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18/06 - Facebook takes down Trump ads over 'organized hate' policy
18/06 - Semiconductor manufacturers reach deal to supply U.S. defense chips
18/06 - Robinhood trading app back online after major outage
18/06 - Robinhood trading app experiences outage, back online
18/06 - UK ditches homegrown COVID-19 tracing app to use Google-Apple model
18/06 - U.S. House panel hears from Facebook, Google, Twitter on election security
18/06 - France's top court rejects core of law targeting online hate speech
18/06 - Robinhood trading app experiences trading outage
18/06 - No date for release of test-and-trace app in UK, minister says
18/06 - Facebook sues individuals for offering to extract data, gather likes
18/06 - Amazon and Valentino file joint lawsuit over shoe counterfeiting
18/06 - Amazon, Valentino file joint lawsuit over shoes counterfeiting
18/06 - DC superheroes coming to your headphones as Spotify signs podcast deal
18/06 - UK ditches COVID-19 app model to use Google-Apple system
18/06 - Russia lifts ban on Telegram messaging app after failing to block it
18/06 - UK ditches COVID-19 app model to use Google-Apple system, BBC says
18/06 - Germany wants to rescue talks with U.S. on digital services tax
18/06 - Shunning international tax talks could trigger trade war: OECD
18/06 - Reliance says Saudi's PIF to invest $1.49 billion in Jio
18/06 - Thai central bank to develop payment system prototype for business using digital currency
18/06 - Saudi wealth fund to invest $1.49 billion in India's Jio Platforms
18/06 - Italy wants a global agreement on digital tax by end of 2020: Economy Minister
18/06 - U.S.-China tech war bigger risk than coronavirus, EU chamber chief says
18/06 - Europe threatens digital taxes without global deal, after U.S. quits talks
18/06 - Deutsche Post sees Amazon dependence falling as online booms
18/06 - Online fashion stocks in vogue as coronavirus speeds ecommerce
18/06 - Ford to offer hands-free driving in 2021 - six years after Tesla
18/06 - Kenya video-conference platform elbows its way into crowded field
18/06 - Spain will not accept threats over digital tax - govt spokeswoman
18/06 - Facebook to share privacy report to new board committee, FTC
18/06 - EU ready to go it alone on taxation of digital firms
18/06 - UK says it still wants global digital tax as U.S. quits talks
18/06 - Exclusive: Massive spying on users of Google's Chrome shows new security weakness
18/06 - Alibaba's Ant Group appoints new chief technology officer
18/06 - Australian regulator says Google's $2.1 billion Fitbit deal could harm competition
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22/06 - UK children get tool to help stop nude images being shared online
22/06 - How to take a good photograph of the moon on your phone or camera with the right settings
22/06 - Bitcoin price slumps further as China tightens crackdown
21/06 - The problem isn’t remote working – it’s clinging to office-based practices | Alexia Cambon
21/06 - Cyberpunk 2077 finally launched on PlayStation 4
21/06 - Robots may soon be able to reproduce - will this change how we think about evolution? | Emma Hart
21/06 - Uber and Lyft fares surge as pandemic recedes – but drivers don’t get ‘piece of pie’
21/06 - Pixel Buds A-Series review: Google’s cheaper but good earbuds
20/06 - Sir Patrick Vallance handed tech role to build on vaccine success
20/06 - Gaming disorders triple among young during year of UK lockdowns
19/06 - On my radar: Anne Enright’s cultural highlights
18/06 - ByteDance revenues more than double on back of TikTok boom
18/06 - Thirty Tesla crashes linked to assisted driving system under investigation in US
18/06 - Tom Hanks ruined my life! – podcasts of the week
17/06 - About 2.3m Britons hold cryptocurrencies despite warnings of risk
17/06 - How remote work opened the floodgates to ransomware
17/06 - Nine out of 10 health apps harvest user data, global study shows
16/06 - Game Builder Garage review – Nintendo lets you loose on its building blocks
16/06 - Alex Gallagher: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)
16/06 - George RR Martin, console-less games and a Final Fantasy fail: the biggest news from E3 2021
16/06 - Amazon blames social media for struggle with fake reviews
16/06 - Eat Just is racing to put ‘no-kill meat’ on your plate. Is it too good to be true?
