Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:53:01 - General website news.
17/05 - Microsoft offers to charge for Teams to address EU antitrust concerns
17/05 - US government may delay decision on electric vehicles biofuel program
17/05 - SoftBank’s Arm registers for blockbuster U.S. IPO
17/05 - EU tweaks draft patent rules making it easier for patent holders to sue
24/04 - China expected to lower fine on Ant Group to about $700 million
24/04 - Nissan takes its own road, minus Renault, in seeking tech tie-up
24/04 - General Motors moves deeper into mining with EnergyX lithium investment
24/04 - China plans $500 million subsea internet cable to rival US-backed project
22/03 - India plans new security testing for smartphones, crackdown on pre-installed apps
22/03 - Snapchat kicks few children off app in Britain
22/03 - Nvidia’s plans for sales to Huawei imperiled if U.S. tightens Huawei curbs-draft 
22/03 - Reuters was first to report that SoftBank’s Arm aims to raise at least $8 billion in U.S. IPO
28/02 - Reuters exclusively reported that Broadcom faces EU antitrust warning on $61 billion VMware deal
28/02 - Tencent scraps plans for VR hardware as metaverse bet falters
27/02 - Reuters was first to report that Ericsson will lay off 8,500 employees
27/02 - Reuters first to report U.S. investigation into Elon Musk’s Neuralink
24/02 - South Korea aims to join AI race as startup Rebellions launches new chip 
15/02 - Like Musk, nickel-rich Indonesia has high electric vehicle ambitions
15/02 - Reuters exclusively reveals that EU industry chief Thierry Breton plans consultation on Big Tech and telecoms network costs
13/02 - Reuters reveals Google’s AI chatbot flubs answer in promotional video, sending Alphabet shares down 9%
20/01 - Reuters reports EU wants details of Big Tech, telcos investment plans
20/01 - Reuters reveals Apple supplier BOE plans new factories in Vietnam
20/01 - Reuters reveals TikTok freezes consultant hiring for U.S. security deal as opposition mounts
09/01 - Reuters reveals Twitter removes suicide prevention feature, says it’s under revamp
28/12 - Reuters reveals Sam Bankman-Fried to reverse decision on contesting extradition
19/12 - Reuters reveals Microsoft seeks to settle EU antitrust concerns over Teams
09/12 - Reuters reveals Nokia smartphone maker HMD Global files EU antitrust complaint against VoiceAge EVS
11/11 - Reuters reveals Nvidia offers new advanced chip for China that meets U.S. export controls
07/11 - Reuters reveals output of Apple iPhones at major China plant could fall 30% amid COVID curbs
21/10 - Reuters reveals scores of Google rivals want EU tech law used in antitrust case
21/10 - Reuters reveals chip toolmaker KLA to stop sales and service to China to comply with U.S. export curbs
14/10 - Reuters reveals Google faces EU antitrust charges over its adtech business
10/10 - Reuters reveals senior Indonesian officials targeted by spyware last year
03/10 - Reuters exclusively reveals EU telcos call Big Tech for shared network costs, citing energy crisis, EU climate change
16/09 - Reuters reveals Biden to hit China with broader curbs on U.S. chip and tool exports
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:51:52 - General website news.
28/05 - What are the best defunct products and overlooked innovations?
28/05 - Benny, Björn and Frida drop in for first anniversary of London’s Abba Voyage
28/05 - ‘They’re afraid their AIs will come for them’: Doug Rushkoff on why tech billionaires are in escape mode
27/05 - NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with Facebook without consent
27/05 - AI will indeed be, but its rise will be mundane not apocalyptic | John Naughton
27/05 - No cellphone? No problem! The vintage radio enthusiasts prepping for disaster
27/05 - Report: ‘massive’ Tesla leak reveals data breaches, thousands of safety complaints
27/05 - ‘It’s a massive ask’: is Binance capable of being regulated?
26/05 - The future of AI is chilling – humans have to act together to overcome this threat to civilisation | Jonathan Freedland
26/05 - Tech stocks surge as wave of interest in AI drives $4tn rally
26/05 - Rishi Sunak races to tighten rules for AI amid fears of existential risk
26/05 - Meet Diia: the Ukrainian app used to do taxes … and report Russian soldiers
26/05 - Elon Musk’s brain implant company Neuralink approved for in-human study
25/05 - Nvidia gains $185bn in value after predicting AI-driven boom in chip demand
25/05 - No more ‘I took an arrow to the knee’: could AI write super-intelligent video game characters?
