - OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Limited Edition announced
29/03 - Lenovo pulls out of the gaming phone business
29/03 - Apple Pay Later rolls out to select users
29/03 - Microsoft's next version of Windows will be all about? Yep, you guessed it...
28/03 - Apple Music Classical is getting an Android release soon
28/03 - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED edition is tempting us to upgrade
28/03 - iOS 16.4 features a surprise bonus PS5 owners are going to love
28/03 - Google Pixel 7a: All you need to know
28/03 - Vivo tipped to launch foldable Galaxy Z Flip 4 rival
28/03 - Apple Music Classical app out now
27/03 - iPhone 15 may hit the UK without a SIM tray
27/03 - iOS 16.4 out now with new emoji and a big boost for web apps
26/03 - How to watch England vs Ukraine on free TV: Euro 2024 qualifier free live stream
24/03 - WhatsApp adding self-destructing audio messages for when you really need to let rip
24/03 - Google 'feels bad' for iPhone users over iMessage RCS snub, apparently
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:51:10 - General website news.
01/04 - China sticks national security probe into America's Micron
01/04 - Ukrainian cops nab suspects accused of stealing $4.3m from victims across Europe
01/04 - Google halts purge of legacy ad blockers and other Chrome Extensions, again
01/04 - From Sun to the cloud: MariaDB carves out space in database market
01/04 - British govt tech supplier Capita crippled by 'IT issue'
31/03 - OpenMandriva Rome version 23.03 is out now
31/03 - NYPD blues: Cops ignored 93 percent of surveillance law rules
31/03 - Astronomers (re)discover never-before-seen phenomenon on Saturn
31/03 - Version 100 of the MIT Lisp Machine software recovered
31/03 - Italy bans ChatGPT for 'unlawful collection of personal data'
31/03 - Ex-politico turned Meta hype man brands Metaverse 'new heart of computing'
31/03 - Decade-old patent battle goes Apple's way
31/03 - Feeling the weight of data gravity
31/03 - Virgin Orbit lays off 85% of staff as funding deal falters
31/03 - Psst! Infosec bigwigs: Wanna be head of security at HM Treasury for £50k?
31/03 - Couchbase's chief techie on squaring the schema-less circle
31/03 - NHS Highland 'reprimanded' by data watchdog for BCC blunder with HIV patients
31/03 - Uptime guarantees don't apply when you turn a machine off, then on again, to 'fix' it
31/03 - Pro-Russia cyber gang Winter Vivern puts US, Euro lawmakers in line of fire
31/03 - Today's old folks set to smash through longevity records
31/03 - Leaked IT contractor files detail Kremlin's stockpile of cyber-weapons
31/03 - Azure blunder left Bing results editable, MS 365 accounts potentially exposed
31/03 - FTC urged to freeze OpenAI's 'biased, deceptive' GPT-4
30/03 - AlienFox malware caught in the cloud hen house
30/03 - So you want to integrate OpenAI's bot. Here's how that worked for software security scanner Socket
30/03 - Microsoft wants to stick adverts in Bing chat responses
30/03 - Korea passes tax break-driven 'Chips Act' as protectionism fears mount
30/03 - Boffins: Microgravity impacts cell repair systems in proteins
30/03 - Do you use comms software from 3CX? What to do next after biz hit in supply chain attack
30/03 - Intel successfully ships an updated datacenter roadmap
30/03 - Microsoft uses carrot and stick with Exchange Online admins
30/03 - Boeing's first-ever crewed mission in Starliner ISS spacecraft delayed to late July
30/03 - Cloud Security Alliance VP: Database security boils down to these three things
30/03 - Euro cloud providers react to MS potentially cutting deal on antitrust
30/03 - It's official: Ubuntu Cinnamon remix has been voted in
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:52:20 - General website news.
01/04 - Riot made its esports arena transform for new Valorant league
01/04 - How to change the region on an HP OfficeJet printer in 57 easy steps (printer companies hate this!)
01/04 - Quick fixes: When Disney Plus is so dark you can barely see anything
01/04 - Amazon just opened up its Sidewalk network for anyone to build connected gadgets on
31/03 - This hoverboard is being recalled after a fire that killed two children
31/03 - Marvel’s Secret Invasion series actually sounds kind of fascinating
31/03 - Twitter’s $1,000 checkmark will be free for the 10,000 most-followed companies
31/03 - The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog is a new, real, and free game you can play right now
31/03 - This is what a plant sounds like when it’s stressed
31/03 - The ‘Truckla’ DIY Tesla pickup truck is still trucking
31/03 - Twitter takes its algorithm ‘open-source,’ as Elon Musk promised
31/03 - GM is cutting off access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its future EVs
31/03 - Vampire Survivors’ new fantasy-themed expansion launches in April for just $2
31/03 - Amazon to adapt Aaron Foley’s Boys Come First as a new series
31/03 - Fewer EVs will qualify for the federal $7,500 tax credit under updated rules
31/03 - The surprisingly complex business of toys, with Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks
31/03 - Google’s last-gen Pixel 6 Pro is half off right now at Woot
31/03 - How to install the latest iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 public betas
31/03 - The best ways to play Tetris in 2023
31/03 - Why the AI industry could stand to slow down a little
31/03 - The shape of Kirby
31/03 - Fitbit’s attempt to disappear the button proved why they matter
31/03 - Italian regulators order ChatGPT ban over alleged violation of data privacy laws
31/03 - Virgin Orbit to cease all operations and lay off 85 percent of its workforce
31/03 - Google CEO Sundar Pichai promises Bard AI chatbot upgrades soon: ‘We clearly have more capable models’
31/03 - E3 isn’t coming back
31/03 - Y’all, this laptop is too much
31/03 - Block knows you have questions, and it doesn’t have good answers
31/03 - Summer gaming events 2023: with E3 cancelled, here’s what’s next
31/03 - E3 might be gone, but this summer still has some big gaming events to watch
31/03 - I never went to E3, but I’ll miss it anyways
31/03 - The F-150 Lightning now starts at $20k more than when it was announced
31/03 - Carbon capture will probably make electricity more expensive
30/03 - E3 2023 has been canceled
30/03 - You can now use Netflix’s cheaper ads plan on your Apple TV
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:50:58 - General website news.