16/06 - Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 review: Windows 10 as it is meant to be
15/06 - E3 2021: Nintendo dates The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 for 2022
15/06 - Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott gives away $2.7bn to hundreds of charities
15/06 - The internet’s not all bad: how a tweet led my dad to his dream job at Costco
15/06 - Eat a banana! Get off Twitter! How to be more productive at work
15/06 - From fly oil to 3D-printed biscuits: the women reimagining the food of the future
15/06 - No, Apple’s new policy doesn’t mean it’s banning Grindr
14/06 - Virtual intimacy: is the era of actual sexual contact under threat?
14/06 - Bitcoin price back above $40,000 after Elon Musk comments
14/06 - WhatsApp boss decries attacks on encryption as Orwellian
14/06 - Ransomware is biggest online threat to people in UK, spy agency chief to warn
14/06 - Age of the cyber-attack: US struggles to curb rise of digital destabilization
14/06 - Rishi Sunak’s billionaire in-laws hit with £5.5m bill in Amazon India tax dispute
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22/06 - Tinder boss says Covid changed how we swipe right
22/06 - Facebook's VR ads test loses first game after backlash
22/06 - Google investigated over 'dominance' in ad market
22/06 - How farmers and scientists are engineering your food
22/06 - Bumble closes to give 'burnt-out' staff a week's break
22/06 - China tells banks to stop supporting cryptocurrency
21/06 - German watchdog probes Apple's market dominance
21/06 - Snapchat removes controversial speed filter
21/06 - Online shopping boom drives rush for warehouse space
21/06 - The Lazarus heist: How North Korea almost pulled off a billion-dollar hack
21/06 - AI-driven robot Mayflower sails back after fault develops
21/06 - ‘Virtual beauty tests used to be gimmicky but now they are useful’
18/06 - HarmonyOS: Hands-on with Huawei's rival to Android
18/06 - Facebook tests ads in virtual reality headsets
18/06 - ICO watchdog 'deeply concerned' over live facial recognition
18/06 - TikTok owner ByteDance sees its earnings double in 2020
18/06 - How market research reveals what you really think
18/06 - Pornhub videos: Women sue, alleging lack of consent
17/06 - Nuclear energy: Fusion plant backed by Jeff Bezos to be built in UK
17/06 - The relatives frozen in time on Google Street View
17/06 - Chip shortage addressed by US-EU tech alliance
17/06 - Chloe Khan and Jodie Marsh rapped by watchdog
17/06 - Flight of the Sky Lion: 'Like VR but without the headset'
17/06 - Food-delivery apps up to 44% more expensive, survey finds
17/06 - Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi faces probe ahead of market debut, says report
17/06 - World Bank rejects El Salvador request for Bitcoin help
16/06 - Why cyber gangs won't worry about US-Russia talks
16/06 - Lina Khan: The 32-year-old taking on Big Tech
16/06 - Google adds encrypted messaging to its Android app
16/06 - Low-income homes 'should get ultra-fast gigabit broadband help'
16/06 - Bristol company hosted notorious child-abuse site
16/06 - Digital ad industry accused of huge data breach
15/06 - E3 2021: Nintendo shows off more Zelda Breath of the Wild 2
15/06 - Windows 10 to be retired in 2025, as new OS unveils
15/06 - Web founder Berners-Lee to auction source code as NFT
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22/06 - Google emprende una cruzada contra las difamaciones en línea
21/06 - Sundar Pichai Faces Internal Criticism at Google
21/06 - The Inequality of the GoFundMe Economy
21/06 - Glowing Bacteria May One Day Protect People From Landmines
21/06 - La tecnología se olvida de lo que necesita el 99 por ciento
20/06 - How David Ellison Built Skydance Into Hollywood's Smart Bet
19/06 - Inside the ‘Deadly Serious’ World of E-Sports in South Korea
18/06 - No, there is no evidence that the F.B.I. organized the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.
