Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:53:02 - General website news.
27/11 - Germany, France and Italy reach agreement on future AI regulation  
27/11 - Amazon to win unconditional EU nod for iRobot deal 
27/11 - China’s Bytedance eyes sales of gaming unit Moonton, speaking to potential buyers
27/11 - Nvidia delays launch of new China-focused AI chip
27/11 - OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster 
27/11 - to cut ‘several hundred’ Alexa jobs
27/11 - OpenAI explores how to get ChatGPT into classrooms
22/11 - SoftwareOne gets round of bids in strategic review 
21/11 - Google in talks to invest in AI startup Character.AI
21/11 - Biden eyes adding AI chip curbs to Chinese companies abroad
17/11 - Elon Musk’s X restructuring curtails disinformation research, spurs legal fears 
17/11 - Google to run internet cables to Pacific islands in Australia-US deal
17/11 - Toyota lobbies India to cut hybrid-car taxes as much as 21% – letter
17/11 - US regulators settle with more firms over use of texts and WhatsApp 
16/11 - Carlyle in exclusive talks for $7 billion-plus Medtronic units deal
16/11 - China’s Nio explores investment, tech alliances with Mercedes 
16/11 - SEC collects Wall Street’s private messages as WhatsApp probe escalates
16/11 - Sam Bankman-Fried convicted of multi-billion-dollar FTX fraud  
14/11 - UK regulator to push for probe into Amazon, Microsoft cloud dominance
14/11 - Southeast Asia eyes hands-off AI rules, defying EU ambitions
14/11 - EU push for Big Tech to fund 5G rollout shelved to 2025 
31/10 - Nvidia shares hit record high as AI demand fuels record results 
30/10 - Nvidia to make Arm-based PC chips in major new challenge to Intel 
30/10 - TSMC tells vendors to delay chip equipment deliveries 
26/10 - How SoftBank played it safe in pricing Arm’s IPO
26/10 - India’s Reliance Retail in $1.5 billion Gulf, Singapore funds talks 
11/09 - SoftBank in talks to buy Vision Fund’s 25% stake in Arm?
08/09 - US raises concerns by Micron, Intel with China as export control meeting set to launch
06/09 - Disney creates task force to explore AI and cut costs
09/08 - Amazon in talks to become anchor investor in Arm ahead of IPO 
05/08 - BYD tells India partner it wants to drop $1 billion EV investment plan
05/08 - Microsoft hit with EU antitrust complaint by German rival 
05/08 - Amazon has drawn thousands to try its AI service competing with Microsoft, Google 
05/08 - EU regulators rebuff Meta’s offer to curb use of ad data
05/08 - Insight: Race towards ‘autonomous’ AI agents grips Silicon Valley
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:53:57 - General website news.
04/12 - Misinformation expert says she was fired by Harvard under Meta pressure
04/12 - IBM unveils new quantum computing chip to ‘explore new frontiers of science’
04/12 - Who wants to farm potatoes in the metaverse? Exploring Roblox’s corporate hell-worlds
04/12 - Spotify cuts more than 1,500 jobs amid rising costs
04/12 - Do you really need shiny new tech for Christmas? The answer is ‘no’
04/12 - Researchers create AI tool with a nose for fraudulent wine
03/12 - Why do photographs of beautiful scenery never do it justice?
02/12 - Persona 5 Tactica review – Famous Five-style Jungian urban warfare anyone?
02/12 - AI laser that reads heartbeat through the throat could replace stethoscopes
02/12 - Europe’s AI crackdown looks doomed to be felled by Silicon Valley lobbying power | John Naughton
02/12 - The 12 best apps for Christmas – from what to cook to tracking Santa
02/12 - The doctor will call you now: are remote GP appointments safe?
01/12 - ‘We can’t let Tesla get away with this’: why Swedish unions are fighting Elon Musk
01/12 - James Dyson loses libel claim against Daily Mirror publisher
01/12 - ‘A betrayal’: Google workers protest Israeli military contract at vigil for ex-intern killed in airstrike
01/12 - ‘The Gospel’: how Israel uses AI to select bombing targets in Gaza
01/12 - ‘Like an unnecessarily horny seaside postcard’: Yorkshire comedy game Thank Goodness You’re Here!
01/12 - How problematic is mineral mining for electric cars?
