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24/01 - Japan ruling party lawmakers to float idea of issuing digital currency
24/01 - Athletics body to tighten rules after Nike's Vaporfly helps records tumble: sources
24/01 - 'They're fast, but are they fair?' Amateur runners face Nike dilemma
24/01 - Factbox: Nike's Vaporfly running shoes and tumbling records
24/01 - Takeaway sets Just Eat deal back a week, faces competition probe
24/01 - Italy watchdog launches non-compliance proceedings against Facebook
24/01 - says Just Eat takeover timetable delayed due to UK probe
24/01 - Takeaway says 90% of Just Eat shareholders have tendered shares
24/01 - U.S. to unveil crackdown on counterfeit, pirated e-commerce goods
23/01 - Uber self-driving cars, with humans in control, to cruise Washington, D.C. Friday
23/01 - Broadcom to supply wireless components to Apple
23/01 - U.S. extradition battle over Huawei's Meng ends first phase but Canada court fight continues
23/01 - Video app TikTok partners with Merlin to expand music library
23/01 - Food fight: UK regulator probes's takeover of Just Eat
23/01 - Daimler to build 50,000 Mercedes EQC models this year
23/01 - Orange boss doubles down on Huawei defense amid heightened security debate
23/01 - Ahead of Uber exit, Colombian president calls for tech level playing field
23/01 - Uber will begin data collection for self-driving vehicles on Friday in Washington
23/01 - says Just Eat deal could be probed by UK's CMA
23/01 - Apple pushes back against EU common charger, warns of innovation risks
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24/01 - Fossil Gen 5 review: Google’s Wear OS smartwatch at its best
23/01 - EU tech regulator backs UK plans for digital tax, despite Trump threats
23/01 - Sonos to deny software updates to owners of older equipment
23/01 - UK prepares to defy US by allowing Huawei to supply 5G kit
23/01 - Automation isn't wiping out jobs. It's that our engine of growth is winding down | Aaron Benanav
23/01 - Will the success of The Witcher herald a golden age of game-to-TV adaptations?
23/01 - Which is the best PC for someone who has Parkinson’s?
22/01 - 'Click I agree': the UN rapporteur says prince tried to intimidate Bezos with message
22/01 - Elon Musk on road to $50bn payout as Tesla's value passes $100bn
22/01 - Jeff Bezos, the Saudi crown prince, and the alleged phone-hacking plot – video explainer
22/01 - UN experts demand US inquiry into Jeff Bezos Saudi hacking claims
22/01 - So I got an Amazon Echo. But can Alexa get my life together?
22/01 - Jeff Bezos hack: Amazon boss's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince'
22/01 - Watchdog cracks down on tech firms that fail to protect children
22/01 - Cybercrime laws need urgent reform to protect UK, says report
21/01 - Huawei CFO's extradition would let US criminalize behavior in Canada, say lawyers
21/01 - US case against Huawei's Meng Wanzhou is 'fiction', say lawyers
21/01 - 16in MacBook Pro review: bigger battery, new keyboard, new Apple
20/01 - Trump’s greatest ally in the coming election? Facebook | John Harris
20/01 - Jabra Elite 75t review: small and long lasting AirPod beaters
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24/01 - When world+dog has a data platform too, Cloudera has to stand out before next new shiny distracts investors
24/01 - Beware the Friday afternoon 'Could you just..?' from the muppet who wants to come between you and your beer
24/01 - Rockstar dev debate reopens: Hero programmers do exist, do all the work, do chat a lot – and do need love and attention from project leaders
24/01 - Amazing peer-reviewed AI bots that predict premature births were too good to be true: Flawed testing bumped accuracy from 50% to 90%+
24/01 - Russian super-crook behind $20m internet fraud den Cardplanet and malware-exchange forum pleads guilty
24/01 - Protesters backing Huawei's CFO Meng Wanzhou during her US extradition hearings were 'duped paid actors'
24/01 - No big deal, Rogers, your internal source code and keys are only on the open web. Don't hurry to take it down
24/01 - 10nm woes, CPU supply shortages, competition from AMD... What? Sorry? Intel can't hear you over the cash register going bonkers
24/01 - Hapless AWS engineer spilled passwords, keys, confidential internal training info, customer messages on public GitHub
23/01 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fragged our business VOIP: US ISP blames outage on smash-hit video game rush
23/01 - Beer necessities: US chap registers bevvy as emotional support animal so he can booze on public transport
23/01 - Xerox names the 11 directors it hopes will oust most of HP's board and put $33bn hostile takeover to shareholders
23/01 - One-time Brexit Secretary David Davis demands Mike Lynch's extradition to US is halted
23/01 - Hapless 'AWS engineer' spilled customer passwords, keys on public GitHub repo
23/01 - We need to make it even easier for UK terror cops to rummage about in folks' phones, says govt lawyer
23/01 - Don't mention the seam! Microsoft releases Surface Duo Android SDK, more on Windows 10X
23/01 - Jenkins creator steps back from CloudBees and flings himself at startup Launchable
23/01 - Ooh, watch out Google. You've got competition. Verizon has a new 'privacy-focused' search engine
23/01 - SLS goes vertical at Stennis while NASA practises SRB stacking
23/01 - Keg-xistential issues: Fullers pours away £10m Infor ERP system after selling brewing business
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24/01 - Samsung to debut AirDrop competitor alongside Galaxy S20, report claims
24/01 - Ikea and Teenage Engineering launch co-developed speakers and party products
24/01 - Transcription service Rev is raising prices for the first time to $1.25 a minute
24/01 - Google I/O 2020 will kick off on May 12th
23/01 - Sonos CEO apologizes for confusion, says legacy products will work ‘as long as possible’
23/01 - This hour-long Splatoon concert features holographic squid kids
23/01 - Mean Girls channels Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game as culture becomes a ouroboros of remakes
23/01 - How to delete Cortana recordings and protect your privacy
23/01 - Samsung’s next foldable may have an ‘ultra thin’ glass display
23/01 - Rocket League is killing online multiplayer on macOS and Linux
23/01 - Star Trek: Picard knows Star Trek is a hard sell in 2020
23/01 - Tech companies are ‘too big, and we’ve allowed them to exercise monopoly power,’ says House Antitrust chairman David Cicilline
23/01 - 23andMe just laid off 100 employees
23/01 - Uber is bringing its self-driving cars to Washington, DC
23/01 - World Health Organization says it’s too early to declare global emergency over new coronavirus
23/01 - Read the report that concluded Saudi Arabia hacked Jeff Bezos’ phone
23/01 - Switzerland’s drone delivery program to resume after crashes
23/01 - Google launches collaborative game to reveal when I/O 2020 is happening
23/01 - Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri was swatted last November
23/01 - TikTok’s licensing deal with Merlin will give the platform access to a huge indie music selection
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