18/06 - Amazon’s Open Secret
18/06 - A Matchmaker App to Connect Artists and Collectors
17/06 - China Isn’t the Issue. Big Tech Is.
17/06 - F.C.C. Proposes More Restrictions on Chinese Telecom Equipment
17/06 - Mattel Joins the NFT Frenzy With Hot Wheels Digital Art
17/06 - He Warned Apple About the Risks in China. Then They Became Reality.
17/06 - Who’s Afraid of Big Numbers?
17/06 - Lina Khan Was One of Big Tech’s Biggest Critics. Now She’s Its Regulator.
16/06 - Amazon Is Brilliant. Why Not at H.R.?
16/06 - Google to Open Physical Store in New York
16/06 - Buyers of Amazon Devices Are Guinea Pigs. That’s a Problem.
16/06 - Can Streaming Pay? Musicians Are Pinning Fresh Hopes on Twitch.
16/06 - In an about-face, Lordstown Motors says it has enough money and will start building trucks.
15/06 - What We Learned About Amazon's Warehouse Workers
15/06 - Lina Khan Named F.T.C. Chair by Biden
15/06 - What Data About You Can the Government Get From Big Tech?
13/06 - Apple Says It Turned Over Data on Donald McGahn in 2018
13/06 - Microsoft Debuts Offerings at E3, Ditching the Game Console Wars
12/06 - Bitcoin and Encryption: A Race Between Criminals and the F.B.I.
12/06 - Flying Car Makers Want to Build ‘Uber Meets Tesla in the Air’
12/06 - Justice Dept. Watchdog to Investigate Seizure of Democrats’ Data
11/06 - In Leak Investigation, Tech Giants Are Caught Between Courts and Customers
11/06 - Lawmakers, Taking Aim at Big Tech, Push Sweeping Overhaul of Antitrust
11/06 - No, Fauci is not profiting from a coming book on lessons he’s learned from his public service.
11/06 - Are Tech’s Wealthiest Men Worth Their Pay?
11/06 - Hasta la vista, estilo de vida milénial
11/06 - China Still Buys American DNA Equipment for Xinjiang Despite Blocks
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22/06 - Quadric Hybrid Architecture Takes On AI, Computer Vision
22/06 - How adaptive ANC solutions improve listening experience in real-world situations
22/06 - Microchip Boosts GaN-on-SiC with MMIC for Satellite and 5G  
21/06 - Battery EVs: Growing Momentum
21/06 - SolarWinds Fallout: Are SBOMs The Answer?
21/06 - Cervoz SSD overcomes the challenges facing in-vehicle applications
21/06 - Back on the Road for EE Times
21/06 - Rebooting Imagination: A Heterogeneous Compute Strategy
21/06 - Charting Graphene’s Progress
19/06 - Optane Ecosystem Hints at Broader Persistent Memory Support
18/06 - Diamond Quantum Technology for Medical Imaging   
18/06 - Demystifying LiDAR: An In-Depth Guide to the Great Wavelength Debate
18/06 - Tax Credit Seeks to Boost U.S. Fab Capacity
18/06 - MLPerf Launches TinyML Benchmark for Smallest AI Systems
17/06 - Cybersecurity Rule Could Prompt DoD Supplier Fallout
17/06 - The Nebbish Factor in Consumer Tech
17/06 - The Death of High-End Audio is Greatly Exaggerated
17/06 - U.S. Takes First Steps Toward Resilient Supply Chains
16/06 - HDR: The Secret Behind Great Images
16/06 - Qualcomm, MediaTek Fill Vacuum HiSilicon Left in Smartphones
16/06 - A Chip Industry for All Seasons
16/06 - Strained Semiconductor Layers Shift the Paradigm
16/06 - Infinera creates Forum for XR Optics push
15/06 - Germany Leads the Autonomous Vehicle Regulation Race
15/06 - The Other Risk of Using Toxic Materials
15/06 - Square D Easy Offers UPS for Light Industrial Use
15/06 - EVs Shift to the Express Lane
14/06 - Intel Looking to Buy SiFive for $2bn
14/06 - SolarWinds Fallout: Securing the Software Supply Chain
14/06 - Building success into your digital design P&R flow with on-demand signoff DRC
11/06 - Looking at Hybrid Supercapacitors
11/06 - The Chips Are Down, With No Relief in Sight
11/06 - The Path to the Electronics Graveyard
11/06 - GPU Market Headed for a Fall?