30/11 - Can Elon Musk stop X going to the wall after tirade at advertisers?
30/11 - New Yorkers feel betrayed as police radio dispatches end: ‘You’d hear about nine shootings a day’
30/11 - Lawn and order: the evergreen appeal of grass-cutting in video games
30/11 - Best podcasts of the week: Marina Hyde and Richard Osman take on pop culture
30/11 - Google to pay Canada news publishers $73m a year to keep news in search
29/11 - ‘Almost like election night’: behind the scenes of Spotify Wrapped
29/11 - Pushing Buttons: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ushered in an era of technical brilliance – but creative timidity
29/11 - Elliot Ulm: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)
29/11 - SteamWorld Build review – tinker with a tiny township full of robots in hats
28/11 - Hamas invites Elon Musk to Gaza to see ‘extent of destruction’ by Israeli strikes
28/11 - The frantic battle over OpenAI shows that money triumphs in the end | Robert Reich
28/11 - Critics of Serbia’s government targeted with ‘military-grade spyware’
28/11 - TechScape: Why billions in sanctions can’t bring down Binance
27/11 - Elon Musk visits scene of kibbutz massacre with Benjamin Netanyahu
27/11 - Meta designed platforms to get children addicted, court documents allege
27/11 - US, UK and a dozen more countries unveil pact to make AI ‘secure by design’
27/11 - Tesla sues Sweden’s transport agency in escalation of strike row
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:54:36 - General website news.
04/12 - users angry at firm's response to hacks
04/12 - Kiss to become 'immortal' thanks to Abba's avatar technology
04/12 - Spotify to axe 1,500 workers to cut costs
03/12 - Could X go bankrupt under Elon Musk?
01/12 - GTA 6: Game to be unveiled with 5 December trailer
01/12 - Why weather in games is getting more realistic
01/12 - Will Tesla's cybertruck recover from its shattering start?
01/12 - TikTok: US judge blocks Montana's ban citing free speech
01/12 - Meta takes down China-based network of thousands of fake accounts
30/11 - hackers increase attacks on customers
30/11 - Inactive Google accounts to be deleted from Friday
30/11 - OpenAI chaos not about AI safety, says Microsoft boss
30/11 - Elon Musk launches profane attack on X advertisers
29/11 - Every Bitcoin payment 'uses a swimming pool of water'
29/11 - Cristiano Ronaldo faces $1bn lawsuit over Binance ads
29/11 - Amazon latest tech giant to announce AI chatbot
29/11 - London travel: Uber launches black cab sign-ups
29/11 - Molly Russell: Tech firms still failing after teenager's death, says father
28/11 - Ransomware hackers 'wreaking havoc' arrested in Ukraine
28/11 - Anger as some Google cloud customers locked out of files
28/11 - TikTok owner ByteDance cuts gaming division jobs
27/11 - Elon Musk visits Israel after antisemitism row
27/11 - Cyber-attack leaves home sales in limbo
27/11 - Children making AI-generated child abuse images, says charity
27/11 - The job-sharing apps that feel like online dating
26/11 - Slick videos or more 'authentic' content? The Israel-Gaza battles raging on TikTok and X
25/11 - Customers furious after HSBC down for more than 24 hours
24/11 - Could airports make hydrogen work as a fuel?
23/11 - Nvidia sued after video call mistake showed 'stolen' data
23/11 - Chipmaker Broadcom completes $69bn deal to buy VMware
23/11 - The electronic noses designed to prevent food poisoning
22/11 - OpenAI: A triumph of people power
22/11 - Sam Altman: Ousted OpenAI boss to return days after being sacked
22/11 - Omegle: ‘How I got the dangerous chat site closed down’
22/11 - Binance chief Changpeng Zhao pleads guilty to money laundering charges
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:53:09 - General website news.
