Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:51:12 - General website news.
20/01 - Reuters reports EU wants details of Big Tech, telcos investment plans
20/01 - Reuters reveals Apple supplier BOE plans new factories in Vietnam
20/01 - Reuters reveals TikTok freezes consultant hiring for U.S. security deal as opposition mounts
09/01 - Reuters reveals Twitter removes suicide prevention feature, says it’s under revamp
28/12 - Reuters reveals Sam Bankman-Fried to reverse decision on contesting extradition
19/12 - Reuters reveals Microsoft seeks to settle EU antitrust concerns over Teams
09/12 - Reuters reveals Nokia smartphone maker HMD Global files EU antitrust complaint against VoiceAge EVS
11/11 - Reuters reveals Nvidia offers new advanced chip for China that meets U.S. export controls
07/11 - Reuters reveals output of Apple iPhones at major China plant could fall 30% amid COVID curbs
21/10 - Reuters reveals scores of Google rivals want EU tech law used in antitrust case
21/10 - Reuters reveals chip toolmaker KLA to stop sales and service to China to comply with U.S. export curbs
14/10 - Reuters reveals Google faces EU antitrust charges over its adtech business
10/10 - Reuters reveals senior Indonesian officials targeted by spyware last year
03/10 - Reuters exclusively reveals EU telcos call Big Tech for shared network costs, citing energy crisis, EU climate change
16/09 - Reuters reveals Biden to hit China with broader curbs on U.S. chip and tool exports
12/09 - Reuters reveals deal partner for Trump’s Truth Social fails to get backing for SPAC extension
12/09 - Reuters reveals Illumina in talks with EU regulators to divest Grail
12/09 - Reuters reveals Apple, Samsung could benefit as India aims to speed product safety approvals
02/09 - Reuters reveals U.S. sought records on Binance CEO for crypto money laundering probe
02/09 - Reuters reveals Twitter reshuffles ‘health’ team amid spam bot debate
30/08 - Reuters reveals win for Qualcomm as EU antitrust regulators will not appeal court ruling against $991 mln fine
22/08 - Reuters reveals Google Fiber plans 5-state growth spurt, biggest since 2015
10/08 - Reuters reveals Big Tech should share Europe network costs, France, Italy and Spain say
08/08 - Reuters reveals EU found evidence employee phones compromised with spyware
08/08 - Reuters reveals U.S. probes China’s Huawei over equipment near missile silos
08/08 - Reuters reveals Amazon issued 13,000 disciplinary notices at single U.S. warehouse
05/08 - Reuters reveals Myanmar’s junta rolls out Chinese camera surveillance systems in more cities
04/08 - Reuters reveals crypto crash threatens North Korea’s stolen funds as it ramps up weapons tests
01/08 - Reuters reveals state securities regulators investigating Celsius accounts freeze
01/08 - Reuters reveals Facial recognition startup Clearview AI drops sales chief, chunk of staff
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:50:30 - General website news.
27/01 - The camera never lies … What BeReal selfies have taught me about my fashion choices | Jess Cartner-Morley
27/01 - Mumbling actors, bad speakers or lazy listeners? Why everyone is watching TV with subtitles on
27/01 - GoldenEye 007: the beloved classic that reshaped video games
27/01 - Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! review – saddle up for eccentricity
27/01 - Elon Musk ‘doesn’t seem like’ right person to own Twitter, says co-founder
26/01 - Biden vows to veto Republican plans that threaten economic ‘chaos’ – as it happened
26/01 - The one change that didn’t work: I deleted all my social media apps – and found myself bored
26/01 - Best podcasts of the week: The adult actress who became the unwitting face of a thousand catfishing scams
26/01 - Can video games change people’s minds about the climate crisis?
