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30/03 - AlienFox malware caught in the cloud hen house
30/03 - So you want to integrate OpenAI's bot. Here's how that worked for software security scanner Socket
30/03 - Microsoft wants to stick adverts in Bing chat responses
30/03 - Korea passes tax break-driven 'Chips Act' as protectionism fears mount
30/03 - Boffins: Microgravity impacts cell repair systems in proteins
30/03 - Do you use comms software from 3CX? What to do next after biz hit in supply chain attack
30/03 - Intel successfully ships an updated datacenter roadmap
30/03 - Microsoft uses carrot and stick with Exchange Online admins
30/03 - Boeing's first-ever crewed mission in Starliner ISS spacecraft delayed to late July
30/03 - Cloud Security Alliance VP: Database security boils down to these three things
30/03 - Euro cloud providers react to MS potentially cutting deal on antitrust
30/03 - It's official: Ubuntu Cinnamon remix has been voted in
30/03 - TikTok: Is this really a national security scare or is something else going on?
30/03 - Airbus pulls up hard, no longer buying 29.9% stake in Atos-owned Evidian
30/03 - Google Cloud pitches 'Gen Apps' – low-code AI-based tools, not post-millennial kids
30/03 - Warning: Your wireless networks may leak data thanks to Wi-Fi spec ambiguity
30/03 - Google (sort of) loses in Indian antitrust appeal
30/03 - Another year, another North Korean malware-spreading, crypto-stealing gang named
30/03 - Smugglers busted sneaking tech into China
30/03 - SK hynix CEO says CHIPS Act red tape may be too sticky to bother
30/03 - Malware disguised as Tor browser steals $400k in cryptocash
30/03 - This US national lab turned to AI to hunt rogue nukes
30/03 - Diving DRAM prices are a problem not even AI can solve
30/03 - Lockheed Martin launches biz to build lunar satellite network
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30/03 - E3 2023 has been canceled
30/03 - You can now use Netflix’s cheaper ads plan on your Apple TV
30/03 - Amazon sues sellers for issuing bogus takedown requests on competitors
30/03 - Star Trek: Starfleet Academy will follow the most ambitious students in the galaxy
30/03 - The Framework Laptop 16 is trying to bring back snap-on removable batteries
30/03 - BuzzFeed is using AI to write SEO-bait travel guides
30/03 - The OverDrive library ebook app is shutting down on May 1st
30/03 - Where to preorder Samsung’s Galaxy A54 phone
30/03 - Ring’s best video doorbell is 30 percent off today for Verge readers
30/03 - The English dub trailer for Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume is for closers
30/03 - Music producers revolted against an app’s subscription scheme — and won
30/03 - Waymo retires its Chrysler Pacifica minivans as it switches to an all-electric robotaxi fleet
30/03 - Netflix is bringing back the cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for its anime series
30/03 - After deepfakes go viral, AI image generator Midjourney stops free trials citing ‘abuse’
30/03 - Oura Ring Generation 3 review: a relationship for the long term
30/03 - The Last of Us on PC gets patches to fix some performance issues
30/03 - Huge Microsoft exploit allowed users to manipulate Bing search results and access Outlook email accounts
30/03 - Arc’s mobile browser is here — and it’s not really a web browser at all
30/03 - FTC should stop OpenAI from launching new GPT models, says AI policy group
30/03 - Roku is laying off another 6 percent of its workforce
30/03 - Twitter announces new API pricing, posing a challenge for small developers
30/03 - Marshall, the iconic amp manufacturer, is being acquired by Marshall speaker maker Zound
30/03 - Elon Musk is now the most-followed person on Twitter
30/03 - Google denies Bard was trained with ChatGPT data
30/03 - Netflix might let you use an iPhone to control games on your TV
30/03 - Microsoft’s Bing chatbot is getting more ads
30/03 - Fortnite now shows how many people are playing Battle Royale — and every other island
30/03 - iPhone users on Google Fi can finally use 5G
30/03 - Sen. Rand Paul becomes latest lawmaker opposing TikTok ban
30/03 - Google’s ADT partnership finally has a new home security product to show for it
30/03 - Google announces AI features in Gmail, Docs, and more to rival Microsoft
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 18:50:57 - General website news.