04/12 - Brain Implants Helped 5 People Recover From Traumatic Injuries
03/12 - Who’s Who Behind the Dawn of the Modern Artificial Intelligence Movement
03/12 - How Elon Musk and Larry Page’s AI Debate Led to OpenAI and an Industry Boom
02/12 - Inside Kick, an Upstart Streaming Competitor to Twitch
02/12 - Netflix Builds a ‘Squid Game’ Universe as It Awaits a Second Season
01/12 - TikTok’s C.E.O. Uses Personal Touch to Address Antisemitism Concerns
01/12 - What’s Next for OpenAI, Binance Is Binanceled and A.I. Is Eating the Internet
01/12 - Judge Halts TikTok Ban in Montana
30/11 - Tesla Begins Delivery of the Cybertruck Today
30/11 - Advertisers Say They Do Not Plan to Return to X After Musk’s Comments
30/11 - 4,789 Facebook Accounts in China Impersonated Americans, Meta Says
30/11 - Big Companies Find a Way to Identify A.I. Data They Can Trust
30/11 - Elon Musk Uses a Crude Insult to Slam Advertisers for Pulling Back From X
30/11 - Disinformation Is Big Challenge as COP28 Opens in Dubai
30/11 - Back at OpenAI, Sam Altman Outlines the Company’s Priorities
29/11 - London’s Black Cabs Can Soon Join Uber. But Will They?
29/11 - Don’t Be Afraid of the iPhone’s NameDrop Feature, Experts Say
29/11 - Apple Is Doing Its Part to End Green Bubble Shaming. It’s Our Turn.
29/11 - G.M. to Cut Spending on Cruise Self-Driving Unit
29/11 - U.S. Debates How Much to Sever Electric Car Industry’s Ties to China
28/11 - For Sports Illustrated, Report About Fake Authors Is Latest Stumble
28/11 - Make Sure Your Google Accounts Are Active, or They Might Be Deleted
28/11 - Amazon Introduces Q, an A.I. Chatbot for Companies
27/11 - Elon Musk Meets With Netanyahu in Israel Amid Backlash Against Social Media Post
27/11 - Warnings Emerge Over Emirati A.I. Firm G42’s Ties to China
27/11 - How Your Child’s Online Mistake Can Ruin Your Digital Life
25/11 - At Meta, Millions of Underage Users Were an ‘Open Secret,’ States Say
24/11 - X May Lose Up to $75 Million in Revenue as More Advertisers Pull Out
24/11 - ¿Cuáles son los riesgos del armamento que funciona con IA?
23/11 - U.S. Case Details Binance’s Knowledge About Criminal Users
23/11 - Five Days of Chaos: How Sam Altman Returned to OpenAI
22/11 - Explaining OpenAI’s Board Shake-Up
22/11 - The OpenAI Drama Has a Clear Winner: The Capitalists
22/11 - Let Your Maps App Guide You Home for the Holidays
22/11 - Sam Altman Is Reinstated as OpenAI’s Chief Executive
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:53:03 - New technology website news.
04/12 - What Is Holding Back Neuromorphic Computing?
01/12 - Beyond Defense: Vital Scope of ITAR Compliance Spelled Out
30/11 - AI, AR Drive Memory Updates
30/11 - Strategies to Bridge the Gap Between EV Supply and Demand in ESG Development 
29/11 - 6G to Bring Physical, Digital Worlds Closer, Experts Say
29/11 - Eta Compute Signs Up NXP for TinyML Platform
29/11 - Discover the Future of Semicon and E-mobility in Europe
28/11 - Offshore Wind Farms: Lots of Power, Lots of Problems
28/11 - IoT Security Labeling Improving, But More Collaboration Needed
28/11 - Reliability challenges in 3D IC semiconductor design
27/11 - Optimizing Electronics Design With AI Co-Pilots
27/11 - Lumissil’s 3rd Gen Capacitive Sensing Technology Enhances Detection Reliability 
27/11 - Revolutionizing High-Voltage Controller Chips for Electric Vehicles 
27/11 - Ezkey Wins Outstanding Overseas Market Performance Distributor Award 
27/11 - Cytech Systems Wins the 2023 ASPENCORE ‘International Potential Star Distributor’ Award  
27/11 - Tenstorrent Gains Momentum in Asia With Rapidus Partnership
24/11 - Experts Sound Alarm About Manufacturing Design Data Security
23/11 - Miss Seeing Any of These Exclusive Interviews This Year?
