Mise à jour le 18/11/2019 à 21:51:22 - General website news.
Mise à jour le 18/11/2019 à 20:53:39 - General website news.
18/11 - Treating mental health with an app: Chips with Everything podcast
18/11 - Jeremy Corbyn's broadband plan: how it differs from Australia's NBN, the 'blunder down under'
17/11 - Do we need full-fibre broadband? Ask the lucky few who have it
17/11 - Firefox’s fight for the future of the web
16/11 - Technology will never replace human judgment. Look at football... | Kenan Malik
16/11 - Porn, public transport and other dubious justifications for using facial recognition software
16/11 - ‘We want to find gems’: the black venture capitalists invested in change
16/11 - Can the planet really afford the exorbitant power demands of machine learning? | John Naughton
16/11 - Gen Z women will change the tech industry – here’s how
15/11 - Up to speed: the Welsh village that installed its own fast broadband
15/11 - Twitter's political ad ban to limit micro-targeting, putting pressure on Facebook
15/11 - Instagram tests hiding how many people like a post. That has influencers worried
15/11 - Labour's free broadband plan fires up the election battle
15/11 - X019 event: Rare and Obsidian announce new games and XCloud service expands
15/11 - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review – the force is strong in this one
14/11 - 'This raises the bar': Microsoft introduces first lead trans character in a major video game
14/11 - Will Google get away with grabbing 50m Americans' health records?
14/11 - Virgin V6 TV review: jack of all trades, master of none
14/11 - Majority of anti-vaxx ads on Facebook are funded by just two organizations
14/11 - Mercedes-Benz to axe more than 1,000 jobs in cost-cutting drive
Mise à jour le 18/11/2019 à 21:50:27 - New technology website news.
Mise à jour le 18/11/2019 à 21:54:12 - General website news.
18/11 - You're about to gouda major change in Microsoft cloud security after Redmond agrees to go Dutch on data
18/11 - NASA told to get act together on commercial crew vendors as chance of US-free ISS rises
18/11 - Interpol: Strong encryption helps online predators. Build backdoors
18/11 - Apple's latest keyboard travels back in time to when they weren't crap
18/11 - Intel end-of-lifing BIOS and driver downloads for dusty hardware
18/11 - Pack your bags, you're going to America, Lord Chief Justice tells accused Brit hacker
18/11 - Anomaly-free SpaceX fires up SuperDracos, ISS astros go iFixit in orbit, and Buran turns 31
18/11 - 'Literally a paperweight': Bose users fume at firmware update that 'doesn't fix issues'
18/11 - From humble Unix sysadmin to brutal separatist suppressor to president of Sri Lanka
18/11 - If it's not cloud, GTFO: Sage flogs payments business to US firm Elavon for £230m
18/11 - The Bloodhound Gang hits 1,010kph, retreats to lab to work on smashing the land speed record
18/11 - Rapid-fire Windows 10 builds, Azure on Arm not for the eyes of mortals, and Teams at 10,000ft
18/11 - Ex-Capita accountant who claimed £10k bung to leave was blackmail has appeal thrown out
18/11 - Email! HUH! Yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing...
18/11 - Pemex hit by ransomware, US Postal Service gets a copycat and new WhatsApp bugs
18/11 - Twitter wants help with deepfakes, and Microsoft Azure will rent out new AI chips for its cloud users, and more
18/11 - HP to Xerox: Nope, your $33.5bn bid falls short of our valuation
18/11 - A bridge over troubled water: Intel teases Ponte Vecchio, the GPU brains in US govt's 1-exaFLOPS Aurora supercomputer
16/11 - Welcome to cultured meat – not pigs reading Proust but a viable alternative to slaughter
16/11 - 5G SIM-swap attacks could be even worse for industrial IoT than now
Mise à jour le 18/11/2019 à 20:53:50 - General website news.
18/11 - I drove Arcimoto’s bizarre electric three-wheeler through New York City traffic
18/11 - Oculus Link is out in beta now, so you can plug a Quest into your PC to play Rift games
18/11 - Ford Mustang Mach-E can now be preordered with a $500 deposit
18/11 - Snapchat CEO says his company fact-checks political ads, unlike Facebook
18/11 - BMW reveals i4 electric car in testing, promises nearly 400 miles of range
18/11 - Google Maps will now let you follow its top local guides
18/11 - Apple fixes more weird bugs with new iOS 13.2.3 update
18/11 - A one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud apps is 40 percent off for Black Friday
18/11 - Roku releases fix after new Pokémon games for Nintendo Switch cause crashing issues
18/11 - Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 review: high-speed mesh networking
18/11 - The Force is strong with Samsung’s Star Wars-themed Galaxy Note 10 Plus
18/11 - Huawei is getting three more months before US ban takes effect
18/11 - Google Stadia review: the best of cloud gaming is still just a beta
18/11 - These prank stickers look just like AirPods
18/11 - Guide to streaming: from Disney+ to NBA League Pass and Crunchyroll
18/11 - Samsung has multiple new camera modes in the works for future phones, code suggests
18/11 - Enclave’s WiSA speakers add THX certified wireless sound to LG’s new OLED TVs
18/11 - The Verge Home & Tech Gift Guide 2019
18/11 - Fingerprint-reading power buttons make securely booting up a seamless process
18/11 - John Legere will step down as T-Mobile CEO next year

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