31/03 - Sony PSVR2 headset off to slow start as metaverse push sputters
31/03 - Canadian startups thrive in the Startup Global Program
31/03 - Japan tightens chip gear exports as US seeks to contain China
31/03 - Ford joins a US$4.51 billion nickel processing project in Indonesia
31/03 - Chinese fabless chip design sector remains small despite increasing R&D efforts
31/03 - Samsung said to directly develop 8-inch process for GaN, SiC devices
31/03 - IDMs upbeat about revenue prospects, benefiting Taiwan supply chain partners
31/03 - TPCA sets carbon reduction roadmaps for PCB makers in Taiwan
31/03 - With 3D processing speeds 900 times faster than GPUs, AI semiconductors assist the metaverse
31/03 - Tesla reportedly considering building a US battery plant with CATL's technology
31/03 - India's 5G deployment speeds up, on way to reach full coverage by 2024
31/03 - NXP supportive of semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem in India
31/03 - Solomon Systech launches PM microLED DDI
31/03 - Hua Hong saw sales grow by 51% in 2022, may increase CAPEX despite downturn
31/03 - Micron sees fab capacity utilization hit record low
31/03 - BYD chairman says the company aims to be China's largest automaker in 2023
31/03 - Micron cements market share with enhanced NAND portfolio
31/03 - SMIC weighed down by talent shortage and reliance on mature nodes
31/03 - Taiwan's automotive supply chain remains stable amid Chinese market's chaos and rapid changes
31/03 - AI spending in Asia Pacific to reach US$49 billion by 2026 despite current economic challenges, says IDC
31/03 - Server BMC chipmaker Aspeed aims for flat revenue growth
31/03 - SAS warns of revenue drop in 2023
31/03 - Everlight expects profit growth in 2023
31/03 - GMI upbeat about chip demand for automotive, broadband, and wearable apps
31/03 - ITE Tech sees PC customers start replenishing inventory
31/03 - GlobalWafers remains upbeat about 3rd-gen semiconductor demand
31/03 - Taiwan passive component makers look to high-margin offerings for growth
31/03 - Tougher US ban may alter China IC manufacturing ecosystem, says TSMC chair
31/03 - Packaging substrate demand remains promising
31/03 - Order cutbacks still cast shadow over TSMC revenue prospects
30/03 - Chinese IC design industry leaders weigh options after US sanctions
30/03 - South Korea passes its 'Chips Act' amid US-China friction
30/03 - Primax announced reference design partnership with Qualcomm in IoT gateway platform
30/03 - Growing love for electric SUVs tripled India's lagging EV sales
30/03 - NAND flash ASP to fall 5-10% in 2Q23
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:51:25 - General website news.
01/04 - Breville Smart Ovens are down to record-low prices right now
01/04 - Google launches a beta Nearby Share app for Windows PCs
01/04 - NLRB says Activision Blizzard illegally surveilled employees during a walkout
31/03 - Apple TV+ app is now available for DirecTV Stream box users
31/03 - Senate bill seeks to break up Google and Meta ad businesses
31/03 - Twitter’s recommendation algorithm is now on GitHub
31/03 - California will require half of heavy truck sales to be electric by 2035
31/03 - GOG's Spring Sale deals include 'Cyberpunk 2077' for $30
31/03 - Jeep just mushed together a 1970s Cherokee with a modern hybrid Wrangler
31/03 - Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky is building a ‘marketplace of algorithms’
31/03 - Stricter guidance means fewer EVs will qualify for $7,500 federal tax credit
31/03 - Save up to $460 on Solo Stove fire pit bundles, plus the rest of the week's best tech deals
31/03 - Waymo brings its fleet of new self-driving SUVs to Austin
31/03 - GM is phasing out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in EVs
31/03 - Watch us try to break Google Bard and Bing AI
31/03 - ASUS’ high-fashion gaming tablet is a must-have for hot dog vendors everywhere
31/03 - Drew Carey made a radio show with AI. Fans weren't pleased.
31/03 - Italy to block ChatGPT over data protection issues
31/03 - Google Bard is switching to a more 'capable' language model, CEO confirms
31/03 - Solo Stove fire pit bundles are over 45 percent off right now
31/03 - Engadget Podcast: 'Tetris' creator chats about the 'Tetris' movie
31/03 - Netflix hopes releasing fewer original movies will make them better
31/03 - The Morning After: Midjourney shutters free trials of its AI image generator due to 'extraordinary' abuse
31/03 - Amazon's World Backup Day sale takes up to 67 percent off SSDs, memory and more
31/03 - Virgin Orbit officially shutters its space launch operations
30/03 - E3 2023 has been canceled
30/03 - NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4070 will reportedly cost $599
30/03 - Audible is now testing ads in your audiobooks for some reason
30/03 - Paramount+ orders new Star Trek series set at Starfleet Academy
30/03 - Github ordered to identify user who leaked Twitter source code
30/03 - Waymo's driverless taxi fleet will soon be completely electric
30/03 - ‘Scott Pilgrim’ is coming back as a cartoon with the film’s entire cast
30/03 - OpenAI may have to halt ChatGPT releases following FTC complaint
30/03 - Sam Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty to latest fraud, bribery charges
30/03 - A new Twitter alternative is trying to lure users about to lose their old checkmark
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:52:23 - Camera website news.