30/03 - Chinese IC design industry leaders weigh options after US sanctions
30/03 - South Korea passes its 'Chips Act' amid US-China friction
30/03 - Primax announced reference design partnership with Qualcomm in IoT gateway platform
30/03 - Growing love for electric SUVs tripled India's lagging EV sales
30/03 - NAND flash ASP to fall 5-10% in 2Q23
30/03 - HPC applications most promising future outlet for IC designers in Taiwan
30/03 - China to formulate over 30 automotive chip standards by 2025
30/03 - US Defense Production Act utilized to strengthen PCB and hypersonics industrial bases
30/03 - SK Hynix calls CHIPS Act 'too demanding,' may not apply
30/03 - India upholds penalty on Google, allows partial concession in anti-trust case
30/03 - China-based Tongfu Micro became world's fourth-largest OSAT player in 2022
30/03 - Lelon, Liton put growing focus on automotive
30/03 - Holtek, Nuvoton to deepen global deployments
30/03 - Exploring compound semiconductor applications: communication, fast charging, and energy applications
30/03 - TSEC to add new solar cell and module lines in 2Q23
30/03 - Asustek, HTC struggling to maintain sagging handset business
30/03 - CviLux expects notebook demand to rebound in May-June
30/03 - US Defence Production Act utilized to strengthen PCB and hypersonics industrial bases
30/03 - Structural advantages key to Taiwan IC industry development in next decade, says DIGITIMES president
30/03 - LemTech to build new plant for EV solutions in Mexico
30/03 - China-based battery makers lead in global EV market with sales dominance
30/03 - ASE steps up deployment in automotive electronics sector
30/03 - China remains committed to chip self-sufficiency
30/03 - IC backend firms urged to expand production capacity in Southeast Asia
30/03 - Phison, Silicon Motion see both challenges and possibilities
30/03 - Pegatron demonstrates 5G servers and technologies at Smart City Summit and Expo 2023
30/03 - AI a future driver of IC market growth, says Etron chair
30/03 - Analysis: China is forming new geopolitical blocs to accelerate the Great Decoupling
30/03 - PCB and IC substrate makers upbeat about demand for AI servers
30/03 - Made-in-India iPhone shipments grew 162% in value terms in 2022
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 18:51:24 - General website news.
30/03 - E3 2023 has been canceled
30/03 - NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4070 will reportedly cost $599
30/03 - Audible is now testing ads in your audiobooks for some reason
30/03 - Paramount+ orders new Star Trek series set at Starfleet Academy
30/03 - Github ordered to identify user who leaked Twitter source code
30/03 - Waymo's driverless taxi fleet will soon be completely electric
30/03 - ‘Scott Pilgrim’ is coming back as a cartoon with the film’s entire cast
30/03 - OpenAI may have to halt ChatGPT releases following FTC complaint
30/03 - Sam Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty to latest fraud, bribery charges
30/03 - A new Twitter alternative is trying to lure users about to lose their old checkmark
30/03 - Midjourney ends free trials of its AI image generator due to 'extraordinary' abuse
30/03 - ‘Star Trek: Picard’ embraces its nihilism
30/03 - Polestar 3 first look: Possibly the best-looking EV for 2023
30/03 - Roku will lay off another 200 workers
30/03 - Apple’s 'Tetris' movie trades real-life drama for spy fantasies
30/03 - Faraday Future finally starts FF 91 production after repeated delays
30/03 - The Morning After: Will we see Apple's mixed-reality headset at WWDC 2023?
30/03 - Nintendo extends deadline to redeem 3DS and Wii U eShop codes until April 3rd
30/03 - Uber adds 14 new cities to its EV rideshare service
30/03 - EA is cutting around 800 jobs in company restructuring
30/03 - Reddit says it's banning more people than ever in big transparency push
30/03 - Netflix is testing TV games that can use phones as controllers
30/03 - Microsoft reveals how it's putting ads in Bing's AI chatbot
30/03 - Twitter announces new API pricing, including a limited free tier for bots

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