11/06 - SambaNova CEO: Pre- to Post-AI Transition Will Be ‘Bigger Than the Internet’
Mise à jour le 22/06/2021 à 17:51:30 - New technology website news.
Mise à jour le 22/06/2021 à 17:51:38 - General website news.
22/06 - What knocked out Brit cloud slinger Memset for the night? A busted fibre cable upstream of its data centre, apparently
22/06 - Have you tried turning server cores off and on again? HPE wants to do it for you from GreenLake
22/06 - Mind the gap(ing mouth): London's Underground to get ubiquitous mobile phone coverage
22/06 - UK health secretary Matt Hancock follows delay to GP data grab with campaign called 'Data saves lives'
22/06 - Intel to put SiFive's latest CPU cores into 7nm dev system to woo customers to RISC-V
22/06 - Zephyr OS Bluetooth vulnerabilities left smart devices open to attack
22/06 - Containers have security problems and flexibility issues. VMs will make them viable
22/06 - Post-lunch snooze plans dashed as the UK tests its Emergency Alerts... again
22/06 - UK set for 'adequacy' status on data sharing with EU, but it all depends on how much post-Brexit law diverges
22/06 - MI5 still risks breaking the law on surveillance data through poor controls – years after it was first warned
22/06 - Flexispot Deskcise Pro V9: Half desk, half exercise bike, and you're all sweaty. How much does it cost again?
22/06 - Monitoring is simple enough – green means everything's fine. But getting to that point can be a whole other ball game
22/06 - US Air Force announces plan to assassinate molluscs with hypersonic missile
22/06 - To CAPTCHA or not to CAPTCHA? Gartner analyst says OK — but don’t be robotic about it
22/06 - Made it onto the cloud? Congratulations. The real work starts now
22/06 - SFX house Weta goes into the SaaS business with cloudy pipeline and its in-house animation tools
22/06 - Hyundai takes 80 per cent stake in terrifying Black Mirror robo-hound firm Boston Dynamics
22/06 - India seeks ban on e-commerce sites discounting own-brand goods
22/06 - Do you want speed or security as expected? Spectre CPU defenses can cripple performance on Linux in tests
22/06 - Now that China has all but banned cryptocurrencies, GPU prices are falling like Bitcoin
22/06 - APNIC left a dump from its Whois SQL database in a public Google Cloud bucket
22/06 - It's 2021 and a printf format string in a wireless network's name can break iPhone Wi-Fi
21/06 - Ex-NSA bigwig Chris Inglis appointed America's national cyber director by Senate
21/06 - EU court rules in Telenet copyright case: ISPs can be forced to hand over some customer data use details
21/06 - What's that hurtling down the Bifröst? Node-based network fun with Yggdrasil 0.4
21/06 - Germany's competition watchdog to investigate whether Apple's ecosystem damages other businesses
21/06 - 'Lots of failed startups came out of Campus': Google axes London hub because startup scene 'doesn't need' another 7 floors of workspace
21/06 - Final guidance on Schrems II ruling: Data from EU could be held up if a third country lets authorities access it
21/06 - The great fire sale continues as Capita sells government joint venture Axelos for £380m
21/06 - Do you want to become a vulture? Now's your chance to join The Register's news desk
21/06 - VMs were a fad fit for the Great Recession. Containers’ time has finally come
21/06 - Hubble Space Telescope sails serenely on in safe mode after efforts to switch to backup memory modules fail
21/06 - Emergency mode? Bah! It takes a Microsoft product to really break a digital sign
21/06 - Tolerating failure: From happy accidents to serious screwups … Time to look at getting it wrong, er, correctly