25/05 - United Nations official and others in Armenia hacked by NSO Group spyware
25/05 - Outages, garbled audio: DeSantis’s 2024 launch marred by Twitter tech meltdown
25/05 - Revealed: the contentious tool US immigration uses to get your data from tech firms
25/05 - PlayStation Showcase: Spider-Man 2 leads PS5’s 2023 games lineup
25/05 - The Lord of the Rings: Gollum review - boil it, mash it, stick it in the bin
25/05 - Half of British female gamers experience abuse when playing online
25/05 - No 10 acknowledges ‘existential’ risk of AI for first time
25/05 - China-backed hackers spying on US critical infrastructure, says Five Eyes
25/05 - Best podcasts of the week: Trans moshpits, non-binary emo and the power of music for queer lives
25/05 - Twitter accused of responding ‘to tyrants quickly’ but ignoring Australian government
25/05 - Failure to launch: Twitter glitches deal double blow to Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis
24/05 - US Congress members demand that PayPal end ban on Palestinian business
24/05 - Facebook owner Meta begins final round of mass layoffs
24/05 - Microsoft appeals against UK watchdog’s veto of Activision Blizzard takeover
24/05 - Pushing Buttons: Street Fighter 6 is a perfect KO for both newbies and longtime fans
24/05 - OpenAI leaders call for regulation to prevent AI destroying humanity
24/05 - With DeSantis campaign event, Musk seeks to shore up a sinking Twitter
24/05 - Garmin Forerunner 965 review: the ultimate running watch gets screen upgrade
23/05 - Off the menu: why restaurants are ditching QR codes
23/05 - Facebook owner Meta sells Giphy at a loss of more than $260m
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:52:50 - General website news.
28/05 - Twitter pulls out of voluntary EU disinformation code
28/05 - ChatGPT: US lawyer admits using AI for case research
26/05 - Neuralink: Why is Elon Musk’s brain chip firm in the news?
26/05 - Neuralink: Elon Musk's brain chip firm wins US approval for human study
26/05 - Twitter engineering boss Foad Dabiri quits day after DeSantis launch glitches
26/05 - ChatGPT-maker U-turns on threat to leave EU over AI law
26/05 - Venezuela: 'I'm paid to tweet state propaganda'
25/05 - Watch: Brain implants help paralysed man to walk again
25/05 - Nvidia: The chip maker that became an AI superpower
25/05 - ChatGPT: Can China overtake the US in the AI marathon?
25/05 - Why car parks are the hottest space in solar power
25/05 - How the power of protein is being uncovered
25/05 - Elizabeth Holmes: Inside the routine at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas
25/05 - How computer games encourage kids to spend cash
25/05 - Which European nations are winning the heat pump race?
25/05 - Can a wind turbine handle hurricane speed winds?
25/05 - Why teaching robots to blink is hard but important
25/05 - The people turning time into a currency
25/05 - Fruit producers turn to nets for better crops
25/05 - Microsoft: Chinese hackers hit key US bases on Guam
25/05 - PlayStation Showcase 2023: Spider-Man 2 impresses, Project Q confuses
24/05 - Virgin Orbit: Branson’s rocket dream ends after mission failure
24/05 - Chip war: Apple strikes major US-made semiconductor deal
23/05 - Minister attacks Meta boss over Facebook message encryption plan
23/05 - Meta loses millions as made to sell Giphy to Shutterstock
23/05 - AI scanner used in hundreds of US schools misses knives
23/05 - WhatsApp to allow users to edit messages within 15 minutes
23/05 - TikTok sues Montana to overturn first US state ban
22/05 - Neeva: Ad-free search engine shuts down
22/05 - Meta: Facebook owner fined €1.2bn for mishandling data
22/05 - Roblox: Ten-year-old spent £2,500 of mum's money without her knowing
22/05 - China bans major chip maker Micron from key infrastructure projects
19/05 - Cash App founder Bob Lee murder suspect pleads not guilty
19/05 - Montana TikTok creators shrug off state's ban on app
18/05 - Woodward and Bernstein: Watergate reporters warn of the limitations of AI
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:50:06 - General website news.