21/11 - Ford Walks Fine Line as It Builds Gigafactory—With CATL
21/11 - How Micro-AUVs Are Revolutionizing Ocean Exploration
21/11 - Axelera AI Platform Accelerates Edge Application Deployment
21/11 - Ambarella CEO: ‘Chinese OEMs Are Copying the Tesla Model’
20/11 - RISC-V Summit Expands Influence, Shows Growing Pains
20/11 - Solving HDR Challenges in Newest Driving Systems
20/11 - AI Chip Startup Ceremorphic Moves Into Drug Discovery
20/11 - why Choose YMIN Polymer E-CAP in GaN-based AC/DC Converters 
17/11 - MediaTek Ups the Arms Race in Mobile SoCs
17/11 - ASVDA 2.0 Leads Taiwan Startups Towards International Markets – Taiwan Innotech Expo Showcases a Diverse Range of AIoT Applications 
16/11 - Studies Claim Software Drives More Safely Than Humans
15/11 - EV Batteries: Recycle Now or Reuse First?
14/11 - Experts: U.S. Plan for Drones to Counter China ‘Aspirational’
14/11 - Briocean Technology Has Achieved the Outstanding Rising Star Distributor Recognition at IIC 2023
13/11 - OEMs’ Sourcing Strategies Need to Account for Node Sizes
13/11 - Powering the Future of Medical Industry 
10/11 - Ambarella Demos LLM Inference on Autonomous Driving Chip
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:53:46 - New technology website news.
04/12 - Amazon Prime Video to lose live Premier League games from 2025/26
04/12 - What is PCIe? The interface standard explained
01/12 - Apple TV+ and Paramount+ could be the next streaming couple
01/12 - iPhone camera glitch gives bride-to-be a Matrix moment
01/12 - Does GTA 6 trailer news hint at the game's setting?
01/12 - Rockstar announces date and time for very first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer
30/11 - Xbox still wants Game Pass on PS5 and Switch
30/11 - When can you stream Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny on Disney Plus?
30/11 - Google will do anything to end the blue vs green bubble war
30/11 - Android-based devices got a massive feature drop today
30/11 - WhatsApp 'secret codes' seem built for love rats
30/11 - Apple announces App Store Awards winners for 2023
30/11 - Loewe unveils new Iconic TV customisation options
30/11 - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6 tipped for bigger screens
29/11 - iPhone iOS 17 NameDrop privacy fears debunked
29/11 - When can you stream The Marvels on Disney Plus?
29/11 - Netflix nabs Grand Theft Auto trilogy in biggest gaming heist yet
29/11 - OnePlus 12 display should get absurdly bright
29/11 - Ikea launches three super-affordable smart home sensors
28/11 - The Last of Us Season 2 has a special treat for hardcore game fans
28/11 - Apple Vision Pro buyers' beware – 2025 model rumoured to cost half
28/11 - My Deezer Year 2023 crashes the Spotify Wrapped party
28/11 - CES 2024: When is it and what to expect
28/11 - YouTube dips its toe into gaming with experimental Playables
28/11 - This Black Friday gaming monitor deal is still running
28/11 - OnePlus 12 confirmed to fix our biggest OnePlus 11 issue
28/11 - Roku's What to Watch makes it easier to find what you like
27/11 - Your inactive Google account may be deleted this week – here's how to stop it
27/11 - When is Spotify Wrapped 2023 out? Year-end music wrap coming soon
24/11 - Black Friday iPad 10 mega deal gets even better with AppleCare+
24/11 - How to watch Man City vs Liverpool: Premier League live stream
24/11 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023: How to watch F1 live on TV, online
22/11 - Call of Duty 2024 locked and loaded for Gulf War Black Ops – report
22/11 - YouTube's battle with ad-blockers is getting ugly
22/11 - Bard now pulls info from YouTube videos without having to watch
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:53:25 - General website news.
04/12 - Researcher claims Harvard nixed social media research after getting Zuck bucks
04/12 - Intel scores a reprieve in $2.18B VLSI patent case after court orders retrial
04/12 - California commission says Cruise withheld data about parking atop of a pedestrian
04/12 - Hershey phishes! - Crooks snarf chocolate lovers' creds
04/12 - Remember when the Hubble Space Telescope was more punchline than science powerhouse?