01/04 - DPReview TV: Nikon 58mm F0.95 Noct Review!
01/04 - April Fools at DPReview - a look back
31/03 - A history of the test scene
31/03 - DxO PureRAW 3 review: Give Adobe's apps a much-needed boost with modern AI algorithms
30/03 - Canon PowerShot Pro70 added to the studio scene
30/03 - DPReview March Madness finals
30/03 - Sony ZV-E1 pre-production sample gallery
29/03 - Sony ZV-E1 preview
29/03 - CP+ 2023: Sony interview - 'Expanding an ecosystem around E-mount is our strategy'
29/03 - DPReview TV: Sony ZV-E1 first look
28/03 - Learning to shoot rodeo with the Canon EOS R3
28/03 - The Canon EOS R3 goes to the rodeo
28/03 - Ode to my first DSLR, the Canon EOS D2000
27/03 - CP+ 2023: Nikon interview - 'Everybody can become a content creator'
27/03 - Remote ID for drones is coming, what should you do?
26/03 - CP+ 2023: Canon interview - 'It's our mission to make any camera system easier operate'
26/03 - Nikon D3S long (very long)-term shooting experience
25/03 - CP+ 2023: Fujifilm interview - 'Our direction is set, there is no middle ground'
25/03 - DPReview TV: Our favourite DPReview TV moments (recreated with puppets!)
24/03 - Go inside Sigma's factory to see how lenses are made
23/03 - DPReview March Madness, semi-finals!
22/03 - CP+ 2023: Sigma interview - 'I think people's demand for lenses is unlimited'
22/03 - DPReview TV: Our five favourite products we reviewed for DPReview
21/03 - DPReview TV: The end of DPReview
21/03 - to close
20/03 - Fujifilm X-H2 in-depth review
18/03 - DPReview TV: What is ETTR in photography, and when should you use it?
17/03 - Panasonic blogs about organic sensor's improved cross-talk, but doesn't talk photos
17/03 - Tech timeline: Milestones in sensor development
16/03 - DPReview March Madness, round two results and off-the-wall round three voting
15/03 - Nikon Nikkor Z 26mm F2.8 sample gallery
15/03 - Lensrentals' most rented-out point-and-shoot isn't a point-and-shoot at all
14/03 - CP+ 2023: OM Digital Solutions interview - 'OM Digital Solutions was reborn as an imaging business'
14/03 - Did you recently get a drone? Here are 5 things you need to know
12/03 - Forget the Oscars, watch these camera-centric films instead
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Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:52:25 - Hardware website news.
31/03 - Kioxia and Western Digital Debut 218-Layer 3D NAND: 1Tb TLC with 3.2 GT/s IO Speed
30/03 - Synopsys Intros AI-Powered EDA Suite to Accelerate Chip Design and Cut Costs
30/03 - The XPG Fusion Titanium 1600 PSU Review: Outrageous Power, Outstanding Quality
29/03 - Intel Updates Data Center Roadmap: Xeons On Track - Emerald in Q4'23, Sierra Forest in H1'24
28/03 - Kingston Launches Fury Beast And Fury Renegade DDR5 Memory in White
28/03 - JOLED Files for Bankruptcy: Set to Transfer OLED IP to JDI and Close Down Two Plants
27/03 - MinisForum Launches NAB6 mini-PC With Dual 2.5G Ethernet Ports
27/03 - Nvidia's CuLitho to Speed Up Computational Lithography for 2nm and Beyond
27/03 - Intel NUC 13 Pro Arena Canyon Review: Raptor Lake Brings Incremental Gains
25/03 - Gordon Moore, Intel's Co-Founder and Tech Industry Visionary, Passes Away At 94
24/03 - Lenovo Launches LOQ Tower 17IRB8: An Affordable Pre-Built With Intel 13th Gen
24/03 - Best CPUs for Gaming March 2023
23/03 - Intel Unveils vPro for 13th Gen Core Series: Enhanced Security For Raptor Lake
23/03 - Out With Organic, In With Glass? DNP Unveils Glass Core Substrate Tech For Chips
23/03 - Crucial Preps T700 PCIe 5.0 SSD With Write Speeds Up To 12.4 GB/s
22/03 - Intel Leadership Shuffle: Stuart Pann in for IFS, Raja Koduri out for GPUs & off to AI Startup
21/03 - NVIDIA Unveils Ada Lovelace RTX Workstation GPUs for Laptops; Desktop RTX 4000 SFF
21/03 - NVIDIA Announces H100 NVL - Max Memory Server Card for Large Language Models
21/03 - The NVIDIA GTC Spring 2023 Keynote Live Blog (8:00am PT/15:00 UTC)
20/03 - LG's 2023 Gram Style Series Laptops Are Now Available, Starting At $1,499
20/03 - NAND Flash Prices Have Dropped Rapidly in Recent Quarters - And So Have SSD Prices
20/03 - Sponsored Post: Give Your Shoppers the Smooth Experience They Want with Aruba Instant On Networking
17/03 - AMD: Ryzen Mobile 7040HS “Phoenix” Laptops Delayed Until April
17/03 - Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2: Premium Segment SoC Gets a Cortex-X CPU Core
16/03 - Inflation Drives Up Fab Costs for Intel and Samsung by Billions of Dollars
16/03 - NVIDIA Bundles Redfall Bite Back Edition With GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs
15/03 - Apex Storage X21 Carries 21 M.2 SSDs: 168 TB of NAND at up to 31 GB/second
15/03 - Samsung Seeks to Make South Korea No. 1 Chipmaker with $230B Investment Over 20 Years
14/03 - ASUS Unveils TUF Gaming B760M-BTF WIFI D4 Motherboard: Reverse Mounted Connectivity
14/03 - Netgear Introduces Nighthawk RS700 Wi-Fi 7 Router
14/03 - AMD Announces Zen 4 EPYC Embedded 9004 Series: Up to 96 Cores With 1P and 2P Solutions
14/03 - G.Skill Launches DDR5-8000 CL38 48GB Memory Kit For Raptor Lake CPUs
14/03 - Dropbox Shares Preparations for HAMR Hard Drives, Focusing On Reducing Drive Vibrations
10/03 - Fujitsu Preps Monaka Datacenter CPU to Succeed A64FX: Greater Efficiency and More Features
10/03 - Supermicro SYS-E302-12E Fanless Industrial PC Review: Elkhart Lake for IoT Applications
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:50:05 - General website news.