21/06 - Windows 11: Meet the new OS, same as the old OS (or close enough)
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22/06 - Best Prime Day 2021 deals for upgrading your PC
22/06 - A hospital algorithm designed to predict a deadly condition misses most cases
22/06 - An electric popemobile is Fisker’s latest leap of faith
22/06 - How to build a driverless vehicle that doesn’t make you barf
22/06 - Satellite images show just how bad California’s drought is
22/06 - New ‘Designed for Xbox’ displays include the best Xbox Series X support
22/06 - Go watch this amazing montage of 100 3D animations reimagining the same moment
22/06 - Bose’s Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are at their cheapest price ever for Prime Day
22/06 - Patreon doesn’t have ‘special contract’ with Apple to avoid App Store tax
22/06 - Epic Games releases free anti-cheat and voice chat services for developers
22/06 - Tinder wants you to actually talk to people before you match
22/06 - Zoom is adding new options for sharing your pronouns
22/06 - Patreon CEO Jack Conte on why creators can’t depend on platforms
22/06 - The best Amazon Prime Day deals still available
22/06 - Google’s ad tech services hit by formal EU antitrust investigation
22/06 - Entire London Underground to receive mobile coverage by end of 2024
22/06 - The one developer that publicly agreed to try Facebook’s VR ads is already backing away
22/06 - Apple is shortening new free TV Plus trials from a year to three months starting July 1st
22/06 - Samsung is ‘reimagining smartwatches’ at its MWC event on June 28th
22/06 - The best Prime Day 2021 Apple deals
22/06 - The best anti-Prime Day tech deals
22/06 - Best Prime Day 2021 gaming deals
22/06 - The best Prime Day deals on Amazon devices
22/06 - The best Prime Day 2021 deals on TVs
22/06 - The best Prime Day 2021 smart home deals
22/06 - The best Prime Day 2021 deals on monitors
22/06 - The best laptop deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021
22/06 - The best Amazon Prime Day deals happening now
22/06 - These are the best Prime Day 2021 phone deals
22/06 - The best Prime Day deals on headphones and earbuds
21/06 - Amazon eyes robot truck startup as it continues to hedge its bets on AV technology
21/06 - Windows 11: the latest on Microsoft’s ‘next-generation’ OS
21/06 - Univision is launching a new streaming service with a free tier
21/06 - Microsoft will build native Xbox games for the cloud, and the woman behind Portal will lead
21/06 - TikTok will let creators add mini apps to videos
Mise à jour le 22/06/2021 à 17:52:04 - General website news.
22/06 - Highlights of the day: Taiwan makers face hurdles to automotive supply chain
22/06 - Slowdown in cryptomining to constrain graphics card makers profitability in 2H21
22/06 - Battery cell supply for electric 2-wheel vehicles falling short
22/06 - Notebook ODMs to post single-digit shipment growth in 2Q21
22/06 - Semiconductor equipment billings hit another record high
22/06 - BT substrate supply may fall short of demand in 2H21
22/06 - Handset chipmakers see improving order visibility for 3Q21
22/06 - Chipmakers see lower-than-expected shipments for Chromebook
22/06 - PCB makers remain upbeat about notebook demand in 3Q21
22/06 - Global notebook panel shipments to grow 4.8% in 2021
22/06 - Memory makers expect minor impact from cutback in orders for Chromebook
22/06 - Corning announces moderate price increase for display glass in 3Q21
22/06 - Uneven chip inventories challenging downstream device assemblers
22/06 - Taiwan makers ready for bigger presence in automotive supply chain?