27/05 - Brain Implants Allow Paralyzed Man to Walk Using His Thoughts
26/05 - The Surgeon General’s Social Media Warning and A.I.’s Existential Risks
26/05 - How DeSantis’s Twitter Spaces Event Compares to Past Livestreams
26/05 - Minnesota Governor Vetoes Gig Worker Pay Bill
25/05 - How to Protect Your Mental Health When Using Social Media
25/05 - Grimes Reviews AI Grimes Songs
25/05 - Microsoft Calls for AI Rules to Minimize Risks
25/05 - Prompts to Try Asking ChatGPT
25/05 - Reid Hoffman Is Praising the Virtues of AI
25/05 - New York City Moves to Regulate How AI Is Used in Hiring
25/05 - Elon Musk’s Event With Ron DeSantis Exposes Twitter’s Weaknesses
24/05 - Chinese Malware Hits Systems on Guam. Is Taiwan the Real Target?
24/05 - How to Listen to DeSantis’s Presidential Announcement With Elon Musk on Twitter
24/05 - Inside How TikTok Shares User Data
24/05 - AI Needs an International Watchdog, OpenAI Leaders Say
24/05 - What to Know About Limiting Your Child’s Screen Time
23/05 - BuzzFeed’s Botatouille Chatbot Puts A.I. Twist on Food Advice
23/05 - Social Media Poses ‘Profound Risk’ to Teen Mental Health, Surgeon General Warns
23/05 - Mountain of FTX Evidence: Emails, Chat Logs, Code and a Notebook
22/05 - TikTok Sues Montana Over State Ban
22/05 - Google’s Photo App Still Can’t Find Gorillas. And Neither Can Apple’s.
22/05 - Silicon Valley Chosen for $4 Billion Chip Research Center
22/05 - Meta Fined $1.3 Billion for Violating E.U. Data Privacy Rules
22/05 - Minnesota Passes Bill Seeking to Ensure Minimum Wage for Gig Workers
22/05 - Uber Suspends DEI Chief After Employees Complain of Insensitivity
21/05 - Through Ukraine, Tech Start-Ups Make Their Move Into the U.S. Defense Industry
21/05 - China Bans Some Chip Sales of Micron, the US Company
20/05 - The E-Sports World’s Future Is Uncertain as Growth Stalls
19/05 - A.I.-Generated News, Reviews and Other Content Found on Websites
19/05 - NASA Picks Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin for Artemis Moon Mission
19/05 - Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent Signal First Steps in Bumpy Recovery
19/05 - Why Amazon’s Delivery Network Is Vulnerable to Labor Strife
19/05 - Mr. Altman Goes to Washington, and Casey Goes on This American Life
19/05 - TikTok Users Sue Montana, Calling State Ban Unconstitutional
18/05 - Twitter Accuses Microsoft of Improperly Using Its Data
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:53:01 - New technology website news.
26/05 - Amprius High-Density Batteries Go Aloft
25/05 - Self-Powered Beacon Can Reduce Battery Waste
25/05 - Axelera Demos Early Silicon, Raises $50 Million
25/05 - Cars That Can See at Night Will Save Lives
24/05 - LPDDR, NOR Flash Pairs to Meet Automotive Demands
23/05 - USA Rare Earth Aims to Break China’s Grip
23/05 - Automotive Industry Looks Beyond EVs for Decarbonization
22/05 - ‘CXL’ May Well Be How Data Centers Spell Relief
19/05 - MEMS Microspeaker Tech Multiplying in Consumer Products
19/05 - AI at the Cutting Edge: DeepX, Sportlogiq and Nauto
18/05 - Nvidia Brings UK AI Supercomputer to Cloud
18/05 - Comparing Tech Used for Apollo, Artemis NASA Missions
18/05 - Pushing the Limits: Testing Higher-Power Next-Gen Semiconductors 
17/05 - SaaS Can Help New IoT Solutions Get Off the Ground
17/05 - Custom Connectors — The Value of an Experienced Connector Manufacturer 
16/05 - How Vehicle Design Is Influencing Processors
16/05 - Cybersecurity Among Issues NSF Grant Winners Exploring
15/05 - Experts Weigh Impact of Intel-Arm Collaboration
15/05 - Ezkey Celebrates 15 Years of Supply Chain Innovations 
15/05 - How FerriSSD Ensures Availability, Longevity, and Security in Networking and Telecom 
12/05 - How Can We Get to Truly Immersive VR and AR?