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:52:29 - Digital website news.
13/01 - Report: Apple Reverses Course on Touch Screens, Will Bring Them to the Mac
13/01 - This Week in Space: Ancient Galaxies, Explosions, and Known Unknowns
13/01 - Intel’s 6GHz Core i9-13900KS Is Already Available at Newegg
13/01 - Russia Will Launch New Soyuz To Replace Leaking Spacecraft at ISS
12/01 - AMD Flip Flops on Ryzen 7000 X3D Launch Date
12/01 - James Webb Space Telescope Confirms Its First Exoplanet
12/01 - Corsair Might Move the Connectors Around on an Upcoming PSU
12/01 - Scientists Develop New, More Sustainable Refrigeration Technique
12/01 - Sluggish Holiday PC Sales Suggest Pandemic Boom Is Officially Over
12/01 - Here It Comes: Samsung Announces Galaxy S23 Unpacked Event
12/01 - NASA Funds 14 Futuristic Space Exploration Concepts, Including a Titan Seaplane
11/01 - Questions Linger After FAA Glitch Temporarily Grounds All US Flights
11/01 - Microsoft Allegedly Canceled Surface Duo 3 in Favor of True Foldable
11/01 - Apple Moves to Shut Out Partners by Making its Own Displays, Chips
11/01 - Perseverance Rover Marks One Mars Year on the Red Planet
11/01 - Intel Shows Off 6GHz CPU Without Any ‘Tricks’ Involved
11/01 - US Will Need 2.3 Million EV Chargers by 2030, Research Firm Says
11/01 - Microsoft in Talks to Invest $10 Billion in ChatGPT
11/01 - Intel Announces 4th Gen Xeon Scalable Processors Overflowing With Accelerator Engines
10/01 - MSI’s Newest Router Can Track You Around Your House
10/01 - Scientists Figure Out Why Roman Buildings Have Survived For So Long
10/01 - Musk: SpaceX’s First Orbital Starship Launch ‘Highly Likely’ by March
10/01 - California’s New Digital License Plates Get Hacked
10/01 - MSI Afterburner Developer Calls Software ‘Probably Dead,’ MSI Says Not So Fast
10/01 - Microsoft Drops Extended Security Support for Windows 7
10/01 - John Deere Finally Relents on Right to Repair
10/01 - China’s Zhurong Mars Rover Fails to Awaken from Long Winter Hibernation
09/01 - Apple Continues to Abandon Small Phones, Reportedly Cancels 2024 iPhone SE
09/01 - Steam Reaches 10 Million Concurrent Active Players Milestone
09/01 - PCIe 5.0 SSDs Debut at CES 2023 But Aren’t Ready for Prime Time
09/01 - Scientists Develop Tiny Implant That Helps Fight Cancer
09/01 - Apple’s Updated Mac Pro Will Not Offer Upgradeable RAM: Report
09/01 - After 8 Years, Android Auto Is Getting a Big Revamp
09/01 - Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i Offers Dual OLED Screens in a 13.3-inch Laptop Chassis
09/01 - Webb Telescope Reveals Unexpected Milky Way-Like Galaxies
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:52:26 - Hardware website news.
31/03 - Nvidia Cracks Down on Counterfeit Graphics Cards in Collaboration with Chinese E-commerce Platforms
31/03 - Introducing the ASRock AMD A620 Motherboard Series: Budget-Friendly Performance
31/03 - G.SKILL Launches Up to DDR5-8200 DDR5 Memory Kits with 24GBx2 and 48GBx2 Capacities
31/03 - Review: GALAX GeForce RTX 4070 Ti EX White edition
31/03 - Entertainment Software Association (ESA) Cancels E3 2023 Event due to Lack of Industry Support
31/03 - QNAP Issues Urgent Warning to Customers Regarding Critical Linux Vulnerability
31/03 - New Details Emerge on AMDs A620 Chipset: What We Know So Far (updated)
31/03 - ASUS Launches Next-Generation Chromebox 5 (CN67) for Unmatched Performance and Sleek Design
31/03 - ASUS ROG and ACRONYM Collaborate to Unleash Fashion and Tech in the ROG Flow Z13-ACRNM RMT02 Tablet
31/03 - Kioxia and Western Digital Announce 218-layer 3D Flash NAND Memory
31/03 - ad: March deals at CDKeyoffer: $13 Windows 10 Pro (free Windows 11 upgrade), $26 Office ()
30/03 - ASUS ROG Launches XG Mobile RTX 4090 GPU in China at $2,600
30/03 - UL Benchmarks Launches 3DMark Update with Feature Test for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2
30/03 - Review: Cougar Terminator - gaming chair or throne?