26/01 - State-linked hackers in Russia and Iran are targeting UK groups, NCSC warns
26/01 - How will ChatGPT transform creative work? – podcast
25/01 - First UK industrial action against Amazon is ‘making an impact’, says GMB
25/01 - Microsoft investigates outage affecting Teams and Outlook users worldwide
25/01 - Pepper spray for the school run? The weaponised SUV set to terrify America’s streets
25/01 - Indian ban on BBC Modi film puts Musk’s Twitter ‘free speech’ vow to the test
25/01 - Pushing Buttons: Why the force is still strong with Star Wars video games
25/01 - All the (open) world’s a stage: how the video game Fallout became a backdrop for live Shakespeare shows
25/01 - Dating app background and ID checks being considered in bid to fight abuse
25/01 - Musk tells court he lacked ‘specific’ funding to take Tesla private
25/01 - Justice department alleges Google tried to ‘eliminate’ ad market rivals in lawsuit
25/01 - ‘It felt like a job application’: the people weeding out first dates with questionnaires
24/01 - TechScape: Is ‘banning’ TikTok protecting users or censorship? It depends who you ask
24/01 - Twitter sued in London and San Francisco over alleged unpaid rent
24/01 - I’m a corporate fraud investigator. You wouldn’t believe the hubris of the super-rich
23/01 - Microsoft confirms multibillion dollar investment in firm behind ChatGPT
23/01 - Spotify to cut 600 jobs after CEO admits to expanding too quickly
23/01 - ‘No miracles needed’: Prof Mark Jacobson on how wind, sun and water can power the world
23/01 - World of Warcraft to go offline in China, leaving millions of gamers bereft
23/01 - Activist investor Elliott takes stake in Slack owner Salesforce
23/01 - Twitter to launch ad-free subscription tier, Elon Musk says
23/01 - ‘No chance’ of global heating below 1.5C but nuclear tech ‘promising’ in climate crisis, Bill Gates says
23/01 - Surface Pro 9 review: Microsoft’s best tablet – if you pick the right one
23/01 - ‘It’s the opposite of art’: why illustrators are furious about AI
22/01 - Is Elon Musk’s Twitter in too much trouble to cover its debts?
22/01 - ‘Not soulless blocks of rice’: the secret world of Japan’s robot sushi chefs
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:51:04 - General website news.
27/01 - Musk's Boring Company shows off Las Vegas tunnels
27/01 - Lockdowns linked to tenfold rise in child sex imagery
27/01 - Warning over risky electric blankets sold online
27/01 - Hemp makes a comeback in the construction industry
27/01 - US hacks back against Hive ransomware crew
26/01 - Donald Trump to be allowed back on to Facebook and Instagram
26/01 - Punchbags become smart with activity-tracking cover
25/01 - Twitter sued over antisemitic posts left online
25/01 - Microsoft says services have recovered after widespread outage
24/01 - US accuses Google of 'driving out' ad rivals
24/01 - Ticketmaster apologises for Taylor Swift tour sales fiasco
24/01 - Elon Musk says Tesla tweet was genuine in fraud case
24/01 - ChatGPT: Microsoft to invest billions in chatbot maker OpenAI
24/01 - Climate change: Bill Gates backs Australian start-up targeting cow burps
24/01 - Heat pumps: The 'geeks' obsessing over their new heating systems
23/01 - BT customer contracts face probe by regulator
23/01 - Spotify cuts jobs in latest round of tech layoffs
23/01 - Merriam-Webster buys Wordle-style hit game Quordle
20/01 - Google parent Alphabet to cut 12,000 jobs
20/01 - Crypto lender Genesis files for bankruptcy
20/01 - The race to make diesel engines run on hydrogen
19/01 - Netflix offers pay package of up to $385,000 for flight attendant
19/01 - New FTX boss John Ray could bring back bankrupt crypto firm
19/01 - 'I use Call of Duty to speak to my family in Iran'
19/01 - Cyber-crime gangs' earnings slide as victims refuse to pay
19/01 - Bitzlato crypto founder charged with $700m financial crimes
18/01 - Twitter's bird statue sells for $100,000 at auction
18/01 - Microsoft to cut 10,000 jobs as spending slows
18/01 - AI image creator faces UK and US legal challenges
18/01 - Gamers say goodbye to Google's Stadia as platform shuts
18/01 - FTX: Collapsed crypto exchange says $415m was hacked
18/01 - Elon Musk trial: Prospective jurors call him narcissistic, smart
17/01 - Nick Cave says ChatGPT's AI attempt to write Nick Cave lyrics 'sucks'
17/01 - Wikipedia criticises 'harsh' new Online Safety Bill plans
17/01 - Tech bosses could face jail after Tory MPs revolt on bill
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:51:05 - General website news.
27/01 - On Trump’s Truth Social: Ads for Miracle Cures, Scams and Fake Merchandise
27/01 - Meta’s Trump Calculus and Regime Change at Netflix
27/01 - A Federal Court Blocks California’s New Medical Misinformation Law
26/01 - Justice Dept. Dismantles a Major Ransomware Operation
26/01 - Stripe Hires Investment Banks to Explore Public Listing
26/01 - University of Texas Will Offer Large-Scale Online Master’s Degree in A.I.