11/05 - Silicon Startups Contest Offers Arm IP Credit, Ecosystem Exposure
11/05 - Focused Ultrasound Adds Touch to Extended Reality
10/05 - SynSense Demos Neuromorphic Processor in Customer’s Toy Robot
10/05 - Small Batteries Pose Recycling, Sustainability Challenges
10/05 - Solutions built with you in mind, designed to make purchasing electronic components easy
09/05 - Mapping, Monitoring Figure Into Winning the EV Race
09/05 - Key Trends Shaping the Embedded AI Landscape
09/05 - NuCurrent, Infineon Cozy Up to Expand NFC Use Cases
08/05 - Hardware Design Is Broken and It’s Hurting the Industry
08/05 - Flex Logix Cancels AI Chip, Markets IP for AI and DSP
05/05 - Zone Architecture, Ethernet Drive Vehicle of the Future
04/05 - Onsemi, VW Collaborating on Next-Gen EV Inverters
03/05 - Want Better Autonomous Navigation? Start with LiDAR
02/05 - Nearshoring Mitigates Counterfeit Component Risks
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:51:44 - New technology website news.
28/05 - How to watch Everton, Leeds and Leicester on Premier League Survival Sunday
26/05 - How to watch the Succession finale in the UK as it airs
26/05 - Monaco Grand Prix 2023: How to watch F1 live on TV and online
25/05 - YouTube has given up on competing with Instagram
25/05 - How to watch Man United vs Chelsea: Live stream online and listen for free
25/05 - Google Play Games for PC beta comes to UK and Europe
25/05 - Moto Razr 40 Ultra shown off in full
25/05 - PlayStation Showcase: 5 best game reveals from PS5 and PSVR 2 event
24/05 - PlayStation Earbuds coming soon with swish design and lossless over Bluetooth
24/05 - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake 'Delta' confirmed for PS5
24/05 - iOS 17 will turn locked iPhone into smart display – report
24/05 - Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightspeed high-end gaming headphones announced
24/05 - Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic leak reveals return of rotating bezel
23/05 - Max sign-in issues? Streaming service stutters on day one
23/05 - PS5 gamers with Android phones can finally look the part
23/05 - Netflix US Extra Member fee for password-sharers is surprisingly high
23/05 - Microsoft announces AI Copilot is going Windows-wide
23/05 - New Samsung OLED could take smartphone biometrics to the next level
23/05 - Fresh iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Ultra design details tipped
23/05 - Dyson revamps floorcare with 360 Vis Nav robot and Submarine wet and dry vac
22/05 - WhatsApp message editing is here, but you'll have to be quick!
22/05 - How to watch Newcastle vs Leicester: MNF online live stream and free audio commentary
22/05 - What to expect from Computex 2023
22/05 - iPhone 15: Everything we know about the next Apple flagship
19/05 - Samsung drops plans to drop Google for Bing – report
19/05 - When and where can you stream Fast X at home?
19/05 - Moto Razr 40 Ultra could have the best flippable cover screen yet
19/05 - How to watch Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal: Live stream and free audio
19/05 - Meta planning to use Instagram to supplant Twitter – here's the proof
18/05 - Xbox mulls free access to 'slices' of games via ads
18/05 - OpenAI launches ChatGPT for iPhone and Android is coming soon
18/05 - Pixel 8 Pro could turn up the heat with body temp thermometer
18/05 - iOS 16.5 Features: Update may be last before big iOS 17 reveal
18/05 - Apple reportedly investing heavily in micro-LED production
18/05 - HTC U23 Pro offers a mid-range blast from the past
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:51:30 - General website news.
28/05 - US bill to protect reproductive health data is dead. Here's why you should care anyway
27/05 - Since when did my SSD need water cooling?