30/03 - NVIDIA's Upcoming RTX 4070 Graphics Card to Cost $599
30/03 - CHIEFTEC Polaris Pro Series (Model Nr PPX-1300FC-A3 ATX 3.0 PSUs
30/03 - TEAMGROUP Unveils MP33Q M.2 PCIe SSD and T-FORCE VULCAN Z QLC SSD 4TB for High-Capacity Storage
30/03 - JONSBO Announces DS8 Sub-LCD Series with High Resolution and Versatility in Black and White
30/03 - Mainstream GeForce RTX 4050 6GB Graphics Card Launching in June 2023
30/03 - NVMe M.2 SSD Dedicated Clone Stand, with High-Speed Data Transfer of up to 1,000MB/s
30/03 - Thermaltake Unveils TOUGHAIR 710 Twin Tower Side Flow CPU Cooler with Two 140mm Fans and 6mm x 7 Heat Pipes
30/03 - Galax HOF Extreme 50: A New Contender for PCIe 5.0 SSDs - 10 GB/s sequential read / 9.5 GB/s write
30/03 - MSI Launches 24.5-Inch Gaming Monitor with 380 Hz Refresh Rate and Rapid IPS Panel
30/03 - HP Unveils New Sustainable Laser Printing Solutions
29/03 - Forza Horizon 5 Receives NVIDIA DLSS 3 and Reflex Update, Boosting Gameplay Experience
29/03 - The Last of Us Part I PC Port Receives 77% negative ratings on Steam, due to poor optimization
29/03 - ADATA Launches CYBERCORE II Modular Power Supply for Gamers Compatible with ATX 3.0 and PCI Express 5.0.
29/03 - ASUS ROG Introduces Strix Gold Aura Edition PSU / ATX 3.0 Compatibility and Improved Cooling
29/03 - GeForce RTX 4060 Ti AD106-350 160W and the RTX 4060 AD107-400 115W GPUs available in May
29/03 - Ad: End-March deals at CDKeyoffer: Windows 10 for $13 (free Windows 11 upgrade), Office only $26 (29/3/23)
28/03 - Valve to Discontinue Support for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 on Steam Starting 2024
28/03 - Philips Launches 45B1U6900C Dual QHD SuperWide Monitor with Multi-Client KVM Switch
28/03 - REDMAGIC Launches 27-inch 4K Gaming Monitor with 160 Hz Refresh Rate
28/03 - Expands Fan Portfolio with Light Wings White, Offering Performance and ARGB Illumination
28/03 - Gamdias CHIONE P3 High-Performance Liquid Cooler
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:51:31 - Hardware website news.
31/03 - Bug In ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte And MSI Utilities Can Instantly Kill An OC'd Ryzen CPU
31/03 - Gigabyte Dismisses AM5 CPU Roadmap Leak To A Simple Mistake But Was It Really?
31/03 - Xbox Series X Diablo IV And Discounted PS5 God Of War Console Deal Bundles Are Live
31/03 - Samsung Issues Bold Prediction For When 1-Petabyte Capacity SSDs Will Arrive
31/03 - Heads-Up: An Android Botnet Is Making The Rounds And Will Pilfer Your Banking Data
31/03 - E3 2023 Gaming Expo Is Sadly Cancelled, Will It Ever Return?
31/03 - Hey Chromebook Owners, You Can Finally Edit Videos With Google Photos
31/03 - Google Assistant's Future Is In Question As Priorities Shift To Bard AI Chatbot
31/03 - Tesla Brews GigaBier, A $30 Beer In A Collectible Bottle Inspired By The Cybertruck
31/03 - Nokia Is Hitching A Ride On SpaceX To Build A 4G Network On The Moon, No Fooling
30/03 - Intel Xeon Roadmap Update Teases 144-Core Sierra Forest CPU Built On A Cutting-Edge Node
30/03 - When NVIDIA Might Launch An Entry-Level GeForce RTX 4050 And What To Expect
30/03 - Hidden Code Reveals Netflix Is Testing TV Gaming With Phones As Controllers
30/03 - PowerColor Summons Devil Skins For Radeon RX 7900 Red Devil Cards Starting At $30
30/03 - The Last Of Us Part 1 Patch Is Here To Fix PC Port Issues, Radeon Driver Update Too
30/03 - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Leak Reveals A Much Cheaper Price Than Expected
30/03 - Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 Review: Great Perf, Superb OLED
30/03 - Hubble Spots A Strange Celestial Object That Has NASA Stumped
30/03 - Galax HOF Extreme 50 PCIe 5 SSD Touts A Huge Active Cooler And Smoking-Fast Speeds
30/03 - The Proposed RESTRICT Act Could End The Internet And Freedom As We Know It
29/03 - Windows 12 Plans Reveal A Bold Redesign, Tighter Security And AI-Powered Features
29/03 - Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Gameplay Drops As Nintendo Wraps Up Development
29/03 - Amazon Starts Posting Warnings On Frequently Returned Items And It's About Time
29/03 - Why Musk, Woz And Other Tech Leaders Want To Halt AI Experiments For 6 Months
29/03 - GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Box Breaks Cover, What To Expect From NVIDIA's Mid-Range GPU
29/03 - Adata XPG Teases An AI Gaming Chat Tool That Promises To Protect Against Bans
29/03 - Game Over: Lenovo Confirms No More Legion Gaming Phones
29/03 - Last Of Us Part 1 PC Port Is Drowning In Negative Steam Reviews, Dev Responds
29/03 - The Brightest Gamma-Ray Burst In Human Civilization Has NASA Excited
29/03 - Samsung Galaxy S23 5G Speed Test Compares Snapdragon Performance To Its Predecessor
28/03 - Ultra-Rare Computer Mouse Brings Home The Cheese Fetching $179K At Auction
28/03 - Diablo IV Data Mining Discovers DirectStorage SSD Support For Hella-Fast Load Times
28/03 - Razer Blade 14 Gaming Laptop Specs Leak Reveals Potent CPU And GPU Combo
28/03 - AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D Slaughters 5800X3D In Early Benchmark Showdown
28/03 - NASA's Mars Rover Shares Eerily Beautiful GIF Of Martian Dawn
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:51:36 - Hardware website news.
