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07/07 - We'll pay £400k for a depth charge-proof robot submarine, says UK's Ministry of Defence
07/07 - Grappling with mixed infra, container security, service meshes? Our DevOps conf has practical help for you
07/07 - That's infotainment, that's infotainment: Android Automotive OS goes virtual with new reference platform
07/07 - Manchester, UK seeks IT-slinger: £235m for number-plate-and-fines system to clean up vehicle emissions
07/07 - Microsoft? AWS? Nein und nein. Deutsche Bank signs up with Google Cloud for its latest crack at digital transformation
07/07 - Psst: Want to know who else has their snout in the Copernicus trough? (spoiler: it's not the UK)
07/07 - Social media giants move to defy Hong Kong's new national security law
07/07 - Microsoft to take a break from Edge releases: Hits pause button to align with Chromium
07/07 - Utilitarian, long-bodied Nokia 5.3 has budget basic specs - but it does cost £150
07/07 - Mind the airgap: Why nothing focuses the mind like a bit of tech antiquing
07/07 - University ordered to stop running women-only job ads
07/07 - Hundreds of forgotten corners of mega-corp websites fall into the hands of spammers and malware slingers
07/07 - When Facebook says you're not a good 'culture fit', it means you're not White or Asian enough – complaint
07/07 - Your 2.3m Instagram fans won't stop the FBI... Web star accused of plotting to launder millions from cyber-crime
07/07 - Your 2.3m Instagram followers won't stop the FBI... Web star accused of laundering $100m+ pocketed from cyber-crime
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07/07 - Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19
07/07 - The US government is considering a TikTok ban, says secretary of state
07/07 - Samsung’s Galaxy A71 5G UW is Verizon’s cheapest 5G phone yet
07/07 - Amazon Prime Video is introducing individual user profiles
07/07 - There’s no quick fix for climate change
07/07 - Alphabet’s Loon balloons provide their first commercial internet service in Kenya
07/07 - Toshiba’s discounted 50-inch 4K HDR TV includes a free Echo Dot at Best Buy
07/07 - Magic Leap names former Microsoft executive as CEO
07/07 - An online propaganda campaign used AI-generated headshots to create fake journalists
07/07 - Tracing the link between your phone and the next pandemic
07/07 - Quibi is flailing because no one at Quibi understands what Quibi is
07/07 - Halo 3 is coming to PC on July 14th
07/07 - Sports bubbles are good places to study COVID-19
07/07 - The Moto G 5G Plus is Motorola’s first midrange 5G phone, but it’s skipping the US
07/07 - The OnePlus Nord will be officially revealed on July 21st
07/07 - Uber launches on-demand grocery delivery in Latin America and Canada
07/07 - Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra appears to leak in first real-world images
07/07 - How Twitter is shifting the power balance from companies to their employees
07/07 - Samsung’s UV sterilizer and wireless charger officially announced globally
07/07 - Sega’s Astro City Mini is a tiny arcade cabinet
07/07 - Poco M2 Pro announced with big fast-charging battery for under $200
07/07 - TikTok pulls out of Hong Kong due to new security law
07/07 - Slack’s new notification schedules give you your weekends back
07/07 - ICE says international students must take in-person classes to remain in the US
Mise à jour le 07/07/2020 à 17:55:02 - General website news.
07/07 - Magic Leap appoints Microsoft exec Peggy Johnson as its new CEO
07/07 - Apple Music’s time-synced lyrics arrive on Samsung Smart TVs
07/07 - Google brings dark mode to Docs, Sheets and Slides on Android
07/07 - The best organization apps for students
07/07 - 'Halo 3' arrives on PC on July 14th
07/07 - Uber adds groceries to its growing food delivery options
07/07 - New H.266 codec uses half the data to stream 4K video
07/07 - Get two Amazon Echo Shows for $140 in an HSN bundle
07/07 - The best gadgets for school under $50
07/07 - Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon CEOs to testify before Congress on July 27th
07/07 - Loon's balloon-powered internet service is live in Kenya
07/07 - New Galaxy Note 20 photos match up with Samsung's previous leak
07/07 - Sega's Astro City Mini arcade cabinet comes with 36 games
07/07 - The best headphones, speakers and audio gear for students
07/07 - Sirius XM reportedly buying Stitcher to bolster its podcast efforts
07/07 - The best study-from-home essentials to keep you on track
07/07 - The Morning After: NASA's Curiosity rover plots a 'road trip' on Mars
07/07 - TikTok will pull out of Hong Kong because of China's new security law
07/07 - Spot and Pepper robots will perform at spectatorless baseball games in Japan
07/07 - Google Fiber's first expansion in four years is in West Des Moines
07/07 - Curiosity rover starts its 'summer trip' to next Martian destination
07/07 - What's on TV this week: 'The Old Guard' and 'Trolls World Tour'
07/07 - A VR retelling of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' is coming to Oculus headsets

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