04/12 - 17% of Spotify employees face the music in latest cost-cutting shuffle
04/12 - Two new versions of OpenZFS fix long-hidden corruption bug
04/12 - Now is a good time to buy memory because prices rise next year, Gartner predicts
04/12 - Tech renders iconic rockers Kiss genuinely immortal
04/12 - Exposed Hugging Face API tokens offered full access to Meta's Llama 2
04/12 - Amazon hitches a ride with SpaceX for Project Kuiper launches
04/12 - AWS exec: 'Our understanding of open source has started to change'
04/12 - You can't deepfake diversity, and that's a good thing
04/12 - Steam client drops support on macOS, but adds it on Linux
04/12 - HP exec says quiet part out loud when it comes to locking in print customers
04/12 - 40 years of Turbo Pascal, the coding dinosaur that revolutionized IDEs
04/12 - World's largest nuclear fusion reactor comes online in Japan
04/12 - Sysadmin's favorite collection of infallible utilities failed … foully
04/12 - EU lawmakers finalize cyber security rules that panicked open source devs
04/12 - New Relic's cyber-something revealed as attack on staging systems, some users
04/12 - Linus Torvalds flags holiday-mode changes to next kernel merge window
04/12 - Creating a single AI-generated image needs as much power as charging your smartphone
04/12 - China's first undersea datacenter sinks – as planned
03/12 - 'Return to Office' declared dead
02/12 - Law secretly drafted by ChatGPT makes it onto the books
02/12 - Elon is the bakery owner swearing in the street about Yelp critics canceling him
02/12 - UK competition watchdog wins appeal – investigation into Apple will go on
02/12 - From Joaquin Phoenix to Rowan Atkinson, we enjoyed your Musk movie casting calls
02/12 - No new top boss at NSA until it answers questions about buying up location, browsing data
02/12 - Scores of US credit unions offline after ransomware infects backend cloud outfit
01/12 - Duke Uni libraries decamp from 37Signals' Basecamp over CTO's blogs
01/12 - Senate bill aims to stop Uncle Sam using facial recognition at airports
01/12 - Apple slaps patch on WebKit holes in iPhones and Macs amid fears of active attacks
01/12 - HPE says impact of AI on enterprise not 'overstated.' It must be hoping so
01/12 - UEFI flaws allow bootkits to pwn potentially hundreds of devices using images
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:50:49 - General website news.
04/12 - 23andMe admits hackers accessed 6.9 million users’ DNA Relatives data
04/12 - The influences of Godzilla Minus One go beyond the atom bomb
04/12 - Meta is removing the ability to see phone notifications on your Quest
04/12 - Tesla warns that the Model 3 is about to lose half of its tax credit in the US
04/12 - The Apple TV just got its first big native VPN app
04/12 - OpenAI COO thinks AI for business is overhyped
04/12 - GTA VI: all the news on Rockstar’s next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series
04/12 - Sony’s WH-1000XM5 have dropped to a new all-time low price
04/12 - This $1,000 card can store a message in DNA
04/12 - Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has another new trailer, and promises more details in ‘Summer 2024’
04/12 - Eve brings energy monitoring to its SmartThings integration
04/12 - Zach Gage’s Puzzmo gets acquired as the newspaper games space heats up
04/12 - The Google Pixel Watch 2 is selling for its lowest price of $299.99
04/12 - Verizon’s new Netflix and Max bundle costs $10 / month with ads
04/12 - TikTok’s Ticketmaster feature is now available outside of the US
04/12 - Now you can slide into Strava DMs
04/12 - Building for tomorrow
04/12 - Space lasers!
04/12 - Where are all the robot trucks?
04/12 - WhatsApp to let iOS users share pictures and videos in original quality
04/12 - Spotify to lay off 17 percent of its workforce in latest round of job cuts
04/12 - Kiss debuts ‘immortal’ digital avatars and plans to go ‘fully virtual’
04/12 - Bending Spoons confirmed it laid off all 22 of Filmic’s original staff
04/12 - The Verge’s 2023 PC gift guide
03/12 - Zoom’s new Apple TV meeting app uses your iPhone as the camera
03/12 - Garmin Venu 3S review: right features, wrong price
03/12 - A better way to YouTube
03/12 - Fortnite’s next chapter adds boss battles, Lego, Solid Snake, and a brand-new island
02/12 - The second ‘Halo’ season has a release date and a teaser trailer
02/12 - Fortnite’s Eminem concert teased the future of the game
02/12 - Fortnite and Lego join forces for ‘survival crafting’ game
02/12 - Amazon’s first Fallout trailer welcomes you to the wasteland
02/12 - Here’s how a bridal photo captured a single person in three poses at once
02/12 - The Ember Tumbler is a cool, high-tech travel mug — but it can’t handle the heat
02/12 - Federal judge vows to investigate Google for intentionally destroying chats
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:53:11 - General website news.