01/04 - SIMBA 4G coverage inside JB with 5G NSA detected along the causeway
30/03 - Circles.Life introduces 3 borderless plans SG + Malaysia, SG + APAC and SG + Global plan from $25/mth
28/03 - SIMBA’s Roaming Partner in Vietnam – Mobifone and Finland – Elisa Offers VoLTE Support
24/03 - Switch to a Better Plan Today: SIMBA’s Online Plan Change Feature
23/03 - Review of Belkin BOOST?Charge Pro Dual USB-C Wall Charger
22/03 - TUAS Group’s SIMBA Telecoms to Launch High-Speed 2.5 Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan by September 2023
22/03 - Oppo Find X6 Pro: The Perfect Companion for Your Digital Life with its 5G Connectivity, Cutting-Edge Camera, and Powerful Processor Technology
21/03 - Google begins opening access to its ChatGPT competitor Bard, available in US and UK
21/03 - Upgrade Your Home Network with TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router – Available on Amazon for USD 197
21/03 - SIMBA’s S$20 for 2.5Gbps Fibre Broadband Plan: What to Expect and Potential Concerns
20/03 - Considering a switch to an fibre network ISP that uses CGNAT? Here’s what you need to know
17/03 - SIMBA will launch 2.5 Gbps Fibre Broadband at S$20/mth with 12 months contract
16/03 - SIMBA users will be able to enjoy 1 GB of free data roaming while in Canada after being move to Group A (roaming)
15/03 - Dual eSIM DSDS is available on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro
14/03 - Google pushing out Pixel #FeatureDrop featuring Night Sight, Magic Eraser and more
11/03 - Review of the UGREEN UK Plug 65W 4 port GaN charger
07/03 - Is SIMBA Telecom about to offer e-SIM ?
26/02 - Troubleshooting Green Lines on Samsung Note 20 Ultra after Latest Firmware Update
24/02 - SIMBA Telecoms readies for 5G, 5G options detect on iPhone beta firmware
23/02 - SIMBA SuperRoam 50GB: A Review
23/02 - Empowering SMBs Worldwide: Zyxel Networks’ NWA50AX WiFi 6 Access Point Wins 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award
22/02 - Complete Guide to Data Roaming in Japan: Choosing the Right Operator and Bands for Fast and Affordable Connectivity
17/02 - What to Look for When Choosing the Perfect Phone Charger
17/02 - Zero1 enhances existing plans with more data and free 1 GB data roaming in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand
16/02 - Changi mobile slashes Flexi Travel plan to $18 for 200 GB per mth
16/02 - Bing AI Reveals the Truth About Windows Phone in an Exclusive Chat
15/02 - ChatGPT vs Bing response to questions about their differences, UFO and investment question
15/02 - SIMBA subscribers can now upgrade to SuperRoam 50 GB plan at service centres islandwide
14/02 - Samsung A14 5G entry level 5G smartphone will retail at S$318
11/02 - M1 Maxx added a new mobile 10 GB for $10 plan
11/02 - 4G Adieu: Singtel Embraces the 5G Era with SIM-Only Plus Plans!
10/02 - SIMBA Telecom launches new roaming plan SuperRoam 50 GB with 10 GB data roam in Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and 50 GB in Malaysia, 130 GB local data for S$20/mth
10/02 - SIMBA Telecom launches new roaming plan SuperRoam 50 GB
09/02 - Top 8 Search Engines in the world, which one do you use most often ?
08/02 - How to get quicker access to the new bing search engine powered by ChatGPT
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:51:37 - Gadget website news.