26/01 - TikTok’s New Defense in Washington: Going on the Offense
25/01 - Meta to Reinstate Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts
25/01 - Ukraine’s Scientists Receive a Funding Lifeline From Abroad
25/01 - Tesla’s Profit Jumped 12% in Fourth Quarter
25/01 - Microsoft Outlook and Teams Are Back Online After Morning Outages
25/01 - Everyone Wants Your Email Address. Think Twice Before Sharing It.
25/01 - Tesla Will Build Heavy Trucks at a New Factory in Nevada
24/01 - Elon Musk Said Tesla Buyout Plan Didn’t Involve ‘a Specific Number’
24/01 - Microsoft Revenue Up 2 Percent, but Profit Drops 12 Percent
24/01 - DOJ Sues Google Over Ad Technology
24/01 - The Unknown Hedge Fund That Got $400 Million From Sam Bankman-Fried
24/01 - Emailing Your Doctor May Carry a Fee
24/01 - What’s Behind All Those Tech Layoffs? A New Economic Reality
23/01 - Elon Musk Says He Could Have Raised Funds to Take Tesla Private
23/01 - Supreme Court Puts Off Cases on Social Media Moderation
23/01 - Spotify to Shed 6% of Its Work Force in Latest Round of Tech Layoffs
23/01 - Microsoft to Invest $10 Billion in OpenAI, the Creator of ChatGPT
23/01 - For Tech Companies, Years of Easy Money Yield to Hard Times
21/01 - Elon Musk Testifies That His Tweets Did Not Drive Tesla’s Stock Price
20/01 - How Smart Are the Robots Getting?
20/01 - Tech Layoffs Shock Young Workers. The Older People? Not So Much.
20/01 - Instagram and Facebook Should Update Nude Photo Rules, Meta Board Says
20/01 - Elon’s Crumbling Empire and Generative A.I. Goes to Court
20/01 - Google Calls in Larry Page and Sergey Brin to Tackle ChatGPT and A.I. Chatbots
20/01 - Genesis, a Crypto Lending Firm, Files for Bankruptcy
20/01 - T-Mobile Says Hacker Got Data From 37 Million Customer Accounts
19/01 - Supreme Court Poised to Reconsider Key Tenets of Online Speech
18/01 - Bomb Cyclone? Or Just Windy with a Chance of Hyperbole?
18/01 - Bitcoin Price Rallies to Recoup Losses Since FTX Collapse
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:51:47 - New technology website news.
27/01 - New Book Presents Plan to Tackle Climate Change
26/01 - BoW Strengthens Pathway to Chiplet Standardization
26/01 - EU, U.S. Making Moves to Address Ethics in AI
25/01 - Where Will AI Take Us This Year?
23/01 - Discovering New Enhancements in Light-based Wireless Charging
20/01 - Perceive Runs Transformers at the Edge with Second-Gen Chip
19/01 - Jim Keller Steps Into CEO Role at Tenstorrent
19/01 - MEMS Maker Atomica Set to Seek CHIPS Funding
18/01 - Memory Industry to Hit Muddy Waters in 2023
17/01 - Untether AI SDK Allows Bare-Metal Programming
17/01 - Expanding Horizons: Briocean’s Upgraded Shenzhen Headquarters Unveiled
16/01 - Giving Guadalajara Its Due as a Hotbed for Innovation
13/01 - AI Must Be Secured at the Silicon Level
13/01 - Imec Crafting Tools to Treat Cancer, Sequence Proteomes
12/01 - IO-Link Solves Industrial Automation Bottlenecks
12/01 - Analog IPs Automate Integration, Tune to Fab Nodes
12/01 - Analog Bridges Digital Electronics in IoT Designs
12/01 - Supersampling with Analog Sensors
12/01 - Achieving Unprecedented Power Savings with Analog ML
12/01 - Tackling RF Design Challenges in 5G Rollout
12/01 - EDA Tools for Analog: Where Do I Go From Here?
12/01 - How a Class E Converter Operates with Dual Frequency
12/01 - Why AC-DC Converters Matter in Fast Charging Stations
12/01 - Where Sensor Fusion and Sensor Processors Stand in IoT
12/01 - DC-DC Converters: Increase Efficiency and Avoid Bistability
12/01 - Micron Pushes DRAM Node for Mobile First
12/01 - Lithium Batteries for EVs: NMC or LFP?
