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31/03 - This hoverboard is being recalled after a fire that killed two children
31/03 - Marvel’s Secret Invasion series actually sounds kind of fascinating
31/03 - Twitter’s $1,000 checkmark will be free for the 10,000 most-followed companies
31/03 - The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog is a new, real, and free game you can play right now
31/03 - This is what a plant sounds like when it’s stressed
31/03 - The ‘Truckla’ DIY Tesla pickup truck is still trucking
31/03 - Twitter takes its algorithm ‘open-source,’ as Elon Musk promised
31/03 - GM is cutting off access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its future EVs
31/03 - Vampire Survivors’ new fantasy-themed expansion launches in April for just $2
31/03 - Amazon to adapt Aaron Foley’s Boys Come First as a new series
31/03 - Fewer EVs will qualify for the federal $7,500 tax credit under updated rules
31/03 - The surprisingly complex business of toys, with Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks
31/03 - Google’s last-gen Pixel 6 Pro is half off right now at Woot
31/03 - How to install the latest iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 public betas
31/03 - The best ways to play Tetris in 2023
31/03 - Why the AI industry could stand to slow down a little
31/03 - The shape of Kirby
31/03 - Fitbit’s attempt to disappear the button proved why they matter
31/03 - Italian regulators order ChatGPT ban over alleged violation of data privacy laws
31/03 - Virgin Orbit to cease all operations and lay off 85 percent of its workforce
31/03 - Google CEO Sundar Pichai promises Bard AI chatbot upgrades soon: ‘We clearly have more capable models’
31/03 - E3 isn’t coming back
31/03 - Y’all, this laptop is too much
31/03 - Block knows you have questions, and it doesn’t have good answers
31/03 - Summer gaming events 2023: with E3 cancelled, here’s what’s next
31/03 - E3 might be gone, but this summer still has some big gaming events to watch
31/03 - I never went to E3, but I’ll miss it anyways
31/03 - The F-150 Lightning now starts at $20k more than when it was announced
31/03 - Carbon capture will probably make electricity more expensive
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 18:50:57 - General website news.
31/03 - Sony PSVR2 headset off to slow start as metaverse push sputters
31/03 - Canadian startups thrive in the Startup Global Program
31/03 - Japan tightens chip gear exports as US seeks to contain China
31/03 - Ford joins a US$4.51 billion nickel processing project in Indonesia
31/03 - Chinese fabless chip design sector remains small despite increasing R&D efforts
31/03 - Samsung said to directly develop 8-inch process for GaN, SiC devices
31/03 - IDMs upbeat about revenue prospects, benefiting Taiwan supply chain partners
31/03 - TPCA sets carbon reduction roadmaps for PCB makers in Taiwan
31/03 - With 3D processing speeds 900 times faster than GPUs, AI semiconductors assist the metaverse
31/03 - Tesla reportedly considering building a US battery plant with CATL's technology
31/03 - India's 5G deployment speeds up, on way to reach full coverage by 2024
31/03 - NXP supportive of semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem in India
31/03 - Solomon Systech launches PM microLED DDI
31/03 - Hua Hong saw sales grow by 51% in 2022, may increase CAPEX despite downturn
31/03 - Micron sees fab capacity utilization hit record low
31/03 - BYD chairman says the company aims to be China's largest automaker in 2023
31/03 - Micron cements market share with enhanced NAND portfolio
31/03 - SMIC weighed down by talent shortage and reliance on mature nodes
31/03 - Taiwan's automotive supply chain remains stable amid Chinese market's chaos and rapid changes
31/03 - AI spending in Asia Pacific to reach US$49 billion by 2026 despite current economic challenges, says IDC
31/03 - Server BMC chipmaker Aspeed aims for flat revenue growth
31/03 - SAS warns of revenue drop in 2023
31/03 - Everlight expects profit growth in 2023
31/03 - GMI upbeat about chip demand for automotive, broadband, and wearable apps
31/03 - ITE Tech sees PC customers start replenishing inventory
31/03 - GlobalWafers remains upbeat about 3rd-gen semiconductor demand
31/03 - Taiwan passive component makers look to high-margin offerings for growth
31/03 - Tougher US ban may alter China IC manufacturing ecosystem, says TSMC chair
31/03 - Packaging substrate demand remains promising
31/03 - Order cutbacks still cast shadow over TSMC revenue prospects
Mise à jour le 01/04/2023 à 18:51:24 - General website news.
31/03 - Apple TV+ app is now available for DirecTV Stream box users
31/03 - Senate bill seeks to break up Google and Meta ad businesses
31/03 - Twitter’s recommendation algorithm is now on GitHub
31/03 - California will require half of heavy truck sales to be electric by 2035
31/03 - GOG's Spring Sale deals include 'Cyberpunk 2077' for $30
31/03 - Jeep just mushed together a 1970s Cherokee with a modern hybrid Wrangler
31/03 - Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky is building a ‘marketplace of algorithms’
31/03 - Stricter guidance means fewer EVs will qualify for $7,500 federal tax credit
31/03 - Save up to $460 on Solo Stove fire pit bundles, plus the rest of the week's best tech deals
31/03 - Waymo brings its fleet of new self-driving SUVs to Austin
31/03 - GM is phasing out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in EVs
31/03 - Watch us try to break Google Bard and Bing AI
31/03 - ASUS’ high-fashion gaming tablet is a must-have for hot dog vendors everywhere
31/03 - Drew Carey made a radio show with AI. Fans weren't pleased.
31/03 - Italy to block ChatGPT over data protection issues
31/03 - Google Bard is switching to a more 'capable' language model, CEO confirms
31/03 - Solo Stove fire pit bundles are over 45 percent off right now
31/03 - Engadget Podcast: 'Tetris' creator chats about the 'Tetris' movie
31/03 - Netflix hopes releasing fewer original movies will make them better
31/03 - The Morning After: Midjourney shutters free trials of its AI image generator due to 'extraordinary' abuse
31/03 - Amazon's World Backup Day sale takes up to 67 percent off SSDs, memory and more
31/03 - Virgin Orbit officially shutters its space launch operations

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