01/04 - Interview With the Vampire Gets a New Claudia for Season 2
01/04 - 12 Animals That Look Fake but Are Not
01/04 - In Ukraine, Dead Dolphins Tell a Story of Ecocide and Violence
01/04 - These Countries Share the Most Data With Cops
01/04 - 7 Other Times the U.S. Stupidly Tried to Ban TikTok
01/04 - Neymar Kidnaps Piqué and 8 More Big Moments in the Kings League Final
01/04 - Disney's Lilo and Stitch Live-Action Movie Casts Newcomer Maia Kealoha
01/04 - Behold the Cuteness of BoxLunch's Hello Kitty and Attack on Titan Collab
31/03 - SpaceX's Starship Megarocket Slated to Deliver This Wild Lunar Rover to the Moon
31/03 - Dominion Will See Fox News In Court After Judge Rules the Election Lies Were ‘Crystal Clear’
31/03 - Googlers Will Enjoy Fewer Free Snacks and Workout Classes Under Fresh Cuts
31/03 - Avatar 2 Co-Writer Josh Friedman Tapped for Marvel's Fantastic Four
31/03 - Sparkly Rock in Museum Turns Out to Be 60-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Egg
31/03 - You Cookie Dough Freaks Just Never Learn
31/03 - Here's Why Ash Isn't in Evil Dead Rise, According to Filmmaker Lee Cronin
31/03 - Is NASA Done Sending Traditional Rovers to Mars?
31/03 - 18 Things ChatGPT Can and Can't Do
31/03 - Remembering E3's Most Ridiculous (and Heartwarming) Moments
31/03 - Tesla Recalls Its Semi Trucks Just Three Months After Release
31/03 - Scientists May Have Found the Culprit Behind Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreaks in Kids
31/03 - Twitter's Recommendation Algorithm Is Now Open Source
31/03 - From Portable Microwaves to Self-Heating Baby Bottles, These Were March's Coolest and Weirdest Gadgets
31/03 - April Is Bringing Tons of New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books
31/03 - The Last of Us Has Locked in Its Season 2 Filming Location
31/03 - The Link Between Tornadoes and Climate Change Is Complicated
31/03 - Exactly Who Is the Investor Behind Virgin Orbit's Failed $200 Million Rescue?
31/03 - The Best Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Streaming in April 2023
31/03 - Stranger Things Meets A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 for a Remake of Witchboard
31/03 - Now You Can Use a Blackberry Keyboard With Your PC
31/03 - Norfolk Southern Violated the Clean Water Act in East Palestine Disaster, DOJ Lawsuit Alleges
31/03 - 23 Strange Creatures From the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition Monster Manual
31/03 - Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren, and More Unlikely Senators Propose Bill to Break Up Google and Meta
31/03 - Remote Work Is Winding Down—Just Ask Zuckerberg
31/03 - Fine Art Becomes Finer (and Hilarious) Action Figures
31/03 - We Finally Know Who Emilia Clarke Is Playing in Secret Invasion
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:51:55 - Digital and stock exchange website news.
01/04 - Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. extends closing date with Wildfire Media Corp and the 1-800-LAW-FIRM brand to May 15, 2023
01/04 - VERSES Closes Final Tranche of Convertible Debenture Financing for Aggregate Proceeds of C$7.5M
01/04 - POET Technologies Reports Fourth Quarter 2022 Financial Results
01/04 - Wejo to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2022 Financial Results on April 3, 2023
31/03 - Global-e Announces Filing of Form 20-F for the Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2022
31/03 - AMD to Host Annual Meeting of Stockholders
31/03 - Movella Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Financial Results 
31/03 - 2 in 3 Americans Think Donald Trump Should End Presidential Run if Convicted
31/03 - Nokia Corporation: Repurchase of own shares on 31.03.2023
31/03 - will be a game changer in the world of crypto!
31/03 - Global Digital City (GDC) Announces VRT Token Listing on LBank Exchange
31/03 - Gorilla Technology to Announce Full Year 2022 Results and Host Conference Call
31/03 - Prophetic Book Makes History in the Heavens, Christened by Campus Students Preceding Asbury Revival and Jesus Revolution Movie
31/03 - Hitek Global Inc. Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
31/03 - Metaverse Project Zuck Zuck Land Announces Giveaway Campaign In Gold
31/03 - SYLA Technologies Co., Ltd. Announces Pricing of US$15 Million Initial Public Offering and Listing on NASDAQ
31/03 - Black Cape Triumphs in U.S. Department of Defense Data Analytics Challenge
31/03 - ILUS Confirms Further Funding Arrangements and Note Settlement
31/03 - Draganfly Closes US$8.0 Million Underwritten Public Offering to Secure Growth Capital
31/03 - Simplicity Esports Signs Agreement to Convert Promissory Notes into 5% Common Stock Ownership and Extension to Exchange Agreement with Software Company Diverted River Technology, LLC
31/03 - ibex Sponsors 2023 Caitlin Robb Foundation Golf Tournament
31/03 - TON Diamonds to Showcase Cutting-Edge NFT Artworks at New York Exhibition
31/03 - Rovio Entertainment Corp.: Changes in the holding of company’s own shares
31/03 - Blockchain-Ads Receives $50K Grant from Partisia Blockchain to Grow their Privacy-Preserving Advertising Solution
31/03 - MoonWin Launches Revolutionary Crypto Gaming Platform Redefining the Industry
31/03 - iBio Advances Anti-CCR8 Antibody Program to Preclinical In Vivo Testing
31/03 - Alarum Reports Record Revenues for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022
31/03 - Golden Matrix Group, Inc. Announces Authorization of Stock Repurchase Program
31/03 - VERSES Announces Change of Name to Verses AI Inc.
31/03 - Xiao-I Chairman Attends 2023 Boao Forum to Share Insights into Artificial Intelligence Development
31/03 - Cybersecurity Solutions Provider BIO-key’s 2022 Revenues Increased 37% to $7.0M Reflecting Growing Base of Annual Recurring Revenue; Investor Call Today at 10am ET
31/03 - Data Storage Corporation Reports 60% Increase in Revenue to $23.9 Million for 2022
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:50:55 - Digital website news.