11/01 - Optimizing WBG Devices for High Voltage Applications
11/01 - The Importance of 3D IC Ecosystem Collaboration
11/01 - Why WiFi6 for IoT products 
11/01 - Energous Expands Wireless Power Network Ecosystem
10/01 - Will GaN Technology Close the Performance Gap for 5G mmWave?
10/01 - Samsung, Micron Battle for NAND Supremacy
06/01 - Experts: U.S. Military Chip Supply Is Dangerously Low
06/01 - 5G IoT Satellites Countdown for Takeoff
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:50:20 - New technology website news.
27/01 - The Last Of Us renewed for Season 2 by HBO
27/01 - How to watch Man City vs Arsenal for free on TV and online – FA Cup channel guide
26/01 - Netflix password sharing days are almost over and Brits face a shock
26/01 - OnePlus Pad: Everything we know about the upcoming Android tablet
26/01 - Is Spotify down? Streaming service confirms outage
26/01 - Another major Samsung Galaxy S23 spec confirmed
26/01 - Don't count on The Last of Us 3, Naughty Dog says
26/01 - iPhone 15 Ultra could have performance advantages over iPhone 15 Pro
26/01 - Samsung UK reveals early Galaxy S23 deal
26/01 - Apple reportedly engaged in 'silent war' with Google
26/01 - iPhone 15 tipped for a belated Wi-Fi 6E connectivity upgrade
25/01 - Xbox Developer Direct Round-up: Redfall release date and huge Hi-Fi Rush surprise
25/01 - Apple's 'silent war' on Google could revolve around search
25/01 - Xbox Game Pass hits 'new highs' despite sub-par 2022
25/01 - GoldenEye 007 Remaster hits Switch and Xbox this week
25/01 - How to watch Nottingham Forest vs Man United EFL Cup semi-final: Live stream and listen for free
25/01 - OnePlus will launch a second phone in one region on February 7
25/01 - Samsung Galaxy S23 range set for a price bump in Europe
25/01 - One important component of the new MacBook Pro M2 is slower
25/01 - Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Xbox Live and more down
25/01 - Bowers and Wilkins launch S2 versions of Pi7 and Pi5 wireless earbuds
24/01 - Look out, Samsung! Oppo Find N2 Flip foldable may be heading west
24/01 - Samsung Galaxy Book 3 will debut world's first touchscreen tech
24/01 - Setting up a new Android phone is about to get much easier
24/01 - The Galaxy S23 Ultra could be a low light monster
24/01 - Android 14 to tackle malware by blocking older apps
24/01 - Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera details leak
24/01 - Apple has no reason to release a HomePod mini 2 yet – Gurman
23/01 - £30 kit could fix the Switch Joy-Con issues Nintendo won't
23/01 - Apple 'Reality Pro' headset features laid bare in hugely revealing report
23/01 - iOS 16.3 arrives with iCloud Advanced Data Protection and fix for iPhone 14 Pro Max bug
21/01 - How to watch Liverpool vs Chelsea: Live stream on TV or online and listen for free
20/01 - Photo sharing in WhatsApp is about to improve dramatically
20/01 - Amazon Music Unlimited is raising subscription prices in the UK and US
19/01 - How Instagram's new Quiet Mode can help you shut out the din
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:50:12 - General website news.
27/01 - Three seconds of audio could end up costing Fox $500,000
27/01 - US ban on China chip exports rebounds, causes 2,700 job losses
27/01 - Scientists conclude cats only have three personalities after YouTube clip binge
27/01 - Home Depot sent my email, details of stuff I bought to Meta, customer complains
27/01 - US in talks with critical chip tech countries Netherlands, Japan. Topic? China sanctions
27/01 - AWS, Microsoft, Google among businesses owed money after FTX collapse
27/01 - Experts warn of steep increase in Java costs under changes to Oracle license regime
27/01 - What is Google doing with its open source teams?
