Mise à jour le 19/06/2019 à 16:51:39 - General website news.
18/06 - U.S. lawmaker calls for Facebook to pause cryptocurrency project
18/06 - Senior U.S. lawmaker says Facebook should halt cryptocurrency project pending review
18/06 - U.S. lawmaker calls for hearing into Facebook's cryptocurrency
18/06 - U.S. agency to vote on auctioning key unused parts of 2.5 GHz band for 5G
18/06 - Google invests $1 billion to ease housing shortage near California headquarters
18/06 - Facebook reveals Libra cryptocurrency, sparking new privacy concerns
18/06 - U.S. regulator accuses head of defunct British bitcoin company of $147 million fraud
18/06 - U.N. surveillance expert urges global moratorium on sale of spyware
18/06 - Google announces $1 billion additional investment in housing across Bay Area
18/06 - BoE's Carney says keeping open mind on Facebook's Libra
18/06 - Google calendar app down globally
18/06 - Lyft, Agero partner to offer rides for consumers requiring tow assistance
18/06 - World electronic gaming revenues to grow 9.6% to $152.1 billion in 2019: report
18/06 - Explainer: 'Stablecoins' in the spotlight as Facebook unveils Libra cryptocurrency
18/06 - Facebook takes aim at e-commerce with Libra cryptocurrency
18/06 - Uber threatens to withdraw from Austria
18/06 - Germany to support three battery cell alliances: economy minister
18/06 - Swiss regulator says in contact with initiators of Facebook's Libra
18/06 - Nvidia boosts self-driving AI business with Volvo trucks deal
18/06 - Facebook reveals Libra cryptocurrency, with lofty goals
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18/06 - HPE: Since y'all love cloud subs so much, we'll throw all our boxes into GreenLake by 2022
18/06 - HPE unveils Primera storage tech, vows 100% availability – anyone fancy breaking, er, putting that to the test?
18/06 - Cyber-IOU notes. Voucher hell on wheels. However you want to define Facebook's Libra, the most ridiculous part is its privacy promise
18/06 - Delicious irony: Hacked medical debt collector AMCA files for bankruptcy protection from debt collectors
18/06 - Fancy a fondleslab dab? Adobe pulls oilcloth off new iPad-first Fresco painting, drawing app
18/06 - DDN wheels out big chungus of a storage box, the disgustingly scalable EXA5
18/06 - Ahhhhh! What year is it?! Users left without direction or clue after Google Calendar 404s
18/06 - Freaking out about fiendish IoT exploits? Maybe disable telnet, FTP and change that default password first?
18/06 - Get your coat, you've pulled a Pull Panda: GitHub goes home with code collab specialists
18/06 - whacks export ban on 'grotesque' crab made by famous Brit potter bros
18/06 - Who bought the most powerful commercial supercomputer? Come on, it's Total-ly obvious
18/06 - Dev darling Docker embraces Windows Subsystem for Linux 2
18/06 - Parliament IT bods' fail sees server's naked OS exposed to world+dog
18/06 - Virty boys Parallels bring machine learning, Windows Server 2019 support to RAS VDI line
18/06 - Freaking out about fiendish IoT exploits? Maybe stop disable telnet and change that default password first?
18/06 - Video: The future of faster enterprises
18/06 - Brit hosting provider tsoHost takes needleful of 'unauthorized code' to the servers, suffers week of outages
18/06 - What price the Moon? Tips from the past might save the present
18/06 - Boffins' neural network can work out from your speech whether you'll develop psychosis
18/06 - Finally, an AI that can reliably catch and undo Photoshop airbrushing. Who made it? Er, Photoshop maker Adobe
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18/06 - Update your Firefox browser now, there’s an emergency patch you’ll want
18/06 - How to convert your Xbox Live subscription into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
18/06 - Magic Leap sues Nreal for allegedly stealing AR glasses design
18/06 - Top Democrat calls for Facebook to halt cryptocurrency plans until Congress investigates
18/06 - Google will cite where its song lyrics come from following Genius dispute
18/06 - T-Mobile and Sprint are reportedly nearing a deal with Dish to save their merger
18/06 - Sex toy company sues MTA over rejected ads
18/06 - Super Mario makes for a shockingly good battle royale game
18/06 - Top Democrat calls for strict oversight on Facebook’s new cryptocurrency
18/06 - Since season 1, Jessica Jones has struggled to mix horror with superheroes
18/06 - Google pledges $1 billion to ease the Silicon Valley housing crisis it helped create
18/06 - Facebook’s cryptocurrency has a trust problem
18/06 - EA thinks gaming subscriptions will lead to weirder, more creative games
18/06 - Commercial space companies have received $7.2 billion in government investment since 2000
18/06 - Pandora is being sued for showing Tom Petty song lyrics
18/06 - Would Facebook be better if we paid for it?
18/06 - Bernie Sanders applauds the gaming industry’s push for unionization
18/06 - Openly Operated wants to make privacy policies actually mean something
18/06 - European regulators are already pressing Facebook about its cryptocurrency
18/06 - The Fujifilm X-T2 mirrorless camera body is cheaper than ever

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