27/05 - Alien versus Predator? No, this Android spyware works together
27/05 - Subpoenaed PyPI says bye-bye to as much IP address data as it can
27/05 - Neuralink says US OK's human experiments with Elon's brain chips
27/05 - Microsoft has made Azure Linux generally available. Repeat, Azure Linux
26/05 - US govt pushes spyware to other countries? Senator Wyden would like a word
26/05 - Why you might want an email client in the era of webmail
26/05 - Windows XP activation algorithm cracked, keygen now works on Linux
26/05 - Mozilla so sorry for intrusive Firefox VPN popup ad
26/05 - LIGO cranks up the sensitivity to sniff out gravitational waves
26/05 - US and China trade chiefs aim for cool heads as chip wars heat up
26/05 - Meta promises UK it won't pilfer rivals' ad data to build Facebook Marketplace
26/05 - AI menaces superbug by identifying potent antibiotic
26/05 - IR35 costs UK Research and Innovation £36M – the same it spent funding tech projects
26/05 - Red Hat promises AI trained on 'curated' and 'domain-specific' data
26/05 - The Windows XP activation algorithm has been cracked
26/05 - That old box of tech junk you should probably throw out saves a warehouse
26/05 - Experimental brain-spine computer interface helped a paralyzed man walk
26/05 - Fahrenheit to take over Celsius
26/05 - India set to regulate AI, Big Tech, with sweeping Digital Act
26/05 - When it comes to liquid and immersion cooling, Nvidia asks: Why not both?
26/05 - After network glitch, South Korea's commercial sat-slinger succeeds
26/05 - BlackByte ransomware crew lists city of Augusta after cyber 'incident'
26/05 - It's 2023 and Sri Lanka doesn't have a cyber security authority
26/05 - Virgin Galactic flies final test before opening for business
26/05 - Microsoft rains more machine learning on Azure cloud
26/05 - Minnesota governor OKs broad right-to-repair tech law
25/05 - Spotted: Suspected Russian malware designed to disrupt Euro, Asia energy grids
25/05 - PyPI subpoenaed: US govt demands data on developers
25/05 - Some Windows users say these 32-bit apps have forgotten how to save
25/05 - On the bright side, solar investment finally set to surpass oil spending
25/05 - Microsoft would rather spend money on AI than give workers a raise
25/05 - Twitter Spaces groans under weight of Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk's egos
25/05 - Before you sprinkle AI on all your analytics, check data quality
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:52:52 - General website news.
28/05 - Right to repair: all the latest news and updates
28/05 - LG’s 48-inch 4K OLED gaming monitor is over $600 off right now
28/05 - Walmart’s 4K Google TV box is the best $20 deal in streaming
28/05 - The odd appeal of absurdly long YouTube videos that play nothing on purpose
28/05 - Apple’s $50 million butterfly keyboard settlement is finally approved
27/05 - A lawyer used ChatGPT and now has to answer for its ‘bogus’ citations
27/05 - Games Done Quick’s next speedrunning marathon for charity kicks off on Sunday
27/05 - Apple’s entry-level MacBook Air is down to its all-time low at Amazon
27/05 - Somebody cracked Windows XP activation for offline use
27/05 - Ford needs Tesla to help it beat Tesla
27/05 - What training with the Apple Watch Ultra taught me about multiband GPS and failure
27/05 - Tears of the Kingdom’s best ability is its most hidden
27/05 - How to watch Nvidia’s Computex 2023 keynote (and what to expect)
27/05 - Living and working from an all-electric VW ID Buzz
27/05 - Google’s Magic Compose beta is here — but it sends your messages to Google
27/05 - The best Memorial Day sales you can shop this weekend
27/05 - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — all the latest on Nintendo’s huge sequel
26/05 - Sonos wins $32.5 million patent infringement victory over Google
26/05 - The Little Mermaid is Disney’s most animated ‘live-action’ remake yet
26/05 - Bluesky rolls out feeds with custom algorithms
26/05 - The Witcher is getting a fifth season on Netflix
26/05 - Taylor Swift’s new song was a CD-only exclusive — that didn’t last long
26/05 - How to save battery life on your iPhone
26/05 - Naughty Dog announces ‘brand-new single player experience’ alongside Last of Us multiplayer delay
26/05 - John Wick 5 is already in ‘early development,’ according to Lionsgate
26/05 - Gollum developers apologize for the game’s ‘underwhelming experience’
26/05 - Tears of the Kingdom’s latest update patches multiple duplication glitches
26/05 - Tesla Model Y is the first EV to become the world’s bestselling car
26/05 - LG’s latest OLED TVs are already on sale in the run-up to Memorial Day
26/05 - Netflix might ruin password sharing for everyone
26/05 - Iconic yellow school bus maker opens new electric bus factory
26/05 - Thunderbolts becomes latest Marvel movie to be hit by writers’ strike
26/05 - Alone in the Dark’s new footage is full of terror — and you can play a demo right now
26/05 - The FDA will apparently let Elon Musk put a computer in a human’s brain
26/05 - YouTube will let you watch unlimited NFL Sunday Ticket streams, but only at home
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:50:12 - General website news.