27/01 - Have we hit a climate tipping point? Green power attracting big money
27/01 - User was told three times 'Do Not Reboot This PC' – then unplugged it anyway
27/01 - Truck-size asteroid makes one of the tightest fly-bys of Earth ever recorded
27/01 - Poor Meta. Technical debt and user training made its exabyte-scale data migration tricky
27/01 - UK Cyber Security Centre's scary new story: One phish, two phish, Russia phish, Iran phish
27/01 - Intel inside a world of pain as revenue plunges by a third
27/01 - Google slays thousands of fake news vids posted by pro-China group Dragonbridge
27/01 - US ban on China chip exports rebounds, causes 2,700 American job losses
27/01 - Disaster recovery blunder broke New York Stock Exchange this week
27/01 - Musk: Tesla's doing great. I mean, have you seen my Twitter follower count?
26/01 - How to shave years off the journey from military lab to real-world use
26/01 - Smart ovens do really dumb stuff to check for Wi-Fi
26/01 - FBI smokes ransomware Hive after secretly buzzing around gang's network for months
26/01 - VMwhat? Dell snaps up Cloudify for multi-cloud orchestration
26/01 - Aviation overhaul bill passes US House... for the third time
26/01 - Automotive industry is driving revenue for at least one chip company: STMicroelectronics
26/01 - Broadcom's $61b VMWare merger faces another hurdle: UK's competition watchdog
26/01 - Memory safety is the new black, fashionable and fit for any occasion
26/01 - Google gives in to India Android antitrust verdict, kinda
26/01 - SAP culls 3,000 jobs from CRM business and its results weren't even that bad
26/01 - Space mining startup prepping to launch 'demo' refinery... this April
26/01 - UK govt Matrix has unenviable task of consolidating several different ERP systems
26/01 - Tech job bloodbath comes to IBM, CFO links layoffs to Kyndryl, Watson Health
26/01 - Techies ask PM to 'prepare UK chip strategy as a matter of urgency'
26/01 - Lockheed Martin demos 50kW anti-aircraft frickin' laser beam
26/01 - Bloke allegedly stole, sold private info belonging to 'tens of millions' globally
26/01 - Microsoft shells out for 2.5GW of solar. Not that it'll make a big dent in its emissions
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:51:06 - General website news.
27/01 - MoviePass 2.0 is opening up the invite waitlist again before its public launch this summer
27/01 - Mercedes-Benz is the first to bring Level 3 automated driving to the US
27/01 - Apple is reportedly working on a way to make AR apps that’s as simple as talking to Siri
27/01 - HBO’s The Last of Us is getting a second season
27/01 - Meet the black bear that took 400 selfies
27/01 - World Surf League adopts Apple Watch as its ‘official wearable’ for competitions
27/01 - How romance works in Fire Emblem Engage
27/01 - Bob Iger’s big changes at Disney could lead to more layoffs
27/01 - In My Mother’s Skin is a truly frightening and gruesome fairy tale
27/01 - The Dead Space remake doesn’t support the Steam Deck, and that’s a shame
27/01 - No, Microsoft DirectStorage isn’t slashing RTX 4090 performance by 10 percent
27/01 - God of War Ragnarök on PS5 just received its first big discount
27/01 - The first AI-written speech delivered by congressman is as flavorless as you’d expect
27/01 - Google services to offer more accurate information in compliance with EU
27/01 - Medium welcomes posts written with AI as long they’re ‘clearly labeled’
27/01 - Friday’s top tech news: a remake and a remaster
27/01 - Amsterdam’s underwater parking garage fits 7,000 bicycles and zero cars
27/01 - Samsung’s Galaxy S23 may cost more than its predecessor
27/01 - Now Google Search results for cars include what’s on the lot at nearby dealerships
27/01 - YouTube says it’s fixing the bug that let someone fake a new oldest video
27/01 - Google’s expanding Chrome’s Incognito lockdown on mobile and Safety Check
27/01 - Thursday’s top tech news: another Cybertruck delay
27/01 - GoldenEye 007 is now available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox
27/01 - The best phone to buy right now
27/01 - The best smartphone you can buy for under $500
26/01 - Ford focuses on mobile services to help more customers escape dealership trips
26/01 - New York City will require Uber and Lyft to go 100 percent electric by 2030
26/01 - Spotify is back after an outage
26/01 - TikTok’s pushing its expanded DM options
26/01 - The Samsung Galaxy S23 might be able to survive a waist-high drop on concrete
26/01 - Microsoft strikes ‘strategic alliance’ with solar manufacturer
26/01 - The Pod Generation envisions the future as an egalitarian dystopia of the soul
26/01 - Audi’s latest concept car is a luxury coupe that transforms into a truck
26/01 - BuzzFeed says it will use AI tools from OpenAI to personalize its content
26/01 - Yes, Twitter changed its font
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:50:08 - General website news.
