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19/06 - PowerPoint to start telling you that your presentation is bad and you should feel bad
19/06 - Open-source chat plat toasts rival after picking up $50m in funding: 'The better Slack does, the better Mattermost does'
19/06 - NASA's JPL may be able to reprogram a probe at the arse end of the solar system, but its security practices are a bit crap
19/06 - Azure flock can stop faffing over bastion hosts: Microsoft has made it noob-friendly
19/06 - UK's GDS head Kevin Cunnington leaves to tell world+dog how (not) to do digital
19/06 - Brave urges UK's data watchdog to join Ireland in probing claim Google adtech breaches GDPR
19/06 - It's all in the wrist: Your fitness tracker could be as much about data warfare as your welfare
19/06 - *Spits out coffee* £4m for a database of drone fliers, Defra did game shooters for £300k
19/06 - As above, so below: El Reg haunts Scaleway's data centre catacombs 26 metres under Paris
19/06 - With speakers from iRobot, BBC, Lego, the worlds of Google, AWS and Azure, and more, do not miss Serverless Computing London 2019
19/06 - Ubuntu says i386 to be 86'd with Eoan 19.10 release: Ageing 32-bit x86 support will be ex-86
19/06 - After years of listening, we've heard not a single peep out of any aliens, say boffins. You think you can do better? OK, here's 1PB of signals
19/06 - Youtube Queue Chrome extension booted out of store for search engine hijacking, revealing Google's lax dev checks
19/06 - Deepfake 3.0 (beta), the bad news: This AI can turn ONE photo of you into a talking head. Good news: There is none
19/06 - Spin the wheel and find today's leaky cloud DB... *clack clack... clack* A huge trove of medical malpractice complaints
19/06 - Awoogah! Awoogah! Firefox fans urged to update and patch zero-day hole exploited in the wild by miscreants
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