26/05 - EV battery leader CATL joins BYD, Tesla to tap solar's boom
26/05 - Xiaomi chip program prepares for "long-term battle" following Oppo's failure
26/05 - AWS discusses data center conditions; emphasizes water saving and low energy consumption
26/05 - Gigabyte launches AMD Radeon RX 7600 graphics card
26/05 - Global DRAM revenue continues slide in 1Q23
26/05 - Taiwan self-driving technology passes open-field test at Taoyuan Airport
26/05 - LG Electronics commences EV charger production, aiming to expand in global market
26/05 - Joint smart warehousing to create win-win situation for distributors
26/05 - How the AI moment begins to shape the valuation landscape in high-tech industry
26/05 - Ford to equip EVs with built-in connector of Tesla Supercharger from 2025 onward
26/05 - Samsung reportedly planning to cut Q3 wafer foundry production by 10%
26/05 - Chipmakers exhausted by escalating US-China trade tensions
26/05 - Why build proprietary GenAI? Q&A with BCG Henderson Institute global director Francois Candelon
26/05 - New AMD Ryzen 7020 C-Series processors bring fast performance, longer battery life, and advanced RDNA 2 graphics to Chromebook users
26/05 - Inventory situation to normalize by year-end, says IPC maker Advantech
26/05 - Developing advanced processes at SMIC could become an unrealized dream of co-CEO Liang Mong Song?
26/05 - HannStar sees LCD fab utilization rise
26/05 - Marvell expects AI revenue to double in fiscal 2024
26/05 - Corning new price strategy could turn out to be a squid tactic for panel makers
26/05 - LED firm Ledtech returns to profitability
26/05 - Tata reportedly scouting land for third plant for EMS and OSAT business
26/05 - ESMT ramping up wafer starts at foundries
26/05 - PCB maker Compeq expects sales recovery in 2H23
26/05 - Backend houses optimistic about AI chip demand
26/05 - AI chip boom to drive TSMC revenue growth in 2023
26/05 - Nvidia rush orders lifting TSMC 5nm fab utilization
25/05 - Corning to raise display glass substrate prices by 20% in 3Q23
25/05 - EV battery-maker SK On to raise $944 million to ramp up capacity
25/05 - ITRI autonomous driving technology gaining international visibility
25/05 - China's memory industry resisting impact of US trade sanctions
25/05 - Japanese electronics component makers turn to automotive applications for growth
25/05 - Waymo partners with Uber to scale up autonomous driving service in Phoenix
25/05 - Taiwan makers cut into international hydrogen energy supply chain
25/05 - New Apple-Broadcom deal gets three interpretations from RF supply chain in Taiwan
25/05 - LLMs to pave way for direct human interaction to enter into home-use robot market, says DIGITIMES Research
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:50:23 - General website news.