27/01 - BYD surpasses LGES to become second-largest global maker of EV batteries
27/01 - China's LFP battery cathode material capacity glut will surface in 2023-2024?
27/01 - Digi-Triumph cultivates battery technology for energy storage business opportunities
27/01 - miniLED-backlit LCD, OLED in competition for use in automotive displays
26/01 - Denso cooperating with Taiwan semiconductor makers in restructuring supply chain
26/01 - Japan chip development policy highlights security and revitalization
26/01 - Foundry fabs may see automotive clients cut back on orders
26/01 - BYD semiconductor halts IPO plan
25/01 - VIS lands increasing orders from China, US, Europe on geopolitical effects
25/01 - Foxconn ventures deeper into India to coordinate with Apple new regional plans
25/01 - Panel production utilization to remain low in 1Q23
25/01 - Network device makers post record revenues for 2022, upbeat about 2023
24/01 - Reusing retired batteries in energy storage systems becoming trend
24/01 - Opportunities and challenges for semiconductor industry in automotive applications (2)
24/01 - Passive component makers deepening deployments in sensor segment
24/01 - IQE CEO: compound semiconductors will go from niche to mainstream
23/01 - Japan to relax regulations on 200kW quick-charge stations to spread EV infrastructure
23/01 - Taiwan plans to apply hydrogen energy to power generation, manufacturing processes, transportation
23/01 - Additional PV installation in Taiwan faced with three challenges says TPiSA chairman
23/01 - Opportunities and challenges for semiconductor industry in automotive applications (1)
20/01 - Nanobubble technology startup Water Design Japan brings water-purifying solutions to reduce water usage
20/01 - Japan enforcing new industrial policy for semiconductor industry
20/01 - ODM growth may not come until 2024: Q&A with Quanta vice chairman CC Leung
20/01 - Aiello plans to move into long-term care institutions and cloud integration bot services
19/01 - VIS to see fab utilization rebound after hitting bottom in 1Q23
19/01 - Taiwan NCC approves 2 telecom carrier mergers
19/01 - Can Gelsinger's wishful goal be achieved?
19/01 - Cybersecurity investment to grow by 13% in 2023, says Canalys
19/01 - Zoom opens cloud data center in Taiwan
19/01 - Innolux liquid crystal extraction process reduces procurement expenses by US$14 million
19/01 - Advancement in semiconductor processes gives storage suppliers strong base for 2023 operations
19/01 - Wi-Fi 6E penetration in PCs to rise on new MacBook Pro adoption
19/01 - China semiconductor players join FD-SOI process bandwagon
19/01 - China chipmaker Loongson completes tape-out of new homegrown CPU
19/01 - Sonatus brings networking capabilities to car industry, fast-tracking SDV production
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:50:23 - General website news.
27/01 - CWA files unfair labor practice charge against eBay's trading card subsidiary
27/01 - Bowers & Wilkins Px8 review: Incredible sound comes at a cost
27/01 - 'Stranger Things' helped Netflix dominate the streaming charts in 2022
27/01 - HBO renews 'The Last of Us' for a second season
27/01 - Apple will reportedly let anyone make apps for its mixed reality headset using Siri
27/01 - LG, Samsung and TCL TVs drop ahead of the Super Bowl, plus the rest of the week's best tech deals
27/01 - Apple Watch can now be used by pro surfers during competition
27/01 - What to expect from Samsung's February Unpacked event
27/01 - What we bought: Thrustmaster’s T300RS GT Edition has made my digital driving a joy
27/01 - The best midrange smartphones for 2023
27/01 - Google agrees to provide clearer information on its services to EU users
27/01 - Engadget Podcast: MacBook Pro M2 review, Samsung Unpacked preview
27/01 - The Morning After: Will AI be your next lawyer?