22/06 - Wistron NeWeb, Arcadyan see easing of component shortages in 3Q21
22/06 - TSMC to give top priority to car chips, Apple orders
22/06 - A new world order, a new battleground
21/06 - Top-5 notebook vendor shipments slip 7% on month in May due to component shortages
21/06 - Highlights of the day: TSMC US fab to move in equipment in mid 2022
21/06 - Smartphone components to see orders from Apple rise in 2H21
21/06 - CCL demand for 5G base stations may gain momentum in Europe, US in 2022
21/06 - TSMC to start equipment move-in at Arizona fab as early as mid-2022
21/06 - Foundries see automotive chips play increasingly important role
21/06 - Planned strike at Samsung Display unlikely to affect AMOLED supply
21/06 - Accton to deliver 400G switches as scheduled
21/06 - China top-3 foundries to see combined revenue hit record high in 2021, says Digitimes Research
21/06 - FSP to enjoy strong 2H21
21/06 - The ability to innovate: Q&A with RISC-V International CTO Mark Himelstein and Andes Technology CEO Frankwell Lin
21/06 - 5G smartphone shipments to outpace 4G ones in 2022, says Canalys
18/06 - Dell announces new server products and may offer APEX in Taiwan in 2022
18/06 - Highlights of the day: TSMC N4 process to start risk production in 3Q21
18/06 - Winbond intros 1.8V 512Mb SPI NOR flash for 5G, server apps
18/06 - Meiko set to triple automotive PCB capacity in 2022
18/06 - India AI startup Dynopii debuts speech accent changer at Computex 2021
18/06 - Ennostar to grow presence in China mini/microLED market
Mise à jour le 22/06/2021 à 17:52:18 - General website news.
22/06 - Tide is making the first laundry detergent for space
22/06 - Circuit Rhythm is a portable $400 sampler for budding beatmakers
22/06 - Here are 10 amazing deals on apps including Parallels Pro and Blinkist
22/06 - Several Anker charging gizmos hit record low prices for Prime Day
22/06 - Peloton wants to take over your company's fitness plan
22/06 - Roland's new mobile mixer has better support for Android and headset mics
22/06 - The best TV and home entertainment deals we found for Prime Day
22/06 - Epic Games will let developers use its voice and anti-cheat services for free
22/06 - Tinder lets people add videos to their dating profiles
22/06 - Zoom makes it easy for users to display their gender pronouns
22/06 - EU opens antitrust probe into Google's advertising tech
22/06 - The Morning After: Robot dog maker Boston Dynamics has a new owner
22/06 - Lego adds Luigi and collaborative play to its Super Mario World line
22/06 - London's Tube will offer full mobile coverage by the end of 2024
22/06 - Oculus loses one of its first in-app VR ad partners following backlash
22/06 - Tesla's 'Dojo' supercomputer will train its vision-centric autonomous tech
22/06 - Toyota trains its robots to wipe down tables while taking selfies
21/06 - Yoto audio player for kids adds Disney and Pixar books
21/06 - Microsoft hired the co-creator of ‘Portal’ to build games for the cloud
21/06 - The best toy deals we've found on Prime Day so far
21/06 - TikTok Jump lets creators enhance their videos with 'mini-app' integrations
21/06 - The CDC launches a Spanish language WhatsApp chatbot to help people find vaccines
21/06 - HP Elite Folio review: A costly hodgepodge of mobile-centric features
21/06 - Steven Spielberg will produce movies for Netflix
21/06 - Amazon discounts a bunch of SSDs and storage devices for Prime Day
21/06 - Samsung will show off the new Wear OS experience on June 28th
21/06 - The best deals on robot vacuums and smart home gadgets for Prime Day
21/06 - Amazon includes a free 128GB microSD card when you buy a Switch Lite
21/06 - Univision will launch a global Spanish-language streaming service in 2022
21/06 - The best gaming deals we could find for Prime Day
21/06 - Save 37 percent on this Bluetooth speaker built for travel
21/06 - EU data regulators call for facial recognition ban in public spaces
21/06 - The laptops and tablets worth your money on Prime Day
21/06 - The 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class merges next-level tech with luxury
21/06 - NVIDIA's DLSS upscaling comes to 'Rust' and a wave of Linux games

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