28/05 - A lawyer faces sanctions after he used ChatGPT to write a brief riddled with fake citations
28/05 - Meta’s Quest 3 headset could feature color cameras for more lifelike pass-through video
28/05 - Hitting the Books: Renee Descartes had his best revelations while baked in an oven
28/05 - US judge grants final approval to Apple’s $50 million ‘butterfly’ keyboard settlement
27/05 - Apple’s free My Photo Stream service will shut down on July 26th
27/05 - Dolphin emulator Steam release delayed indefinitely following Nintendo DMCA notice
27/05 - Twitter pulls out of EU’s voluntary Code of Practice against disinformation
27/05 - iRobot's Roomba j7+ Combo vacuum is $300 off right now
27/05 - Japan's ispace says Hakuto-R crashed because it got confused by a crater rim
27/05 - Company responsible for 7.5 billion robocalls sued by nearly every Attorney General
26/05 - Google fined $32.5 million for infringing on Sonos patent
26/05 - Naughty Dog says its Last of Us multiplayer game needs more time in the oven
26/05 - Bluesky now lets you choose your own algorithm
26/05 - How to watch the Summer Games Done Quick 2023 speedrun marathon
26/05 - The best Memorial Day tech sales we could find
26/05 - Swiss researchers use a wireless BCI to help a spinal injury patient walk more naturally
26/05 - Apple's AirPods Max are $99 off at Amazon
26/05 - YouTube will allow unlimited simultaneous streams for NFL Sunday Ticket
26/05 - After a rocky start, Formula E’s Gen3 car is living up to its potential
26/05 - Neuralink receives FDA clearance to begin human trials of its brain-computer interface (Updated)
26/05 - Engadget Podcast: Microsoft’s Panos Panay on bringing AI to Windows 11
26/05 - LG and Hyundai are building a $4.3 billion EV battery cell factory in the US
26/05 - Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8+ falls to an all-time low in Amazon sale
26/05 - The Morning After: Ford and Tesla sign EV-charging pact
26/05 - Microsoft appeals for a new US agency to regulate AI
26/05 - Tesla leak reportedly reveals thousands of Autopilot safety complaints
26/05 - Sci-fi strategy game 'Homeworld 3' has been delayed to February 2024
26/05 - Ford EV drivers will get access to 12,000 North American Tesla Superchargers next spring
25/05 - Twitter says startups can 'experiment' with its data for $5,000 a month
25/05 - Twitch is raising prices for its ad-free Turbo service
25/05 - TikTok is testing an AI chatbot for content discovery
25/05 - Google begins opening access to generative AI in search
25/05 - MoviePass relaunches nationwide with a new pricing model
25/05 - YouTube Stories are going away on June 26th
25/05 - Virgin Galactic completes its final VSS Unity flight test before space tourism debut
Mise à jour le 28/05/2023 à 20:52:56 - Camera website news.
28/05 - Behind the Photo: Andrew Marttila's Catnip Portraits
27/05 - Fujifilm X-S20 pre-production sample gallery
26/05 - Leica Q3 first look video
25/05 - Leica Q3 initial review
24/05 - Fujifilm X-S20 initial review
24/05 - Fujifilm debuts 8mm F3.5 ultra wide angle lens for X-mount cameras
24/05 - Fujifilm's new Xapp simplifies mobile sharing for recent X-camera models
24/05 - Canon announces EOS R100 entry-level APS-C RF-mount camera
24/05 - Canon unveils RF 28mm F2.8 STM $300 pancake prime
23/05 - Sony announces ZV-1 Mark II vlogging compact with 18-50mm equiv zoom
22/05 - Interview: a camera-store-eye view of the camera industry
19/05 - Behind the Photo: Brad Deel's creative athlete portraits
18/05 - Scruffy pups, street art & Seattle sunsets: Canon EOS R7 gallery updated
18/05 - Aftershoot Pro review: The promise of an AI assistant who'll take away all the gruntwork
17/05 - Weirdest cameras of the DPReview era
17/05 - Ricoh announces pair of 50mm F1.4 K-mount lenses
16/05 - Pentax's first 'Film Camera Project' release to be a fixed lens compact, hints film SLR may be next
16/05 - Pentax's first film camera will be a point and shoot, but hints a film SLR may be next
16/05 - Remove All the Things: Using modern software to erase pesky objects
15/05 - Nikon Z8 hands-on
14/05 - Apple announces Final Cut Pro for iPad (with no shortage of caveats): What you need to know
12/05 - Opinion: The Z8 might be the best camera Nikon has ever made. But I don't think I'll be buying one.
12/05 - Google’s new Magic Editor tool promises AI-enhanced image manipulation for the masses
12/05 - New entry-level Google Pixel 7a sports a 64MP camera
11/05 - DPReview: an update
11/05 - Nikon Z8 pre-production sample gallery
11/05 - Canon announces PowerShot V10 Type 1 vlogging compact
10/05 - Nikon Z8 initial review
10/05 - Nikon Z8 first look video
09/05 - One Thing: Setting up an archival system that works
09/05 - Imaging Resource closed following acquisition by new owner
08/05 - DPReview readers' showcase: The cameras you imagined
04/05 - Why do you need DR: a closer look at dynamic range Part 3
03/05 - How numbers can mislead: a closer look at dynamic range, Part 2
02/05 - More than a number: a closer look at dynamic range, Part 1

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