27/01 - Samsung's Galaxy Buds 2 are $55 off right now
27/01 - Apple reportedly delays development of its own WiFi chips
27/01 - Chrome can now lock Incognito tabs on Android behind biometric authentication
26/01 - NYC wants all Uber and Lyft cars to be electric by 2030
26/01 - Dutch hacker arrested for trying to sell the personal information of nearly every Austrian citizen
26/01 - ChatGPT (barely) passed graduate business and law exams
26/01 - DOJ says it disrupted a major global ransomware group
26/01 - New York’s flood sensor network will soon expand across the city
26/01 - Audi's Activesphere EV concept is built for off-roading and augmented reality
26/01 - BuzzFeed is the latest publisher to embrace AI-generated content
26/01 - Uber Eats now shows users which of their personal details couriers can see
26/01 - OnePlus teases its first tablet ahead of next month’s official reveal
26/01 - Tesla Cybertruck won't enter mass production until 2024
26/01 - 'Dead Space' is the new benchmark for video game remakes
26/01 - Apple's Studio Display drops to a record low price at Amazon
26/01 - Ayaneo 2 review: A more premium (and pricier) take on the Steam Deck
26/01 - Amazon's Blink Wired Floodlight Camera is now available for $100
26/01 - CNET had to correct most of its AI-written articles
26/01 - The Morning After: Donald Trump is getting his Facebook and Instagram accounts back
26/01 - IK's iRig Stream Mic Pro is a do-it-all microphone for musicians and content creators
26/01 - Jail threats stop AI 'robot lawyer' from making its debut in court
26/01 - 'Minecraft Legends' delivers blocky base-building action on April 18th
Mise à jour le 27/01/2023 à 20:51:08 - Camera website news.
27/01 - Film Friday: This DIY device lets you capture metadata information for your film photography
26/01 - Planetary defense radar prototype captures detailed images of the moon
26/01 - Formula 1 POV: All F1 drivers to wear Driver's Eye micro cameras inside their visors in 2023
25/01 - OM Digital Solutions teases product announcement, believed to be a new 90mm F3.5 2x macro lens
25/01 - Cosina's Voigtländer 50mm F1 Aspherical lens will soon be available with a native Nikon Z-mount
25/01 - Finer Points: What would you want to see in a hybrid camera? For me it’s shutter angle and 32-bit float audio
25/01 - You can purchase custom high-res satellite imagery for under $200
24/01 - Nikon’s Z50 gets eye-detection AF for video with 2.40 firmware update
24/01 - If it's cold outside, here's what you need to know to operate your drone safely
23/01 - Slideshow: Winning images from the 2022 Ocean Art Photo Competition
23/01 - Laowa announces Proteus 2x anamorphic lenses for Super35 sensors
23/01 - Testing the Fujifilm 56mm F1.2 WR for use as our studio lens
22/01 - Landscape Composition – Part 7: the Thing About Sky
22/01 - Canon EOS R6 Mark II Sample Gallery (DPReview TV)
21/01 - DPReview TV: Canon EOS R6 Mark II Final Review
20/01 - Film Friday: A hands-on review of the NONS SL660 SLR-style Instax Square camera
20/01 - Fly the same route again and again for creative video with DJI's Waypoints
19/01 - How astrophotographer Bray Falls helped to confirm the discovery of the Andromeda Oxygen Arc and what's next
19/01 - Five OM-D cameras get firmware update to support the upcoming M.Zuiko 90mm F3.5 Macro IS Pro lens
19/01 - Panasonic's director of imaging talks S5 II, Micro Four Thirds and the need for small cameras
19/01 - Finer Points: Auto focus boxes need an upgrade, give me a rainbow in this monotone world
18/01 - Topaz Photo AI review: Numerous ML-powered tools all in one app
18/01 - Hands on with the Panasonic Lumix DC-S5 II
18/01 - Sony FE 20-70mm F4 G Sample Gallery
18/01 - Sony is developing a 300mm F2.8 G Master OSS lens, set for an ‘early 2024’ launch
17/01 - Apple announces M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets, promising more processing power and improved power efficiency
17/01 - Apple announces updated MacBook Pro and Mac Mini models with new high-end M2 chipsets
17/01 - DPReview TV: Sony 20-70mm F4 G Review
17/01 - Sony announces FE 20-70mm F4 G standard + ultrawide zoom lens
16/01 - DPReview Readers' Choice Awards 2022: Product of the Year
14/01 - DPReview TV: Sony a7R V final review
13/01 - Sigma 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG DN Sport Sample Gallery
13/01 - Fujifilm's X-H2S gets new AF tracking modes for drone and insect with firmware version 3.00
12/01 - DPReview TV: Sigma 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG DN OS Sport Review
12/01 - Sigma announces $1999 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 DG DN OS super zoom for E-mount, L-mount cameras

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