04/12 - Acer Medical joins forces with Taichung Veterans General Hospital to promote AI image identification
04/12 - Chip materials maker goes into debt rather than raise prices
04/12 - Modi shouldn't chase Musk to make in India: Mihir Sharma
04/12 - Generative AI's breakthrough in healthcare: charting new frontiers and industry opportunities
04/12 - E Ink and AUO innovate smart healthcare: low-power e-paper and Chinese medicine innovations
04/12 - Raimondo warns Nvidia not to cut corners and reiterates AI chip export control
04/12 - Global semiconductor equipment billings decrease in 3Q23, says SEMI
04/12 - Logicalis urges cloud-native security and AI integration for Taiwan supply chains
04/12 - Japanese battery material companies diversifying suppliers as China tightens exports
04/12 - India's PLI 2.0 recipient Netweb advances expansion plans
04/12 - Taiwan-based BMC chip makers optimistic over demand growth driven by AI servers and edge computing
04/12 - Taiwan unveils ambitious plans for geothermal power by 2050
04/12 - US' China-targeted battery rules likely to slow EV adoption
04/12 - Taiwanese CCL makers show resilience against PCB market headwinds, bolstered by booming AI applications
04/12 - Samsung unveils next-gen process lab, eyeing AI chips supremacy in 10 years
04/12 - LG's new home appliance products aim to seamlessly fuse into living spaces
04/12 - COP28 urgent calls for action as semiconductor industry faces scrutiny for high energy consumption
04/12 - Oppo's rapid growth in foldable smartphones driven by former Samsung veteran
04/12 - Taiwan emerges as a global hub for medical tech revolution, powering 90% of world's AI servers and manufacturing
04/12 - Qisda eyes ASEAN market surge with cutting-edge medical tech
04/12 - Samsung reportedly intends to support TCL CSOT in acquiring LGD's Guangzhou factory
04/12 - India-based HCL Group reportedly eyeing OSAT facility in southern India
04/12 - Dixon aims to be the Foxconn of India with new plant inauguration
04/12 - No, Porsche doesn't part ways with Apple while embracing Google's built-in
04/12 - Canadian startup Polytone Laser is changing the landscape of cancer treatment
04/12 - Global top-5 notebook brands experience over 20% on-month shipment drop in October, says DIGITIMES Research
04/12 - Taiwan-based IC design houses concerned about long-term impact of investment expansion in China
04/12 - Weekly news roundup: Semiconductors headed toward strong 2024 and other top stories
04/12 - India roundup: India may take 10 years to mass-produce 28nm chips and more stories
01/12 - Apple's Chinese suppliers in Supply Chain Expo to show commitment in China
01/12 - TSMC likely to win it all, with Samsung's 3nm reportedly losing several significant orders
01/12 - Canada's GestureTek Health aims to expand its video-gesture-control-based physiotherapy solutions to new markets
01/12 - Asian factories still under pressure on mixed demand rebound
01/12 - Broadcom to cut almost 1,300 VMware jobs in California after takeover
01/12 - Global notebook shipments rise in 3Q23 but to slip in 4Q23, says DIGITIMES Research
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:51:03 - General website news.
