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19/09 - IBM stuffs a 53-qubit quantum computer into the cloud
19/09 - Mozilla commits to four-weekly updates to Firefox from 2020
19/09 - AMD's 32-core third-gen Threadripper trounces the 2990WX in Geekbench leak
19/09 - Huawei Mate 30 official with Kirin 990 SoC and cyclops-style camera
19/09 - BBC iPlayer Radio shutdown slammed by listeners disillusioned by BBC Sounds
19/09 - Facebook is back using humans to listen to Portal recordings
19/09 - iOS 13 will be released to the unwashed masses later today
19/09 - Google nearly launched two Pixel smartwatches in 2016, then it didn't
19/09 - GitHub buys Semmle to add flaw-spotting code analysis into its repositories
19/09 - Google officially swallows DeepMind as NHS Trusts agree to data sharing
19/09 - OnePlus 7T release date, specs and price: Geekbench listing confirms 8GB RAM and Android 10
19/09 - iPhone 11 Pro release date, specs and price: iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown confirms larger battery
18/09 - TSMC delays could blight AMD Navi and Ryzen production
18/09 - Nest looks set to launch mesh router with Google Assistant baked-in
18/09 - Portal TV is Facebook's latest attempt to get into your living room
18/09 - MPs warn that UK risks being left behind in robotics gold rush
18/09 - Steam's redesigned Library is finally available in public beta
18/09 - Amazon Music launches 'HD' tier for lossless streaming
18/09 - Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G available in Blighty from, er, £120 a month
18/09 - US gov sues Edward Snowden for breaking non-disclosure agreements
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19/09 - German ministry hellbent on taking back control of 'digital sovereignty', cutting dependency on Microsoft
19/09 - Hard luck, Claranet. You managed to go 29 whole days without an incident
19/09 - Five NHS trusts do DeepMind data deal with Google. One says no
19/09 - You better get a wiggle on then: BT said to be mulling switching off UK's copper internets by 2027
19/09 - Chinese students in UK ripe target for scammers exploiting visa concerns
19/09 - Huawei to lob devs $1.5bn in apparent effort to Trump-proof cloud and mobile ecosystem
19/09 - UK taxman wins tribunal case against BBC presenters
19/09 - Belgian F-16 pilot rescued from power line after emergency ejection
19/09 - IBM cuts ribbon on quantum computing centre wherein a 53-qubit monster lurks
19/09 - UK launches online VAT inquiry following fears of Brexit fraudster surge
19/09 - WannaCry is still the smallpox of infosec. But the latest strain (sort of) immunises its victims
19/09 - Byte Night 2019 just weeks away: Ready to sleep on the streets for charity?
19/09 - Hurrah, we trained machine learning algos to predict how bad a forest fire will be
19/09 - The Central Telegraph Office was serving spam 67 years before vikings sang about it on telly
19/09 - IT now stands for Intermediate Targets: Tech providers pwned by snoops eyeing up customers – report
19/09 - Gasp! Google Chrome kills uBlock, Adblock ad filters – grab the pitchfo- no wait, it's OK: They were evil fraud clones
19/09 - Remember that security probe that ended with a sheriff cuffing the pen testers? The contract is now public so you can decide who screwed up
19/09 - Class-action sueball over refurbed iThings will ask Apple what 'as good as new' means
19/09 - How long is a lifetime? If you’re Comcast, it’s until a rival quits a city: ISP 'broke' price promise
19/09 - What is Google up to with Anthos? More toys dropped for Kubernetes-style hybrid cloud
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19/09 - iOS 13 is now available to download
19/09 - The ‘PopSockets queen’ says PopSockets stole her idea for a PopSockets koozie
19/09 - Microsoft employees are protesting the company’s ‘complicity in the climate crisis’
19/09 - TCL’s retro Alcatel flip phones include Google’s apps and voice assistant
19/09 - Lyft is adding bike lanes to its app to encourage safer riding
19/09 - Amazon will order 100,000 electric delivery vans from EV startup Rivian, Jeff Bezos says
19/09 - An AI affair fuels a midlife crisis in the eerie science fiction drama Auggie
19/09 - Nintendo Switch Lite review: a triumphant return to dedicated handhelds
19/09 - Jeff Bezos pledges that Amazon will swiftly combat climate change
19/09 - Huawei confirms the new Mate 30 Pro won’t come with Google’s Android apps
19/09 - Why MoviePass really failed
19/09 - Huawei Watch GT 2 runs LiteOS and lasts up to two weeks
19/09 - Huawei’s new Vision TV offers 4K picture and a long list of AI powers
19/09 - Roku’s new devices include tiny Express and faster Ultra with customizable remote
19/09 - Impossible Burgers are hitting their first grocery stores tomorrow
19/09 - Jeffrey Epstein infiltrated science because it was ready to accommodate him
19/09 - Huawei’s flagship Mate 30 Pro has impressive specs but no Google
19/09 - The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is like a brand-new Zelda adventure on Switch
19/09 - Verizon 5G will launch in New York City on September 26th
19/09 - What can Google do to compete with the Apple Watch? Not much
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