01/04 - Google launches Nearby Share for Windows in beta to simplify sharing files between Android and PC
31/03 - Kick Microsoft Windows 11 out of your life and switch to Linux Lite 6.4 today!
31/03 - Blender 3.5 unveils new GPU-based compositor backend and improved hair styling tools
31/03 - Backups are for life, not just World Backup Day
31/03 - World Backup Day: IT and security teams need to work better together or we are going to fail
31/03 - Microsoft is testing a new way for Windows 11 users to install free apps and games
31/03 - Beyond the smoke and mirrors of zero trust security [Q&A]
31/03 - Microsoft fixes Azure BingBang bug that allowed Bing search hijacking and leaked private data
30/03 - Microsoft releases experimental Windows 11 Build 25330 to the Canary Channel
30/03 - Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 23424 with evolved widgets board
30/03 - Watch 23 years' worth of programs failing to respond in Windows (from Windows 2000 to Windows 11) in just two minutes
30/03 - 71 percent of employees have sensitive work data on personal devices
30/03 - Microsoft is bringing a new Registry Preview utility to PowerToys
30/03 - Shadow data is a top concern for security teams
30/03 - Agent-based vs. agentless approaches -- how to implement cloud security
30/03 - HEAT attacks: A new spin on browser exploit techniques
30/03 - Reactive approach to cybersecurity is a problem for organizations
30/03 - Microsoft is preparing to bring ads to AI-powered Bing Chat
30/03 - Microsoft Defender caught issuing false warnings about safe URLs
29/03 - WinSnap 6.01 unveils modern facelift, major reorganization of tools
29/03 - The Last of Us Part 1 bombs on PC
29/03 - Get 'Difficult Decisions' (worth $18) for FREE
29/03 - System76 refreshes Gazelle Linux laptop with Intel Core i9-13900H CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 GPU
29/03 - Amid ChatGPT's rise to fame, how can enterprises work to eliminate AI bias?
29/03 - 60 percent of organizations have had authentication breaches in the last year
29/03 - Get 'Cloud Native Security' (worth $24) for FREE
29/03 - Smaller means safer as bigger businesses see more endpoint infections
29/03 - Phishing emails soar as messages bypass standard email security solutions
29/03 - API attacker activity up 400 percent in six months
29/03 - Getting the most value out of your data [Q&A]
29/03 - Spotify launches powerful new playlist feature called Niche Mixes
29/03 - Microsoft's Windows 12 plans revealed
29/03 - Microsoft releases KB5023778 update for Windows 11 bringing fixes, taskbar improvements and Start menu notifications
29/03 - Ubuntu Cinnamon becomes an official flavor, making Linux Mint obsolete
28/03 - Apple Pay Later: A new way to pay for your purchases
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 17:51:08 - Hardware website news.
31/03 - KIOXIA and Western Digital announce 6th-generation 3D flash memory
31/03 - G.SKILL Announces New 24GB & 48GB Module Capacity Kits, Up to DDR5-8200
31/03 - GIGABYTE A620 Motherboards Bring You the Smartest Choice to Enjoy AM5 Platform
30/03 - Intel NUC 13 Pro: Small Outside, Powerful Inside
30/03 - Asus announced Chromebox 5
30/03 - PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for April
30/03 - Giga Computing Releases All New Ultra-Compact GIGABYTE BRIX Mini PCs with Intel N-series Inside
29/03 - Microsoft Announces Security Copilot AI
29/03 - Nintendo Announces Switch OLED - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition
29/03 - The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store
29/03 - QNAP Releases QTS 5.1.0 Beta
29/03 - ASUS Announces April Availability of new ProArt Displays
29/03 - AIDA64 v6.88 is released
28/03 - Pantheone Audio Launches Obsidian, a Smart Speaker Fusing High-End Artistic Design with Advanced Audio Performance.
28/03 - be quiet! Light Wings White: New color option for award-winning ARGB fans
28/03 - DJI Takes Flight With New DJI Goggles Integra And DJI RC Motion 2
28/03 - Lexar ARES RGB DDR5 Desktop Memory Launched
28/03 - XPG launches CYBERCORE II Platinum ATX3.0 Certified and PCIe 5.0 Ready PSU
27/03 - Samsung 256GB MicroSD Pro Endurance
25/03 - CORSAIR Announces XENEON 27QHD240 OLED
25/03 - Intel Announces New vPro Platform with 13th Gen Intel Core
23/03 - ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces ROG Phone 7
23/03 - Lenovo introduces Lenovo LOQ Gaming, Slim line Laptops and Tower PC for New Gamers
23/03 - Amazon Fire TV Surpasses 200 Million Fire TV Devices Sold Globally, Expands Amazon-Built TV Lineup, and Brings its Smart TV to More Countries
23/03 - Supercharge with Gen 5! MSI launches next Gen SSD - SPATIUM M570 HS
23/03 - COLORFUL Announces Battle-Ax Redline DDR5 and DDR4 Gaming Memory
23/03 - TEAMGROUP Launches T-FORCE VULCAN SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory for Gaming Laptops
23/03 - ASRock Launches First Fanless DeskMini
22/03 - G.SKILL Announces KM250 RGB 65% (67-Key) Compact Mechanical Keyboard
22/03 - Synology Unveils BC500 and TC500 AI Cameras
22/03 - MSI Launches Mobile Workstations for Professionals and Students with up to NVIDIA RTX 3500 Ada Generation Laptop GPU
21/03 - FSP presents the latest ATX 3.0 PSU range ready to hit the shelves soon

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