04/12 - Sony’s WH-1000XM5 headphones are down to an all-time low of $250
04/12 - Meta is disconnecting Messenger and Instagram chat later this month
04/12 - ChatGPT says that asking it to repeat words forever is a violation of its terms
04/12 - Verizon subscribers can get Netflix and Max for $10 a month
04/12 - TikTok's Ticketmaster integration expands to users outside the US
04/12 - Toyota unveils two EV crossover concepts arriving by 2025
04/12 - Fitness app Strava finally lets users message each other
04/12 - Spotify is laying off 1,500 employees, who will be notified later today
04/12 - DJI Osmo Pocket 3 review: Maybe the only vlogging camera you need
04/12 - A four-pack of Apple's AirTags is back on sale for $80
04/12 - WhatsApp now lets you share photos and videos in their original quality
04/12 - Microsoft's Seeing AI app for low-vision and blind users comes to Android
04/12 - Spotify is laying off 17 percent of employees across the company
04/12 - The Morning After: The cost of generating AI images
04/12 - Google's Pixel Watch 2 falls to a new low of $300
04/12 - Meta's latest AI suite makes speech translation more seamless and expressive
03/12 - Kiss’ final show ended with a performance by digital avatars made to immortalize the band
03/12 - Google is reportedly pushing the launch of its Gemini AI to 2024
03/12 - 23andMe hackers accessed ancestry information on millions of customers using a feature that matches relatives
02/12 - Amazon is swallowing its pride to ensure its internet satellites get to orbit on time
02/12 - Amazon just dropped the first teaser trailer for its Fallout series
02/12 - OpenAI’s GPT Store won’t be released until 2024
02/12 - The Morning After: Google's geothermal power plant in the desert and more
01/12 - Walmart says it’s no longer advertising on X
01/12 - The Game Awards raises an old question: What does indie mean?
01/12 - Google’s new AI experiment composes abstract musical clips inspired by instruments
01/12 - What did an iPhone camera do to this poor woman's arms?
01/12 - Meta's apps are still promoting child predation content, report finds
01/12 - A big Analogue Pocket restock is coming, but cart adapters are delayed again
01/12 - Telegram now offers all users limited transcriptions of voice messages
01/12 - Researchers quantify the carbon footprint of generating AI images
01/12 - All the best Cyber Monday deals that are still live on Amazon right now
01/12 - Apple's MacBook Pro M3 is on sale for $200 off
01/12 - Sony's WH-1000XM5 headphones are back on sale for $328
01/12 - Sci-fi RTS sequel Homeworld 3 will arrive on March 8
Mise à jour le 04/12/2023 à 22:51:24 - Camera website news.
04/12 - Sony a7CR review: high resolution in a small package
02/12 - Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice shortlist announced
01/12 - Party like it's 1992: Lomography LomoChrome '92 film review
30/11 - Best 2023 holiday deals on photography gear
30/11 - What Sony's gridline update tells us about the future of cameras
29/11 - iPhone 15 Plus sample gallery: Does resolution compensate for fewer photo options?
28/11 - Eight years after being announced, Kodak's Super 8 movie camera will finally ship in December
26/11 - Landscape composition: Beyond landscape
23/11 - The 7 Best compact zoom cameras
22/11 - Sony completes second round of AP testing of C2PA in-camera authenticity technology
21/11 - New: 7 Best cameras for travel
21/11 - 7 Best mirrorless cameras
21/11 - 5 Best cameras around $2000
21/11 - 6 Best high-end cameras
21/11 - 6 Best cameras under $1500
21/11 - 6 Best cameras under $1000
21/11 - Intro to Color Calibration: How monitor calibration actually works
18/11 - Best 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on photography gear
17/11 - LowePro PhotoSport Outdoor BP 24L AW III backpack review: A great pack for hikers who dabble in photography
16/11 - Five key points you need to know about the Sony a9 III
16/11 - Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 DG DN OS | Sports gallery and initial impressions
16/11 - Sigma releases 70-200mm DG DN OS: internal zoom tele lens for mirrorless
15/11 - DJI Air 3 vs. Mini 4 Pro: which compact drone is best?
14/11 - Ricoh announces Pentax WG-90, a take-anywhere rugged compact camera
14/11 - Sony a7C II review: small camera, little compromise
11/11 - iPhone 15 Pro sample gallery: Do its high-res photos measure up?
10/11 - What is global shutter: 3 ways it can change photography
09/11 - Sony a9 III sample gallery: Global shutter has arrived
08/11 - Sony a9 III: what you need to know
08/11 - Dream of shooting fashion shows? Here's how to start your runway journey.
07/11 - Sony announces a9 III: World's first full-frame global shutter camera
04/11 - Updated sample gallery: See the fall colors with Sony's A7C II
03/11 - Slideshow: Photography Hall of Fame awards four women 2023 honors
03/11 - Film Friday: How to make your own salt prints with 3 ingredients
02/11 - Canon announces the RF-S 10-18mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM, an ultra-wide zoom for APS-C cameras

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